Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 31, 2019
Location: Punalu’u, HI

It is your teacher Augustine and indeed, I am a teacher. I have spent many, many years with all of you, helping you to understand the Truths of God’s Love, helping you to understand your own true nature and those things within your nature that are contrary to the Divine Love and the love that must shine through your souls.

I welcome you, beloved brothers and sisters, to the beginning of what will be a powerful and yet challenging time, as you reach out in the world, as you sow the seeds of Truth in your world. There are many in this world who hunger for truth and hunger from their souls for God. Yet within their minds there are often restrictions and biases that will not allow them to accept the simple Truth that you have to give. Though you earnestly go about demonstrating and speaking of and being a channel of this Great Truth of Love, many find it difficult to accept and understand your words and your actions. Yet they are still drawn, in their souls there is a stirring, an awakening of sorts that compels them to draw ever closer. In this, there is often confusion, mistrust, cynicism, untruth and projections. Many things that are derived from the human condition continue to be projected upon you, all of you.

Yes, I know it is easier to remain in your safe abodes, praying for God’s Love, feeling the upliftment and the blessings of God’s Love for you all, but this will not change the world beloved souls. Although, indeed you add a condition, a power and a Light into the atmosphere of the world as you continue to pray and are used by God as you are in that solitary place of prayer. But I tell you, God’s plan is for all His children who bring this gift of Love to walk in the world, to reach out into the world and bring the Truth to many.

This is your purpose, beloved souls, together for this time, working together,  being in harmony together and adding your particular gifts and abilities and love to this great effort to gather souls together in prayer. We are very pleased that you are willing to step forward in this way, that you are willing to put this work ahead of all else that you do together. That this is what is important, and this is a great opportunity afforded to each one of you to work in this way. You have been deeply blessed with the material means to do this work. You have the trust of others who have put forward their resources for you to do this work.

So I ask you to not be distracted but put before you the intention and the desire to be together in this Light, to meld together in this effort. Whatever may be a restriction, a bias, an uncertainty, a lack of faith or a fear, this is your time together to talk to one another, to be with one another in all honesty and truth to let go of your concerns, to let go of any unease, to be united in love, to understand one another in love, to see one another in love, to be with one another in love. In this way, you will forge a great link with God. The Love and Light will flow powerfully. Even those who are skeptical and will be in your midst, will feel the power of Love, the power of God’s Touch amongst you. Indeed, this power, this exercise of your gifts and the Light of your soul is what will be the teacher, the healer, the channel, the instrument that will bring others to the Truth. You must not let any conditions interfere with this.

My beloved and beautiful friends, this is a test. This time together, this entire journey together will test you, will bring forth the strength and beauty of your souls. This is our hope and this is our desire. For, as you pass tests such as these, then you step further into the work and more opens for you, each one of you. Be strong, beloved souls. Seek God. Seek God with all your heart and soul. Be in His Presence. Be in His Presence together. Be unified in this pursuit and this effort to serve humanity, to serve God, to serve this world, to bring greater Light.

You have been given a task and it is our deep desire that you find joy and purpose and fulfillment in performing this task that has been laid before you. We are with you, as you well know, and will continue to guide you on this path, provided you are willing and you are eager and your intentions are pure and your desires are intense and your souls are open and all will come to be as is meant to be. No matter the obstructions, no matter what may come before you that is challenging, you will overcome all of those challenges, all of the obstructions that the worldly condition brings before you as the darkness continues to push against your intentions of Light and Truth, of God’s great plan for the salvation of mankind.

We are together, are we not, in this great effort, in this beautiful plan, in all that we do together for the glory of God, for the wonderment of our own souls and for the wonderment of God’s Great Soul. So, we all work together to bring the Truth, to open the doors, to show humanity the way to their own soulful salvation.

God bless you, beautiful souls. I am Augustine, your teacher. I love you dearly. I will be with you every moment, as will be many. We will accompany you upon your travels and your efforts to bring this Truth to all you meet. God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls.