Spirit: Lytergus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 11, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

I am Lytergus. I have not spoken through this instrument before although you have known me through other ways and means and books; I have made comment there. A question has been asked: “How may a soul work with God in bringing about greater Light in your world and how does one know that this work is being accomplished in accordance to God’s Will?” I have come to speak on this subject.

Because of the nature of your world and the conditions within it, it is difficult for you to discern and know that which is motivated by your soul and that which is motivated by your minds and that which is guided by God. Because in your experience in life, all is a flow intermingled with mindful intentions and soulful longings and God’s intentions for you. The soul’s way of understanding God’s Will and enacting upon it is very different from the mind as you well know. Yet the mind is eager to interpret, to be clear and to understand these inclinations and motivations, the visions and guided information that comes from God.

Unfortunately, by the very nature of the material mind, it is unable to clearly understand these things of the soul because they are in essence different in nature, in expression and in faculties. The mind requires concrete concepts that are formulated by thought and word. This is then acted upon and expressed in the world. This concept is known by you all and is utilized by you all right from the beginning of your life. But the soul that is emerging within the beloved and beautiful beings that you are, is and must be integrated into your conscious self in a way that all is readily understood in a conscious way.

For the most part, the guidance and inclinations and motivations of the soul are hidden to you because the mind cannot readily access this information, although the soul is always making effort to make this understanding available to you in a conscious way.  God is forever bringing guidance and instruction to your soul every time that you pray or every time that you ask and every time that you open yourself to God. As your soul grows in Love you are more readily open to God and then information flows from the Creator to your soul. What comes to the conscious self is far less than what comes in this flow and connection with God and as the faculties of your souls grow, as your ability to receive and understand this great flow from God that is of meaning and purpose and Truth and Love, then the power that builds within your soul, that activates the capacities of the soul, that awakens those parts of you that are able to understand God’s Will, then the power of this that builds within you infiltrates greater into your consciousness and the mind receives inspiration, inklings of Truth, ideas that are not fully of the soul’s origin but of God.

So God continues to bring His blessings forward to you. For you have opened that door with your desires and prayers to receive, and that door widens, the soul opens ever wider to the influence and inflowings and blessings of God. Setting in motion great and rebuilding processes within your being where the awakenings of the soul are blessed by the power of Love. You have come to those moments of wondering: “How much of my thinking and motivations and actions are in harmony with God’s Will? How can I enact God’s Will in a conscious way? How am I able to know in a clear and powerful way, the Will of God?” As we have instructed you over many years, the faculties of the soul build gradually as this inflowing of God’s Essence awakens them. There are those of you here that are quite gifted in your abilities to know the soul. Your mind and your material brain have these gifts and capacities to be able to attune to your soulful consciousness. When you perceive those around you as having an understanding that is of soul and you may deduce that their soul growth is greater than yourself, I say to you that this is not necessarily the case. It is a matter of chemistry and psychic ability and the way that one’s mind is constructed that brings about these gifts of perception and awareness in a conscious way.

So I can assure you that those who are gifted in this way have been blessed with physical capacities and other ways that are of the spirit that allow them this access and vision. This does not mean that they are far ahead of you because they see and perceive more. Their capacity to perceive is indeed a gift, but it does not indicate a soul growth that is far ahead of your own. The Divine Love rests within each one of you and will open these gifts in time and will show you the way in time, but the power and inclination of the Love within your soul and in your connection with God is active and influencing your thoughts and decisions. It may not seem clear to you in your own mindful reckonings of the world, but it does indeed have its effects and guides you in subtle ways so that you will walk in the world guided.

You use the word “co-creative” my friends; you and God creating together. And this to some extent is an accurate description, a word that may indicate the process. But as one grows closer to God and the connection and awareness brings more clarity, the word that would be most appropriate would be “obedience.” To act out the Will of God is not to assume that you are playing a willful part within it, rather, you are allowing God to work through you. In this process, there is an element of passivity, of allowing what must come through to come through clearly and directly through you. It is similar to what is being manifested this very moment through this instrument. He does not co-create the words that come, though there is an influence and element of adding to what is said through his capacities of the mind, his vocabulary, his understandings, though these are not utilized by him in a conscious way but are utilized because he is allowing us the control to use what is available to us in order to communicate.

