Spirit: John Wesley
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 22, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Greetings to you, beloved souls. My name is John Wesley. Some of you know me well for you have ascribed to the church and following which I created not so long ago. I was a Methodist and brought about the ideas of Methodism to the world. Though you may think it unusual for me to speak about your efforts and desires to bring the Truth of Divine Love to the world, I think I am well-qualified because I too made great efforts to bring what I understood to be the truths that Jesus taught to the world.

Of course, I now know that much of what I talked of was of error and great misunderstanding. My teachings certainly spoke of the moral issues of the day and tried to address the needs of the soul and its relationship with God. Many of you today also have a deep desire to bring about an understanding amongst your brothers and sisters of the need and the great benefit of establishing one’s soulful relationship with God. 

If one were to look back upon the history of humanity, it becomes clear that your ancestors from long ago knew God better than many of you do today. They had a deep, intuitive trust of God and God’s creation. Their lives were simple and they lived their lives in a way that they felt was a dedication, an honouring of God’s creation. Of course, every culture and society have their flaws and their misunderstandings and their errors. I am not suggesting that those of years gone by knew the truth in all clarity and lived the truth accordingly. But indeed, they did not have the mental barriers that many in your world today have.

Even those in my world and my day were more receptive to God than those of you today. This is a sad truth that many are estranged from God. Many do not believe. Many do not feel that they need to have God in their lives. Many think of this as a great crutch and weakness to be relied upon God. Yet, those of you who have gathered today have a deeper understanding of the benefits, the power, and the blessings of prayer and establishing a deep relationship with your Creator. 

You have come to know the deepest and highest truth of all and that is of God’s blessing to your souls that is His Essence. For many of you cannot remember a time when you did not know this blessing or you cannot fathom a time when you were not in communion with God in the way that you are now and what your lives would be like without this great blessing. You are the strong ones, the ones that have come humbly to God, the ones who have a deep yearning to seek the truth.

You out of many millions have come to this place of knowing. You have been receptive to God’s guidance, the flow of His Will in your life, so that you have come to realize this truth in all its simplicity, power, beauty and glory. Your souls have yearned, and your minds have questioned. Your desire has been manifested in your search for the truth and you have come to understand that it is the soul that needs nurturing and love. It is the soul that is the key to all that God has to give to humanity.

You have come to ask questions as to how you may bring this truth forward to the world. Some of you have banded together to establish something you call Direct Voice. We in the Celestial Kingdom have made great effort to assist you in this endeavour, to come together in harmony, in pure desire, a desire for the highest to manifest so to be an expression of your service to God. To manifest the Celestial angels on Earth has been a dream long held by we in spirit, far longer than those of you on the Earth plane who have considered this. 

Indeed, your efforts are a culmination of many of our efforts and our desire to have the Truth of God’s Love, the truth of the spirit world and the Celestial Kingdom manifest upon the Earth plane in a way and a manner that many will understand and take note of. I worked ceaselessly to bring the word of God to humanity. As flawed as that was, it was my dedication and my efforts to bring what I thought of as the truth to those who were willing to listen. It took a great deal of effort, a great deal of time and dedication. I spoke to many, many people, some who were willing to listen and some who were not.

You will find in your endeavours as well that it will take a tremendous amount of effort, energy as you would call it, to bring another to the truth but if we can assist you by establishing this gift in the world then as you might well imagine, you will find your efforts easier and you will find others more willing to take note of your message of truth. Yes, so much relies upon those souls upon the world who are willing to dedicate themselves to the Truth of God, to dedicate themselves in service to their brothers and sisters, and to dedicate themselves to the awakening of their own soul.

It requires such a different focus than so many who live upon the Earth plane, so many consumed with materialism, consumed with the gratification of their carnal desires and the pleasures of this world, and such fear that resides in your world amongst so many. To dispel these conditions is a great challenge. It will take the blessings and guidance from God, the efforts of the Celestial angels, and your efforts to turn the tide of humanity towards greater light and greater understanding of the truth. 

 I beseech you, my friends, to consider and to accept that what you may do in the service of the highest truth requires your absolute dedication, requires that you release any doubts or fears, requires much time in prayer, requires that you may step forth and speak the truth. In doing so, the manifestations of which you are addressing today may come forth and touch the hearts and souls of humanity.

God has a great plan. God continues to manifest this plan amongst His children, those on the earthly plane and those in the world of spirit and the Celestial Kingdom. It is intricate and is beyond your imaging. It is delicate and subtle, yet powerful and infused with love. It is for you who live in a plane and a condition that is not altogether conducive towards these more subtle understandings and experiences. To go beyond the biases and the challenges of your mind, and greet your soul in love, and to put forth the yearnings of your soul to God.

