Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 5, 2020
Location: Gibson, BC

God bless you. It is your teacher Augustine. Yes, we have great appreciation and love for each one of you and your efforts, so consistent and dedicated to this work. As you continue to dedicate yourselves as you do in prayer and be together as you are in love, can you conceive of the power and blessings that may come in these dedications and prayers? As you continue to bond together in love, pray together for the intention of healing for your world, for one another and those who are close to you, how this consistency and this deep desire, this soulful invitation to God to heal your world and to heal your souls, can be powerful indeed. How beautiful this is to observe and to be a part of such an effort, such an effort for light.

If we could get but a small number of groups such as yourselves to do so around your world, what a change agent you would all become; how the atmosphere in your world would change and be purified by your efforts. As you continue to refine your own thoughts and your actions, your desires and your priorities, so you become a channel of light, you broadcast light into the atmosphere. Thus, you are a channel of God’s Love and Light in the world. So you will continue to strengthen and grow in this great effort to change the world, to be a part of God’s plan for the healing and salvation of humanity and all that dwell within your world.

This is the most important work you may ever do, beloved souls, to be a part of this plan, to allow God to guide you and open the doorways, the opportunities to serve in this way. You will find yourselves in situations and conditions that will amaze you and surprise you as God continues to guide you forward, as the opportunities for movement in your world start to open and be made available to each one of you.

So you will be surprised how you are guided, compelled to walk in the world upon the path that God has ascribed for each one of you. And as you continue in this way, so God will call you again and again together in prayer, affirming and reinforcing this Light, bringing you to that place of awareness, of knowing from your soul that you are truly part of something so beautiful, so immense in its scope and plan, that you will see and know and feel from the depths of your soul that you are participating and involved in a plan of purpose, in an expression of your soul’s gifts and capacities to serve God.

So much still awaits you, my beloved friends. So many possibilities are just below the surface of your lives and your perceptions. Yet you see your mundane lives as limited and without too much scope and ability to serve. And I say to you beloved friends, there is much that you can do and there is much that you are doing in these prayers. Have faith, my friends, that you will move forward, that the possibilities will be realised, that your instrumentality, your channel for God, your dedication in love will blossom forth into directions and possibilities not yet realised or understood. Have faith that God has a plan that will carry forward, that all will be revealed in its time and place, that there will be many opportunities open to each one of you. For to have instruments such as yourselves, of great light, beautiful souls awakened in God’s Love, is a great boon to the service of God and His plan for the salvation of all.

You do not understand your own power and what you have committed yourselves towards in this service, but this will come in time, beloved souls, this will come in time. Awakenings and understandings with each day will add to the great picture that is this plan and is your life in the universe of God’s plan and expression. Love will be the key, beloved souls. Truth will come and blossom within your consciousness. A sense of purpose and direction and understanding of the dimensions and possibilities that are laid out before you, all coming within the scope of your perceptions of the soul, the awakening from within so that you may see and know and be in this great flow of God’s intentions, His desire for the upliftment of your world, the healing of your world and the healing of your soul.

God bless you, beloved souls, in all that you do and all that you are. Know that you are greatly loved and appreciated, that you are cared for, that we are with each one of you and we will indeed be a part of this great dedication of service. Together we serve, together we are in the flow of God’s Will, and you will be blessed accordingly. God bless you, beloved souls, I am your teacher Augustine. I walk with you, as do many. God bless you.