Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 29, 2022
Location: Monroeville, PA

I am Josephus. I come to encourage you upon your particular paths and efforts in service in the world for you will be called upon to serve your brothers and sisters, to serve many in this changing world of yours for now the changes will become more overt and dramatic. You see the extremes in your weather and this will intensify. This coming year in your part of the globe will be very chaotic in terms of weather, movements of the Earth, and conditions within humanity, for there will be a deep unrest that will rise up in most of the hearts of your brothers and sisters, a deep sense that the underpinnings of life have been removed and all is unreliable and unpredictable.

You must be the rock, that strength for your brothers and sisters. There is a deep wisdom in each of you, a wisdom that arises from the soul. You must utilize this wisdom that comes. It will be clear and flow abundantly from deep within. With this wisdom will come a great onrush of love and compassion for your brothers and sisters as the foundations of human life created by humanity and the human condition will start to crumble in obvious ways. 

I wish that I could say that your life will be peaceful and filled with joy and pleasantness. But I say to you that all will struggle upon your world because your world is deeply within its transitional period. It will manifest in many different ways. Remember that you will be protected. The angels will be close. God will indeed continue to bless you evermore intensely as you require His upliftment, His ministrations upon you. 

You have felt as you have come together the intensity of God’s blessings upon you. This comes not just with your prayers but indeed, God’s intention to uphold you and to awaken you. It is time, as has been told, for you to step forward overtly. You cannot afford to hide your light but to step forward boldly in light for you are truly needed at this time, my beloved friends. God intends to awaken you in every way and to uphold you in every way. Many years of preparation have gone into to this culmination of your purpose and instrumentality upon the world.

Free yourself from those thoughts and patterns within your mind which insist upon a clear understanding and idea of your actions and instrumentality for God, for in such a changing world, these things are not relevant. Instead, you must be able to step forward in faith and walk in clarity and wisdom. In this way, you will be a stabilizing factor for your families and for those around you and in time, for the world. Fear will kill the light. With such changes, there will be great fear. You must uphold the light and not fear but anticipate that what is coming will bring greater light and stability to the world and greater opportunities for every soul to experience the blessings and intentions of God for them. 

You will become greatly tested as this wave engulfs your world, one of many that are coming. Although this is not the most powerful in terms of affecting and changing the world, it will seem the most intense because you have not experienced such things in your life. So, we warn you and assure you that what is coming is an agent of change. It is also a response to the recklessness of humanity and their lack of honouring of God’s creation. Change must come in a way that humbles humanity and makes them come to a place of deeper understanding. 

You already have this understanding. You already have been transformed to a degree by the Love of God, God’s Touch upon you. You are to be the examples and leaders whom others will turn to. May you be aligned with God, humble in your approach, loving, simple in your communications with feet firmly planted upon the Divine Path. In this, as you ask God to guide you and to put the words upon your lips, so God will respond and guide and inspire. 

You will find yourselves in unusual circumstances, in places and opportunities that will surprise you but will affirm your instrumentality and God’s Will. Allow yourself to flow in the great river of God’s Will and Love. In this way, nothing that happens on the material plane will cause you great distress. Rather, you will come to see this with the eyes of your soul, understanding the purpose of it, and be reassured that indeed the road that humanity is taking is directed and that God’s plan is unfolding.

Much is coming, my beautiful friends. Much will challenge you as it will all of your brothers and sisters. Much will flow in your life that will be unexpected and unusual. But indeed, you will find your way and lead many out of their confusion and fear into understanding and faith that God has all His children in His hand and shall bring them to salvation from themselves. 

May the peace of God’s Touch continue to be with you, my friends, that His great Love continues to uphold you and change you, that the ministrations of angels be with you always and the awakening of your soul becomes the focus, the strength, the perceptions, and the gifts that you require to truly be a part of God’s plan. Beloved souls, seek awakening, seek God, seek all that is of God and you will fulfill your destinies, beloved souls. 

May God bless you. I am Josephus and I come to help you awaken to your true selves and the Will of God. God bless you and keep you close, beloved souls. I am your friend, one of your helpers, one who cares deeply for humanity, one who knows the Will of God. God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you.