Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 7, 2019
Location: Gibsons. BC

Dear souls, I am your teacher Augustine. How the influence of the Celestial Angels is infecting you all, is it not? There is a touch of the Divine infiltrating the Earth, bringing Light and Truth, and using many instruments to bring this forward in the world. What empowers this, beloved souls? What empowers the possibilities of the angels high up in the Celestial Heavens to touch, to be with, to speak to mortals on Earth? It is the power of God’s Love within your souls.

Each of you who are a part of this Circle of Light today have some influence, some gift, some way in which you may be used to bring greater light and truth to the world. It is for you to discover this, beautiful souls, for you to elect to step forward. At times when you do so, you are not even sure of what it is that you are involved in, these expressions of gifts that flow not from the preparation of the mind, but the knowing of the soul. In this way, faith is required. In this way, trust in God’s Will is required.

Yes, the material mind is fearful, it desires control, desires to know and to have all the information that it is able to receive before it allows such things to manifest through your being. I say to you, beloved souls, that there is much that the mind cannot comprehend and there is much that may come through each one of you here. For each of you has within you a myriad of gifts, many possibilities of expression of these gifts that you are not yet aware of, and that your minds to some degree block this awareness. So your inclination is to walk in the world as others walk in the world, as others see the world, as others express themselves in the world. This desire to be a part of the flow of humanity, to not feel different, nor to be apart from this flow and this reality that humanity has created in the world. Yet, within your soul there is an awakening. There are changes. There are things happening that are beyond the control of the mind.

This transformation that comes with your prayers and intense desire to be in at-onement with God brings many changes, many blessings, many gifts that do indeed set you apart from those in the world who are engaged in the material life, utilizing their material minds, expressing themselves with an un-awakened soul. Yet, you have elected to be different. Though your minds may be resistant, though your minds may be fearful, there is something stronger within you that is joyfully engaged in the journey of awakening, an expression of love.

This we urge you to listen to, to allow, to encourage, so that you may truly know what treasures lie hidden within your being, what possibilities may come with your relationship with God, awakening to Love, allowing Love to infiltrate all parts of your being. In this way, allowing we of the Celestial Kingdom and God’s Touch and influence to direct you in your lives, releasing that great stress, that sense of responsibility, that fear of failure, that difficult, difficult place that most of humanity has shackled themselves to that says “you are not worthy unless you are perfect, unless you comply to the rules and the ideas of the human condition, that those who are not within these rules and strictures are suspect and not to be trusted.” There is much judgment within the human condition that is directed towards those who are different and who follow a different path.

Yet each of you in your own way have decided and have chosen to follow the Will of God and the desires of your own soul to be in that place that is in greater harmony with God’s Laws, God’s Creation, the reality of God. Those who are strong enough, who are willing to step forward in this way, who are eager for the transformative experience of receiving this great blessing of God’s Love, will be used by God and by we of the Celestial Kingdom, to bring greater light and truth to the world, to help to ignite the changes that must come to this world. But indeed it requires strength, it requires wisdom, it requires love. It requires an awakened soul if you are to be a part of this ongoing awakening of humanity and in changing the conditions of this world, bringing greater light, bringing all that is required for these changes to take place.

Beloved souls, we continue to encourage, to invite, to assist, to be with you along this great journey towards at-onement with God. As you step forward, time and time again God will use you in many ways, many surprising ways, in order to effect change in this world of yours and bring blessings of light and truth, to inspire others to choose the different way, the way that is not of man but of God. This is our intention. This, within your soul, is your intention and you will be guided thusly upon your journeys. Day by day, moment by moment, these changes take place, these awakenings, so subtle yet so powerful, come to your being and will manifest in surprising ways.

Do not be fearful, beloved children. Be joyful. Be Joyful and anticipate the awakenings that are coming and the wonderment which is God’s blessing upon your souls that will bring true understanding, deep insights, ecstatic love and joy. These things will be yours and are the treasures that are beyond treasures, the blessings beyond blessings, the joy beyond joy. These will be yours, beloved souls, as you continue to pray, to share with one another and to contribute to this great network of light that is building in your world. May you, beloved souls, continue to grow in God’s Love and awaken to all the potentials and possibilities that come with this one great gift.

Beloved souls, we are with you and we are pleased at those who are willing to express their gifts in all their beauty, all their potential. I promise you as you awaken, dear souls, that these gifts will become self-evident and will grow and grow and bring a great light to this world of yours.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am your teacher Augustine and I continue to walk with you all upon this wondrous journey of life. My love is with you. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you.