This message has come down through the ages. It is simple. This highest of truth and blessings began with the teachings of Jesus and his efforts which opened the door to His Love, God’s Love. Though indeed there was a flicker of understanding at the beginning of humanity’s existence but that was quickly lost by the desires of the first humans to walk the Earth independent of God. That desire is strong in all the peoples of this world today. This obstinance of the mind, this desire of the soul to be independent, to be free from obligation to God and to expedite those gifts that God has given each individual to the point where they are independent from the Will of God and fulfilled by the will of man continues to plague and obstruct this important truth that God loves all His children and God desires all of His children to know of His Love and to partake of His Love.

Each of you have come to the conclusion that indeed God does love you and God wishes for you to partake of the great blessings that are His to give to you and available to each of you no matter your circumstances. No matter your history, no matter those deeds you have done that are not of light, God wishes for you to find the healing and forgiveness that comes with the Touch of His Love entering your soul and awakening the light within.

You are very blessed to know this truth. How many in all the history of the world have known this truth as clearly as you? Only the immediate followers of Jesus understood it and it took them much time to do so. Then, this truth was lost in a flurry of speculation, of intention, of desire for power and control so to manipulated Jesus’ wonderful message. Now it is time to reclaim this truth, my friends, for you have it clearly laid out before you. You are the blessed ones who have come to this by whatever means, whatever road you have travelled. By whatever guidance God has given you, each of you have come to this truth.

In doing so, are you meant to carry it alone and to hide it within you, to make it a secret? No, my friends, you are meant to share this wonderful truth with joy, with a desire to uplift your brothers and sisters. I know this is not an easy task because the conditions of your world dictate that the thinking of man at this time is contrary to the truth you have to share.

My beautiful and beloved friends, be strong, be forthright, be courageous, be dedicated. As a man who knew these things and indeed dealt with the undercurrents and crosscurrents of my time that resisted my message, I understand how difficult this can be. But I persisted. I continued to speak my truth. In time, there were a number of people who followed and saw the validity of what I had to say. So, a church was born through my efforts and the efforts of those close to me. 

Would it not be a wonderful outcome that through your efforts and dedications, a new understanding of God, an understanding that does not require the institutions of a church but instead, a common ground that is shared and understood by the majority of humanity? Would this not change the world? Would this not bring humanity to another level of truth? Would this not assist humanity in its continuous evolution towards something more refined and something closer to what God has intended for His children?

You have before you many avenues and ways to communicate. You have before you a mass of humanity that is starving for spirituality and love. You have before you the legions of angels who are willing to assist you. You have before you written and spoken  truth that is given so that any individual may understand it. You have all that you require to start this revolution of the soul where the soul may awaken and truly find its place in each individual as the dominant force to bring about all decisions and actions by humanity rather than the mind ruling and controlling in concert with the immaturity of those emotions of the mind. It will be the wisdom of the soul and the love of the soul and those emotions that relate to the soul and the truth that is understood by the soul that will change the course of humanity given the opportunity for their expression. 

Express your beautiful souls, my friends. Come to know yourself. Come to truly know God. Come to understand the purpose of life and the beauty of life. Come to express all that you are from the very depths of your soul to those aspects of mind that are in harmony with God’s creation.

Much can be accomplished by one individual but a lot can come from the banding together of many individuals dedicated and in unity with the truth. So, I encourage you, my friends, to step forward, to be strong in love, to be strong in the wisdom of the soul, to be strong in your understanding of God’s Will. That the blossoming of your heart and soul may truly express the beauty of God’s creation, each unique in its character and form, each beautiful in its potentials and gifts.

You are given far more than you understand. My wish is for you to continue to explore what God has truly created in you and in each individual and to come to appreciate, love and honour that creation, to walk in the world as a channel of love, light and truth, to be God’s servants upon this journey.

Yes, may the manifestation that we in the Celestial Kingdom and the great spirits of the spirit world come to be so that humanity may awaken to this truth and come to know themselves a little more. So set their course in the direction towards greater life, greater light, greater harmony.

This is the essence of God’s plan, that humanity may shift direction, may walk in light, may reconnect with their Creator, that connection that was forged when they were merely a soul. Now the journey begins towards at-onement, towards truth, towards the manifestation of all the potential that God has given to humanity by the gift of a body, a spirit body and a soul manifest in the world.

May you come to know this and understand how wonderful each of you are and how the potentials that you carry are magnificent in their scope and in their expression. Dedicate yourselves to God, my beloved friends, and walk the world in light and all else will follow as your soul grows in His Love.

Thank you for listening to me. We are with you. We are with you in your efforts. May God bless us all as we journey forward. I am John Wesley. I too have dedicated myself to your efforts and our efforts to bring greater truth to humanity. Thank you for listening to me. My love is with you. God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you.