Spirit:  Mary

Medium:  Al Fike

Date:  December 15, 2014

Location:  Gibsons, BC

God bless you beloveds, it is Mary.  You are all loved by God.  This love is deep and true and it is within your souls, my beloveds, it’s light burning away the impurities within you, bringing greater understanding and deep perceptions of the soul.  Yes you journey upon the path of Love and your journey brings you to greater understanding and capacities to love your fellow man, to accept yourselves, to bring harmony within yourselves and within your lives.  And it is good that you take a reckoning of yourselves to see your own progress upon this path for in this many years for some of you who have walked this path and you have indeed made great progress.  Yet you are willing to condemn yourselves for those imperfections which are within and this my children is not required.  For to receive Love, to be open to the inflowing of this great Essence of God it is important to express the joy, to acknowledge the wonderment which is your creation, to be at peace, to release that serious side of you which so readily sees that which is not in harmony with God.
Yes it is important to acknowledge the struggle which each of you has in this regard, to seek for ever higher consciousness and love and light.  Yet there are times when you allow yourselves to get caught up in this desire for perfection when your patience with yourselves and others.  God wishes for all of you to express loving acceptance, to support one another, to be gracious and kind, loving and yes it is indeed easy for you to see another’s flaws but does this assist them in their pursuit of light?  Is your criticism helpful or a hindrance?  I do not say this to condemn any soul who sits in this circle.  This is not my purpose.  My intention is for all of you to feel the joy of your fellowship, to know that God is caring for you through your beloved friends who pray with you for the love.  And each of you has something to contribute to the other.  Each of you is a channel of love for the other and this my beloveds is the most important part of your relationships, to be loving channels for one another.  And when one of you falters and is in pain is it not your responsibilities to share the love, to support and nurture, to do God’s Will in this way.  It is what is required of you, my beloveds.  As the love flows through you, as you overcome your own judgments and fears even criticisms, you grow in the love, you walk in the light, you release your own pain and you come to know joy.  This is God’s wish for all of you to be joyous upon the path of life and in that strength that comes with joy, in the strength that comes with love, in the strength that comes with acceptance, you will uphold many and bring many into joyous light.  Yes the earthly condition makes for a difficult life for many.  There is so much darkness and pain, aloneness and difficulties in so many ways, yet you have found the path to light, to joy, to love.  Remember this, my beloveds, you know the key that shall unlock the door to great happiness and the release of all of your pains, insecurities, fears and burdens.  Yes, you have the key my beloveds; use it to your advantage.  It is a gift from God and walk upon His Path of joyous acknowledgement that life, the life meant for each one of you is love, is light, is a lightness of being.  How loved you are, my beloveds, how beautiful your souls that stretch and yearn for the Father’s Love and is nurtured, and fed with this holy light.  May you bring this awareness ever to your consciousness.  May you acknowledge in joyous wonderment the gift that has given, the gift of your life, the gift of creation, the beauty God has created, uniqueness which is each one of you, creations of soul that He has given to the world, your being a gift to the world.  Beloveds, beloveds, I love you so and I want you to be joyous and free and to acknowledge the great gift that is given.  Continue in your prayers, your efforts to be close to God and as you do so, we your Angel friends will always be close, you will never be alone, never alone, always in God’s care, enwrapped in His arms of love and carried through all the conditions of this world.  God bless you, my beloveds.  God bless you beautiful souls.  I am Mary and I love you.  You are my children, my beloveds.  God bless you.