Spirit: Moses
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 30, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

The winds of change continue to blow across your world and much that was understood in the past, much that was given as wisdom from the prophets of old and the seers of past times, is now buried in the conditions and attitudes and perspectives of your modern world and so much wisdom is lost, beloved souls. Because there is no time nor interest in living a life that is in harmony with behaviors that respect and honor one another, that bring love, that bring light. Instead, many are fed lies, many are fed untruths and deception that lead to souls that are of stone rather than of light.

These are serious times my friends, serious times. There will be consequences for all. Not that every soul is guilty of perpetuating darkness, but there is enough of this influence and power in the world that God has seen fit to bring changes that will neutralize these conditions. In this way, doors of opportunity, possibilities to change in a way that brings light and greater harmony to your world will be manifest. The winds of change are coming. It starts and begins with rumblings and fires, floods and turmoil in your world, but this is only a warning shot that indicates that the Will of God will be manifest in your world and that the Laws of God’s Creation must be heeded, even for the children of God’s Creation who have been given free reign and are allowed free reign.

But even with this gift, there comes a time where the limits are reached, where the children run amok without heed for harmony and grace in the world. So God brings about those conditions that will stop the behaviors and expressions of darkness in the world. In a way, each of you will be forced to choose light or darkness, harmony or pain. You are well aware of this within your souls as are all souls in this world.

They begin to feel that something is coming, that a choice will be laid to bear on this world. For those who choose to continue in the flow of the human condition that is dark and does not honor God and His Creation, will suffer the consequences of this choice. This is not because God wishes for His children to suffer, but God wishes for His children to stop inflicting suffering upon one another and upon this beautiful creation that is His world.

You cannot continue to take for granted all the blessings and wonderment that is this world and is your life and not heed the call for change and not heed the call for love and for harmony. For every soul has the capacity to know right from wrong, truth from error. Yet, so many hide from the truth that they know within them. So many seek to be distracted, to run away, to be within the indulgences of the physical appetites without any expectation of consequences.

Nothing in God’s Creation operates without the Laws of Cause and Effect taking place. Even when God gives His children the gift of free will where they have the potentials to operate outside the Laws of Creation, there are still consequences. The machinery of the universe continues to operate. Though humanity has the gift of free will and can choose contrary to harmony with these Laws, they are not outside of the operations of these Laws and so consequences come. Indeed it is easy to see in your world amongst your brothers and sisters what suffering and inharmony there is created by mankind, created by choices and created by the power of your own souls and spirit and mind and body. All of these gifts that God has given you, created you with, so much has been perverted by the will of humanity serving the desire for material wealth and power, for the glorification of their own selves. This condition that rejects the Will of God began from the beginning and continues to build and build in your world as your numbers increase and choices multiply and conditions grow and light fades. So the world is in dire straits. So the world suffers greatly. So the world, the planet, cries out to God to be saved and healed.

So my beloved children, those of you who are seeking light, who are seeking to rise above these conditions and to live a life that is in harmony with God and with love, you must be strong. You must uphold the truth and you must look deep within yourselves for the truth. When you come to that place of acknowledging that which is not in harmony with God’s Creation nor with His Love, you must act. You must stop and turn and go beyond these ignorant choices. No matter how innocent, no matter how unaware you are, beloved souls, you must strive for that which is higher than what is your life at this time. To be in greater harmony, in harmony with God’s Will, in harmony with the life and reality that God has created, that is meant to be in your world. Be leaders, examples, channels of love and truth in the world. You must face your own vulnerabilities and those places within you that are not in harmony. As God’s Love continues to build within your soul, these things are revealed, this understanding comes.

It is difficult, my beloved and beautiful friends, it is difficult. For all about you are actions and conditions that are not in harmony with love and with God. It is at times overwhelming to recognize how these things continue to proliferate and carry you into deeper darkness. No doubt this is why so many hide away and do not wish to look. For it is a deep dilemma in the life of humanity upon this world. You have created such a complex world of your own making, often not taking into account the Laws that are exercised by the Creation of God. So error upon error is steeped within your culture, your thinking, your perception of the world and it is indeed difficult to rectify and to bring back to purity your own souls.

So this is why the changes are coming, that God has found a way to bring harmony back to your world. For it is obvious that humanity lacks the capacity, the strength and the ability to rectify the error that is all about you.Yet God in His mercy, God in His wisdom, God in His Love, will bring all back to that place where purity is possible, where you may indeed live in harmony with the Laws of God, where your life and your world will honor all creation and that there is love and peace. This is coming, the winds of change, the winds that will bring healing and truth and love. That God’s Hand rest firmly upon your world and in this Power of God, the changes will be wrought and all will bow to the conditions and power that God will bring to this world that will insist upon change and healing and light. Consider this when you witness destructive forces in your world as the natural elements conspire to overthrow the influence of man in order to bring healing, to right the world from all the imbalances.

As this happens, God will call upon you all to speak the Truth, to be an example of love, to walk bravely and with faith amongst the tumult that is coming and say: “This is a gift, a gift of healing for all who are willing to accept it, who are willing to be in harmony with it.” Indeed when we ask you to prepare, to be accepting of the Will of God, we ask you to be strong and brave and clear within yourselves, knowing your own souls. In this knowing and strengthening with each day your relationship with your Creator, bringing into your soul the strength and light and power of the Love of God so that you may walk in the world with wisdom, that you may be guided and reach out to many others who will, in these times, be of great fear and confusion. For what to them was solid ground is now taken away and in their fear they wonder what will be? What will replace their well-honed source of reality?

For that reality will be no more and something new and fresh and beautiful will come, a great shift of consciousness, a great shift in everything in your world. You must have the strength, perception, love, and capacity to see beyond the superficial, the conditions of humanity to what is to be, what will be made anew and given as a gift to those who are willing to accept and bring to their bosom the gift of life that God will give, the gift of a new world made fresh and beautiful.

Yes, so much is coming. Each of you who desire to be a channel of love and truth, have chosen this time to be in the world, to witness this great change, and to assist God in settling the world in what will be. Indeed, may God give you the strength to open your eyes, peel the scales away so that you may truly see, so that you are strong enough to weather the storms and to lead others into sanctuary. Much is coming and much is upon us. We cherish these times together with you to prepare you, to inform you and guide you, to bring the Blessings of God closer to your world. To help infuse the world with the blessings and elements of light and change and love that will usher in a new world.

Be strong, my beloveds. Be strong in your hearts and your souls and walk in the light. In this way, you will truly come to know God and come to know God’s Will for you and this world. In this way, you will be used to assist many in the changes that are coming.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Moses and I come to you in all my love and all my concern for the children of the world and for all that is within the world. May God bless you, my brothers and my sisters. May you be blessed deeply. God bless you.