Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 3, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am Matthew. Yes, the winds of change come for each one of you, my beloved and beautiful friends. There is much coming in the world, much for you to recognize and to acknowledge within your souls and understand that place within you that has the wisdom, the love, the strength, and the knowledge to be in the world as a leader in the world, for God will need your leadership. God will need each of you to be strong and clear in your perspective, beautiful souls, channels of light and love in the world. These challenges are not insurmountable and the conditions that are coming, though they are not compatible with the great energies and conditions that humanity has built, they are compatible with God, compatible with the new era, the new way of being in the world that is coming.

So you must seek to align yourselves with these things. To see them with the eyes of your soul and to understand with that wisdom within your soul. That you may utilise your gifts, those things that God has given you in order to assist others on this journey of awakening and transition from darkness to light, from that which humanity has created to that which God has created, a reconciliation between the souls of men and the Soul of God.

This is what is coming. All of you have been invited to the table where we may work together and abide together in our efforts to bring light to the world, to help bring the transition through the world with the least amount of hardship and turmoil for many will be confused and angry and disillusioned. Many will want to know the answers. Many will seek from their minds to know what is happening and taking place in the world? Unfortunately, the answers will not lie within the mind.

The mind will continue to analyse and make excuses and see things from a great variety of perspectives. Scientists will bicker with one another and disagree. Philosophers will not have answers. Theologians will not be able calm the troubled hearts. All these things that men have created in the world will not help with this great transition. For it is time to release the conditions of men and acknowledge the great Truth of God. In this way, the wisdom will come, the answers will come, and the comfort will be given and Love will flow to all the souls.

You must teach them how to acknowledge and absorb this great gift of Love. You must teach them that there is a deeper place within each soul that will recognise and understand the unfolding of events that will take place in short order. This will be a great challenge to you all, to speak up, to be a leader, to bring truth unabashedly and clearly to your brothers and sisters. You will know when to speak. You will know when the time is ripe. You will be asked and guided and inspired to speak the words of Truth, to speak the words of love and compassion. In this way, you will help to be God’s guiding light in the coming storms.

As we continue to gather the souls together, to bring greater harmony amongst you, to strengthen and awaken all the wondrous potentials within each soul, together you are strong . Together, like strands in a rope, each one singly is somewhat weak, but together is a great strength. So you will be woven together into a great rope that will encompass all that you meet and bring a sense of security and containment in a world that will feel unpredictable and difficult to live within. As things change and transition to something new, so you will gather the souls and help them to understand and realise that what is coming and what will manifest is a gift, a gift that will save this world and bring great change to this world so that all settles into harmony and grace and light.

The planet itself has great potential imbued within it. So God will ignite these potentials, these capacities of the physical Earth, to manifest greater harmony, to heal the wounds that have taken place by the inability of mankind to be attuned and sensitive to the needs of Mother Earth. So, these wounds will be healed in order for the world to continue in harmony. The precious children of this world must come to see what harmony is, to learn within their hearts and souls the power of love, the power of working together within the parameters of God’s Laws of Creation and God’s Laws of Love.

So these things will come to you in great waves of understanding, inspiration, truth ,and knowledge. Great waves of love and compassion for your brothers and sisters. Great waves of joy and perception that will allow you to see the unfolding of God’s plan for the salvation of mankind, that this unfolding will be evident and powerful. You will see with a sense of knowing, what is meant to come and what is right and good and in balance with the great Laws of Creation, within God’s Will and desire for the awakening of humanity to whom they really are and what they are capable of to bring light and harmony to the world.

So much is coming and I barely scratch the surface of what can be shared with you all. So much is coming and we in the Celestial Kingdom will make great effort to help you to understand and be cognizant of what your role and your purpose may be in this great unfolding, this great plan for the salvation of mankind. So much is coming, and you continue to prepare yourselves, to awaken, to be strong, to be God’s instruments in the world.

So it shall be, in accordance to your desire and efforts in prayer, in contemplating your own selves in relationship with God, in seeking His Great Love to awaken all those possibilities and potentials within you. So much is given to those who are willing to receive, who desire to be used as instruments of love and light in the world. The doors will open slowly but surely. You are opening as God’s beloved children to the sight and reality of what is meant to be in your world.

May God bless you upon your journeys, beloved souls. May you come to know that God intends for all good and beautiful blessings to be bestowed upon you and blessings to be bestowed upon this Earth and all who dwell upon it. The creatures, the beloved souls, all of nature in all its glory and versatility will flourish in this new world and so will the souls of humanity and all those who are coming, the children, the children of the children, for many, many centuries to come will know a world different from your own. They will come to experience a life that is fulfilling in love, that is joyful and beautiful. These things are coming and great blessings will flow upon you all.

I am your friend Matthew. I am glad to have spoken to you today. May God bless you, beloved souls. May this day be a day of deep blessing. Each day as you gather together will indeed be a day of deep blessings. God bless you, beloved souls. I am with you. I am Matthew. God bless you.