Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 17, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Precious and beloved souls, I am Andrew. As you begin to emerge from your time of quietness and isolation from one another, I urge you to consider those lessons that you have learned, these Truths that you have been taught, this time that you have had to know yourselves, to take stock of your lives, to come to appreciate those simple elements of your life that are important. That each of you in your own way have strengthened your prayer practice, your efforts to be with God. I urge you to continue with these efforts. I urge you to see for yourselves that the growth of your soul is of the upmost importance, that what you have in your relationship with your Creator is the guiding force in your life and as you continue to receive His blessings of Love, so your soul is strengthened.

Yes, my brother, there is the vision of the soul, the mind’s eye, as you call it. This vision may come through to your mind creating a link between the understanding of your soul and the understanding of your mind. So the mind’s eye is a portal of Truth, of seeing, of visualizing, of knowing that which can come from your soul, the mind of your soul, to the mind of your physical. You all possess such minds’ eyes provided you are willing to allow this to come through to your consciousness.

Do not dismayed if this sense of a mind’s eye is not clear to you. Know that it is there and that it will come through on occasions. The problem is that you do not recognise when you are in a receptive condition to receive such things. It is confusing to you because the events of your world are so complex and seem to obscure these more intuitive and natural aspects of your soul that are influencing your mind.

The angels as well influence you through your souls and mind’s eye. Thoughts may emerge. Inspirations and ideas may come from this place, this beautiful place that is a portal to bring Truth, to bring God’s inspiration to you. So much you do not understand, my beloved and beautiful friends. So much awaits your understanding. So much will come as you continue to make consistent efforts in prayer and in thought to open up these channels for God and the angels and your own soul to communicate with you consciously so that you may be open to all manner of Light and Truth, inflowings of God’s Love, the presence of an angel with you, feeingl the excitement within your soul when these blessings come forth and are with you, having this sensitivity, this awareness, this perception.

Of all blessings and experiences of the soul, this will be a great boon to your life for the many confusions of the material mind will dissipate. In their place will be such clarity and knowing and strength of knowing that you will follow your guidance implicitly. You will not doubt nor be confused by what you are meant to do. It will be clear, clear as a cloudless sky and the Light and Sun of God’s Love pouring down upon you.

There is little to fear, my beloved souls, for you are well upon your way to God. You know the path. It is not an illusion, my beautiful friends. It is true and is a greater Truth than any you know, that God’s Love awaits you and the path to His Love, the path to at-onement you are upon at this moment. All of these visions and understandings and awakenings and Truth are within your grasp. You are on the verge of great insight, of great joy, of great Love. Be with God as we continue to pray together. Be with God and trust in God. Have faith that God is leading you forward. You are truly His children. We all gather together, do we not? At this time and the times that you are in prayer together to receive the great blessings of God’s Love and care and upliftment for each one of you.

God bless you, my friends. May He keep us all in the Light of His Presence and Love. Bless you. Bless you dearly. God bless you. I am Andrew. My love for you is great. Your friend who resides within the Celestial Heavens continues to watch over all of you on Earth. God bless you.