Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 15, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am Augustine, your teacher. Yes, the world is in great need is it not? Many are in great need. This world of yours continues to present many challenges to every soul who lives within it. This world continues to bring many souls to places that are not in harmony with God. Thus, the conditions that are being created by the multitudes in your world continue to ignite and excite negative conditions that bring pain and discomfort and disruptions so that the world is not functioning in harmony with the Laws of God. Beloved souls, do you realize how powerful each soul is in the world? How collectively, with your intentions and thoughts and actions, you are guiding the trajectory of your planet? You are doing so blindly without true understanding of what you are creating in the world and the influences that are reverberating through your world that are bringing more conditions of destruction and disharmony. 

This is why we continue to make great efforts to be with you all, to help to guide you and remind you that you must make efforts to step into a higher condition of consciousness and love. That each time you pray to receive the Blessing of God’s Love, you inch closer to Light and harmony. When you do so, you generate Light and harmony into your world. So, together as a Circle of Light, you are serving your brothers and sisters. You are serving your world. You are serving God in great efforts to rectify and to balance the conditions of your world. 

Do not underestimate the power of a group of individual souls who are in harmony with one another, who have a singleness of purpose and desire to reach for the highest and to be a channel of Light and Love in the world. This Light is reverberating around your world at this very moment. You have with you legions of angels who are eager to assist you and to reinforce the conditions that you are desiring to bring into place in your world as a channel of God’s Love, as a channel of Light and healing and Love for many. Those whom you love, those who are directly connected with this Circle of Light are all benefitting by your prayers. As you continue to form this Circle, this ring of Light, golden Light, you are creating a bond, a connection with one another that is sustained even after you go about your business beyond this time that you spend together. The more that you are together in this way, the stronger will be the bond and the more effective and powerful will be your mutual efforts to bring Light to the world. 

You are creating something unique and powerful and something that assists God in changing your world from a place of disharmony and darkness to place of harmony and love and Light. Each of you has great potential, a powerful place and capacity to bring these blessings forth to the world, provided you are willing and you have the desire to step forward in this way, to step forward with your brothers and sisters, to bring change, to speak of change, to live change, to be a channel of Love that is the catalyst for change, true change in the world. So, you will and you can work together and draw in others who will work with you for this great purpose and effort to heal your world, to heal each of you, your souls coming into greater alignment with God so that your beings may emanate and transmit Light and Love and peace in the world. 

So much can be accomplished by a few brave and dedicated souls who have a deep desire to be with God, to be in harmony with God’s Laws, to receive the great and wondrous blessing of the Divine Love within their souls. That transformative blessing that will bring great change to yourselves and in doing so will help and assist great change to come to your world. 

You live in a very important time in the history of humanity, a time where crucial changes and decisions must be made, a time where the blind efforts of humanity to conduct their affairs in the world in accordance to their own will and understanding of things that are beyond their understanding in this world, manifest through the will of man. These things must be reconciled with the Truth, with the Laws that God has put into place to bring about a harmonious world, a world where every creature, and truly His greatest creature of all which is humanity, may be a harmonious part of the functioning of your world so that all flows and moves within the beautiful Light of God’s Touch upon this world. Rather than being contrary to this, that there be a choice, a decision from mankind to walk in the world in greater harmony and peace and love. 

This we have encouraged you to do over and over again, beloved souls. This you must consider each and every moment of your lives that you may walk in harmony and peace and love, that you may be the examples in the world, and that you may draw with your Light, your actions and your thoughts and your bright souls many others who are in harmony with this intention and with this great effort that is guided by God and guides each one of you. 

Walk in God’s Grace, beloveds. Consider what is of Truth and what is of harmony and what is in relationship with the Laws of God’s Creation. That you may rise above the Earth plane and all its tumultuous energies and lack of Light to a place higher and closer to God. That in this way, you will have the vision and the understanding of what God intends for each one of you for this world. You must collect and gather the wisdom that God has to give to your souls and shift within your consciousness and thinking so that you are aware of what God gives to you and that you may implement and express the Truth that God is implanting within your soul at this very moment. 

Much is meant for you to receive, beloved souls. Much is coming. Much will indeed come to your conscious awareness as you continue to grow in the Father’s Love within your soul, so the power of this Light and Love, these transformative energies, will reach forth into your conscious self and transform even your very thoughts, your mental condition, so that all of you comes into alignment, all of you expresses Truth and wisdom. With great power, Love will flow through you all, beloved souls. Together, you make a great Portal of Light, a great channel of Love in the world. 

May you continue to recognize the part that you play in all of this effort by God, His great plan for the salvation of mankind that you may see that you are a part of such a beautiful flow of Love, transforming, creating, changing, evolving so that all may be in harmony in your world and all may be an expression of Love and Light. May God bless you upon this journey that you all embark upon, beloved souls. Your Lights are beautiful, your souls have so much within it that is still unrecognized, but will come to fruition as God’s Blessing continues to awaken you day by day, moment by moment, prayer by prayer. You will be awakened, beloved souls, and you will come to know your true selves in relationship with your Heavenly Father, your Creator, the One Who Loves you beyond all capacity to comprehend and know. His limitless Love pours upon you at this moment. May you receive within you all that you can possibly absorb into your soul. 

God bless you, beloveds. I am your teacher Augustine and I am happy to with you. I join many, many souls, many beautiful angels from the Celestial heavens in this prayer and time together. God bless you. My love is with you. God bless you.