Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 30, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

May God bless you abundantly, beloved souls. I am Andrew. May His Love find a deep inflowing into your souls bringing to light all the treasures of your soul, the beauty of your soul, the magnificence of your souls.

My beloved friends, we are with you often, but that frequency is determined by your efforts to be with God. When you pray for the inflowing of His Love, when you seek to be close to God, when you seek to put aside your daily concerns and your mental clutter and be with God, then we are able to come close. Often, you are able to feel us present with you. We have a deep desire to pray with you, to be in connection and rapport with each one of you to strengthen your lights, beloved souls, to strengthen your lights.

Because, this is what’s needed in your world, greater Light, souls who are attuned to God, souls who are receiving this great gift of His Love. In this way, you affect the atmosphere of your world by bringing greater light, by allowing God to bring His Light and Blessings through you to your world. As you are attuned to God, so, these Blessings and energies of God are broadcast through you into the world. Those whom you love, those who are connected to you, those who are around you, benefit from these blessings.

It is our wish that many, many souls will continue to draw to them the Light of God’s Presence and in so doing, draw to them the presence of the Celestial angels. In this way you generate great Light. Love pulses through you, beloveds. Light beams and reaches far in your world which is dark. God needs many instruments, many individuals, your earnest souls who wish to be these channels of love and light.

For the world cannot change without these conditions changing. The conditions of the human frailties and choices and darkness must be neutralized and transformed by Love and each of you has the opportunity to do so. As you continue to seek God in this way, as you continue to grow in His Love, so you change the atmosphere of your world. As you come together in these Circles of Light, you are creating a great channel of Light that goes out into the world.

Many are benefitting from your efforts, beloved souls. May you continue to gather together in this way so that you may be instrumental in assisting God to change your world, to heal your world, to bring greater Light to your world. You are all needed, beloved souls. You are all blessed and have a great opportunity before you to contribute to God’s great plan for the salvation of humanity and bring greater light and change to your world.

Seek the salvation of your souls through the Gift of God’s Love. Seek to be uplifted. Seek to have your thoughts and your being attuned to God. Allow God’s influence and the influence of we from the Celestial Kingdom to assist you in this transformative experience, this soul awakening that comes with the Blessing of Divine Love.

We walk with you, each of you and we do hear your thoughts, your prayers, your desires, and your motivations. There is nothing of you that we do not know, and we have great love for each one of you. We know your struggles. We know that which is challenging for you. We know the Light within your soul. We know all that you are. This is very transparent to us. Yet, you might fear that we would judge you for your imperfections and your flaws. No, my beloveds, we love you and we accept that you are on a journey, as we all are, of awakening, of purifying, of coming to that place of harmony and love. So as your elder brothers and sisters who reside within the Celestial Kingdom, we are eager to assist you on this journey and to be close as your brother and sister, as part of your life in this world. For those of you who feel alone, I tell you, you are not. For those of you who seek the comfort and warmth of God’s Love, all you need do is pray for this gift and you will have the added benefit of our presence.

There is nothing to hold you from God, beloveds, when your prayers and your efforts and your thoughts and your very being strives to be aligned with God. So these blessings and gifts will come. So in time, you will all know this in a conscious way and you will all feel it in powerful ways. You will all change in your perspectives and your feelings that will turn to joy, that will turn to a knowing that you are with God and God loves you dearly.

God bless you my, beloved friends. I am Andrew and I am glad to speak to you today. Though you are far apart, within your souls you are connected firmly one to another. Closely banding together in this great Circle of Light and bringing great Light through you to this world. Know this, beloveds. Continue in these efforts for you are greatly needed. The world needs efforts such as these, greater efforts, more and more Circles of Light, more and more dear souls who are willing to reach for the Light and reach for God.

May you be blessed, my beloved brothers and sisters, upon your path to God. We are with you. God is with you. You are deeply blessed. God bless you, beloveds. I am Andrew.