Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 4, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

I am Josephus. To continue on with my brother’s discussion, I wish to say that your world is full of cross-currents of thought that weave back and forth amongst humanity creating powerful conditions and energies that influence all of you, influencing your well-being in many different ways. So thoughts are powerful things. Thoughts continue to rule this world and have an iron grip upon the minds of humanity. For each soul, each individual continues to feed this great condition of human thought and in most cases, each soul believes this is the reality, this is the truth of their own existence.

As the philosopher of old has said, ”I think, therefore I am” and yet you know, beloved souls, there is something deeper than thought. There is something more vital than thought. It is the soul. Though the soul has its own mind, its functionings are very different from the material mind. The soul processes and receives and expresses itself, its insights, its perceptions in different ways. Words are not necessarily the source of the mind of the soul’s awareness. Words are the result of the material mind. Many receive information, perceptions from God without any words. It could be a series of pictures, of visions, it could be colors and lights, all filled with love.

This communication from God and even communication from one soul to another, is not the result of the mind’s intention, but another level and way to convey and communicate understanding and truth. This is why we say that the Truth is beyond your mind, that the reality of God is different than the reality of the man. Therefore, we continue to encourage you to go deep within your soul to discover that other place of what is reasoning and understanding, yet without words, without the structural connections that come with the material mind. It is a different way and yet, one compliments the other. When the mind of the soul and the material mind, are in conjunction and harmony with one another, very deep insights may come in a conscious way. But it is important that you put aside the powerful currents and energies and conditions of your material world and go to your souls so that the source of Truth may come from there and emerge into the material mind where it may be defined in words or ideas. Yet, there is something more, something deeper in insight and knowledge.

A Truth emerges from within you to that conscious self that is you and in this way, soul awakenings are recognized and come forth into your consciousness. In this way, wisdom will come and true understanding will come. The awareness of your relationship with your creator will be strengthened and enlivened with your prayers and your desires to receive the great gift of Divine Love and there is a whole universe of understanding awaiting every soul that is awake.

So when you continue on your journeys of discovery, your understandings of truth, your awareness of God’s universe, remember that what you understand within your conscious mind is but the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more underneath. So much more to be discovered that will add to your conscious understanding. Of course, this requires patience and perseverance, faith and trust in what God might give to you.

A sure sign that you do not understand the truth is when you formulate judgements, judgements that often come with negative expressions and ideas and this reinforces itself in a circular argument that is of the mind. When Truth comes to an individual, there is peace, there is joy, there is no judgment. Yet within your realities, at the stage in which you are growing and expressing your souls and understanding your souls, there is a mixture of mindful judgment and assumptions, with soulful truths and understanding.

As you continue to progress and grow in the Love of God, this mixture of awareness will come into harmony and that which is of error will fall away. Rest assured, my friends, the error will fall away as the understandings and perceptions grow and the love within your soul infiltrates all of those recesses and cavities, not only within your soul that is of error, but within your mind as well and will bring in its stead, deep peace, deep wisdom, deep compassion and deep understanding.

You, my beloved friends, continue to struggle with your thoughts and your judgments and your feelings, all these things of the human condition that continues to influence and put great bearing upon your actions and your thoughts. Beloved souls, you will find your way. You will come to  that place of peace, steadfast peace that will not interfere with your mindful reckonings, but come to ameliorate and bring right those things within you that are of error.

You will be blessed always and you, upon your path, continue to forge ahead in Light, continue to seek Truth, continue to be a channel of Light and Truth and Love. Yes, you are human. You carry flaws and you carry error, but primarily, you carry Light and Love. Consider this,  you carry Light and Love. As you are challenged upon your road by others who wish to bring you to a place of negativity, remember that you have a choice. You have a choice. Though these feelings may well up within you, you have a choice what and how you will express these things. You have a choice.

May you always choose Light. May you always walk upon that path of integrity, love, humility, and grace. You come closer with each day. You are touched by the Grace of God each day. May that Grace inform all that you do and all that you are and these dilemmas and challenges will fade with the wisdom and the surety of that which is within your souls.

God bless you my friends. I am Josephus and I am happy to have commented upon our dear brother’s message. For this relationship that continues to grow between these two beautiful mediums will indeed help to expand the field of knowledge that is coming. We are happy that both are in harmony and love one another with a deep respect and joy. What a blessing God has given in this relationship. May God bless you and keep you both and all of you, in this great harmony of love. God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls.