Spirit: Keea Atta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 7, 2019
Location: Waianea, HI

I am Keea Atta Kem. We have been working very diligently upon each one of you. This opportunity to have you all together in one room, in one Circle of Light is a great boon to our efforts to help each of you to bring forward your gifts, gifts of the soul. Since each of you are at a different place upon the journey of Divine Love, the stronger can help the weaker, the brighter can help the less bright. But together you make a great Light, beloved souls, a great Light as you continue to forge the bonds of love together. Your lights are not determined by the knowledge of your minds, but the sincere prayer of your soul in your beseeching of God with great sincerity and desire.

So you have brought a Light within your soul, the Light of God’s Love. The number of years that you have prayed for this gift does not necessarily determine the brightness of your soul. Rather, it is that singular longing that is recognized within you and expressed to God. In a single moment, a great flash, a great blessing of Love may be given to your souls.

So you cannot determine, one to another, who is of the greater Light, who is closer to God, whose soul is closer to redemption. No, my beloved souls, this cannot be seen by you for you do not have the soul perception to know. Because of this, you cannot judge your brothers and sisters. You may only support and love and acknowledge the beauty that is each individual in this Circle for each is beautiful. Each has a soul that has within it the burning flame of God’s Love continuously transforming and growing your soul.

So together you are brothers and sisters. Though the gradation of Love, of brightness, is not great between you compared to that of the angels which come, it is important that you acknowledge your own soul, that you acknowledge the power of a soul to bring, not only the Gift of God’s Love within it, but the gift of wisdom and perception and compassion and Love into your being and through your being into the world. Together as a Circle of Light, you are creating a great Light that we may use to bless many. I would say that all of your loved ones and the many who are a part of your Circles of Light and efforts in the world, have received a blessing. Light has been shed upon them and Light has uplifted them.

Beloved souls, there are many gifts within you. There is much that lies waiting within you, eager to be expressed, eager for you to step forward and acknowledge and grasp this gift and hold it close and say: “I acknowledge. I see this as a beautiful blessing from God.” In this acknowledgement, in this love for yourself and all that lies within your soul, so God is able to use these gifts for your benefit and for the benefit of many. As I’ve said, we have been working diligently to help you recognize these gifts, to help you to open these gifts. There are many aspects of gifts within the soul and the mind that need or require some attention, some birthing, by those of us who are with you in this awakening of soul. So we have been working to help you to awaken, beloved souls.

Though, through all the clamor and all the activities that you eagerly engage within and are joyfully being engaged in life in this beautiful place, when you return home you will feel a change within you, a shift and things opening within you. You may acknowledge your brothers and sisters as helpers and your angel friends for we have all worked together on that beautiful resonance of soul, to help one another to awaken and to truly manifest the high spiritual gifts of a soul redeemed in God’s Love. This process continues. It is continuous in its nature. Those gifts that have opened slightly will open more. Those that are manifest now in a conscious way, will deepen and grow. There is many more that lies hidden within you and this will emerge in time, in harmony, in grace.

Much awaits, beloved souls, much awaits. We continue to marvel at a new soul awakening in love. How beautiful you are, beloveds. Like a flower budding and increasing in beauty and complexity, showing one petal at a time, the wondrous and unique creation that is you.

May God bless you, beloveds. Indeed, we are all God’s beautiful flowers awakening to Love, showing our true selves to God, His Great Love beaming down upon us all drawing forth all our beautiful selves in their glory and uniqueness and wonderment.

God bless you beloveds. I am Keea Atta Kem. God bless you.