Spirit: Mark
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 2, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Mark. I am the protector and guardian of your church. I reside within the Celestial Kingdom and come to speak to you today. 

As these two dear souls indicate, the power and transformative qualities of God’s Essence, the Divine Love as it is called, are great and will have such a profound effect upon you that it will change your life. It will set you upon a path that will lead to the eventual inclusion into the Celestial Kingdom. There is no other blessing or way that this may be accomplished.

There are many routes to God and towards greater light and towards the higher spheres of spirit. Many take those routes, whatever way they have chosen and express within their lives. But this one road, which requires your adherence to being with God in prayer and opening yourselves up to this great gift of Divine Love, is a singular road. As Jesus once said, the path is straight and the gate is narrow. This indeed is the truth. It is not that God will exclude his children at any time from the possibility of receiving this great gift of Love, whether they be in the flesh or in spirit, that gift will remain open to those who choose it.

But I tell you, beloved souls, to build this foundation of truth within your lives at this time will be a great boon to your future existence in the world of spirit, for it will bypass many trials and tribulations that the vast majority of souls experience when they transition into the world of spirit. You will be assured a place in the light, a light that is beautiful, a light that expresses and manifests all the wonderment of God’s Creation, a light that will set you truly on the path towards at-onement with God.

Yet this light is not the Celestial Kingdom, but merely a reflection of your efforts here on Earth for there is a great journey to go within the spirit world in order to reach that Kingdom. Although there have been those who have indeed transitioned from the earthly plane and come into the halls of the Celestial Kingdom, but they are extremely rare.   

I urge you to walk this path and try to see for yourselves what is possible, what may be manifest in your lives and in your souls, knowing that we in the Celestial Kingdom will accompany you as you make a concerted effort.  So we will be with you. It is our hope that you will feel our presence, a condition of love and light, of upliftment, at peace that comes as God sends his angels to be by your side.

So I urge you all to walk upon this straight path. It is not difficult. It merely requires your concerted effort. Listen to your souls for that desire beats within it. Put aside your doubts and your fears, your skepticism, all those things of the mind that would say “oh no, do not follow this way for this way does not include me as the leader and in control. rather be with me safely in my embrace, that mindful part that is so wise.”

Yet, my beloved and beautiful friends, the mind is not so wise. There is greater wisdom that lies within the soul. That wisdom is implanted by God, and it grows with the gift of His Love. Come to know this wisdom, this wondrous knowing that encompasses truth in a way that the mind truly cannot, and will feed you many things that the mind is not able to comprehend or manifest. When you have within you in time a merging of your mind and your soul, you are truly a powerful channel that will manifest great light and wisdom and truth in the world.

I urge you to walk this path towards truly knowing all of you rather than in this world, the stilted perception that comes with the mind inflated and full and eager for more, and a soul that is diminished and pushed to the side. Walk in this balanced way and you will find greater happiness, beloved and beautiful friends. You will find a way to the truth that many of you, have not known.  You will find a joy that will well up from your soul and burst forth with laughter, with a joyous hosanna to God that says “I have found you” and “I have found myself.” This great blessing will grow within you, as the Love awakens you and all that is within you comes alive, in joy, and love, and wonderment.

May God bless you upon that journey. I am Mark. I walk with you, each one, as you are part of this beautiful family of souls within this church, of which has been consecrated and blessed by Jesus. So you will find comfort there, light and peace there. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you all. My love is with you.