So it is with any action which God wishes to enact through your being. He uses what is available to Him, both within the soul, the body, the mind, the spiritual and the physical. It is easier for God to act through an individual when their willful interpretation of that act is not so much present in the enactment of a particular task. We have told you, beloved souls, that much is accomplished through you and you are not aware. This is because, to be effective, it is better that you do not interfere with what is taking place. These actions are often on a deeper level than the material plane. There are spiritual forces operating through you as God’s channels and instruments that are not easily understood by you. This flow of purposeful and directed energies and efforts expressed through your physical and spiritual self can be quite powerful and effective, often reaching those souls who you do not know and may be far distant from your present location. The most effective stance that you can take in this process is to release your need to know, your need to be an active and conscious part of it, but to participate with faith and innocence and Love, to give yourselves over to God and say “Your Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” This phrase is a powerful statement that God may act through you in simple yet powerful ways that are often not known by you but has its effects in the world. Because you do not consciously know what is enacted, it is a matter of faith and trust that your prayers to be an active agent for God may be fulfilled.

The power of prayer, my beloveds, is a great activator and your willingness, your faithfulness, your trust are the keys that will allow the floodgates to open, the blessings to flow, the Will of God to have its activation and energies in your world. In time you will come to know these subtleties, these layers and levels of the soul working with God as a great lens for God’s Light and blessings to flow into your world. This is ensured by the power of His Love within you. This comes because the faculties of your soul have been awakened to some degree, and it will continue to grow more powerfully as you grow in this Love. Thus, we encourage you again and again to continue to long for the inflowing of this Love into your souls, to ask, to ask for this Blessing, not to casually mention and include the idea of receiving this gift in your prayers but to muster within yourself a deep longing for it and asking in humble pleading to God to receive this Gift.

You begin to understand the power of this Love and what it may accomplish, but I tell you, you have just a sliver of understanding of its power and wonderment. You must continue to grow and awaken in this Gift, to receive it, to long for it intensely, to pray for it whenever you can, to give time over to this transformative process that will awaken your gifts and awaken greater possibilities of God’s Will being enacted through you.

When you come to that clear understanding of what has taken place in your lives, in your efforts to serve God, you will be astounded as to what God was able to do through you in this world. Yes, it does not bring to you great accolades or acknowledgment from others for they do not see and understand what it is that you are attempting to do and be in the world, but I tell you that God knows every moment of your existence and God utilizes every opportunity that is available to bring blessings to others through you. Allow this to be, beloved souls, and know this to be true. For there is much that happens through you that you are not aware of. There is much that can come through you that relies upon your ability to connect with God and be in harmony with God. The greater the connection, the greater the harmony and the more intense is this alignment with God, the more effective is the instrumentality that allows His Will to be enacted in your world.

This simple process is not complicated nor difficult, but it requires application. It requires a focus in prayer, the strength of your own faith in what is being enacted. It requires your decision to be in a place of harmony and peace so that God may be close and you may be open to what may come through you. The Will of God is a powerful thing. The Will of God is not easily understood by you of this world and the Will of God continues to be understood by us in the Celestial Kingdom. It is a continuous search and effort by us to know the intricacies of God’s Will. As we grow in God’s Love, so we understand more fully God’s Will and act upon this flow and understanding that comes to us, to our souls. This allows us to do the work that we do in your world and in all the worlds of spirit and in many other worlds for the power of Love is great within our souls. The dilemma that you face, where having the understanding of the enactment of this Will in a conscious way is difficult to comprehend. This does not exist for us for we have come to that place where our souls are fully awake, redeemed in Love. That you have some understanding of God’s Will in your lives is a great boon to God and to yourselves. You have come to realize the blessing that this is and you will come to further realize the power of it, the beauty and the glory of God acting through you as His active agent in the world. You will continue to grow in this awareness, my beloved souls, and we will continue to tutor you and help you to understand and to work with you and through you as God’s active agents, His angels in your world. It is such a privilege and a blessing to do so through willing souls who have not cluttered up their understanding of this process with mindful concepts that do not encourage our efforts and God’s Will’s expression. Yet there are those who know nothing yet work and carry a great faith that are very effective as God’s instruments in your world. This innocence, this Love, this faith makes for powerful agents for God. We continue to help you and encourage you to be in that place, that place of innocence, of faith, of Love.

May God bless you on that journey, beloveds. God continues to guide you along this road and keep you in His care and Light and Love. We will walk with you always, my friends; we will walk with you. God bless you. God bless you, beloveds.