Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 17, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

May you know God’s Touch upon you, my beloved, beloved brothers and sisters. I am your brother and friend Jesus and I come to pray with you and to assure you that each of you walk under the Hand of God, that each of you within the sincerity of your souls have found the light, protection, love that is God’s blessing upon you.

Though I have spoken seriously of serious matters, matters that are imminent and in need of acknowledgment and preparation, I have also assured you that God will envelop you with His Love, that light shall be with you always. Those of you who seek the truth shall live within the truth. Those of you who desire to be awakened in the Divine Love of God shall know this awakening with each breath, with each step. You are His children, children who acknowledge and understand the power of this truth, the blessings that come with this wondrous truth. 

You will be astounded at your own strength and capacity to move in a world of chaos and great need. You will be guided. Like those who you designate as heroes and declare that they did not think about their actions beforehand but merely responded to that inclination within which brought them to a place that helped another from certain death or serious injury, so you too will be motivated in this way. You will not think about what you might do and how you may do it. Rather, you will be guided and your souls will know the journey, the action, the place where you will serve God and bring that which is meant to be in light into play, into expression for your brothers and sisters.

Have faith in your ability to be God’s instruments in the world. Have faith in God’s plan that will unfold with each one of you within your own lives. The intricacy of those lives will be brought into alignment with God’s Will and God’s plan. You will be used in many ways, often in ways that you will not know or be aware of but nonetheless, you will be God’s channels of love. You will be a light and there will be peace, beloved souls, peace, that profound peace that is unshakable by all that which is around you. It is that profound connection with God that will forge this sense of peace, this sense of a soul truly in alignment with their Creator. Seek this out, beloved souls.

Do not entertain fear or negativity. Do not project upon the future those idle thoughts which bring you to conclusions that are not in alignment with God’s Will. You will find yourself walking, speaking, doing in a sort of innocence, light and purity that truly marks  you as God’s instruments. Nothing will harm you as you find your way and that way will not be complicated. It will be direct and simple. You will come to accept the limitations of those conditions that will be imposed upon this world of yours and will do so in peace. 

Though you are used to many things in your daily life, in your material life, yet, as you continue to nurture your soul through prayer and be in greater alignment with God, these comforts, these distractions will not be so important to you. As they fall away, you will find a strength, an ability to rise above these things and find yourself feeling and knowing that state of joy that is the relationship between your soul and God’s Soul.

Be assured, my beloved and beautiful friends, that you are in the light and that God will indeed guide you and protect you and love you. In so doing, He sends His angels into your midst. He brings what is required for you to be in harmony and peace and receive that which you need for sustenance and daily life. God does provide your daily bread, beloved souls. God does give you what you require. Beyond that, you may strive and seek for those things that bring a sense of satisfaction and gratification. But I tell you, as time progresses in your world, these things will matter not. Instead, you will seek for the simple, beautiful pleasure of life, a life that God has created for you, a life that is in harmony with His creation.

You will find your way, beloved souls. Each of you will find your way upon a path that God has designated for you and will open the way lighted with His Love and presence and you will be accompanied by angels upon this journey. You will find that you will gather your brothers and sisters, your families and friends within the warmth of this light, within the blessings that God shall shower upon you and bring you into that place of peace and understanding.

We continue on this journey, beloveds. You continue to make your footfalls upon this path that is designated by God. We shall journey together always. Always we shall be together. My brothers and sisters upon this world who seek the company of those who walk in light, who are light, and who seek truth, so you shall find your way and we shall all serve God in many, many circumstances and opportunities which God will set before us. The journey continues toward greater light. The truth continues to come into your consciousness. The Essence of God’s Soul continues to awaken you. We are truly in the wonderment of the awakened soul. 

God bless you, beloved souls. I am your brother and friend Jesus and I walk with you, beloveds. I walk with you. God bless you.