Spirit: James Reid
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 5, 2019
Location: Sydney, AU

I am James Reid. So happy to be amongst my friends once more. So happy to see the light that is here and how you have all grown in your souls. So happy that we all know the Grace of God, His beautiful Love, and we all continue progress upon this path toward greater Light and Love, Truth and knowledge.

I have not yet entered the Celestial Kingdom for I find myself very engaged in the many aspects of the spirit world, traveling, exploring, talking to many, learning much. My mind has always been curious and a deep desire for truth. So I continue on these journeys, not neglecting my prayers to receive this great Gift of Love. As I do so, my ability and capacities to understand, to truly understand the workings of the universe, the workings of my own soul, the workings of God continue to grow and deepen.

I have a great joy in my heart, a beautiful dance of life that emerges for my awakening soul. As I have told you before, my perceptions while in your world were meagre indeed compared to what has come and then awakened in me. My capacity to love, my capacity for joy, my capacity even in terms of a mental understanding have grown tremendously. As now this journey is unfettered by the material and worldly conditions and I have been freed in all ways, ways of expression, ways of knowing, ways of loving.

You my friends will find when your time comes that you will realize how beautiful your soul is, how all your prayers and efforts and time spent in contemplation of truth will have brought you a great gift, a great upliftment so that you may inhabit a place of light that will feel far beyond the Earth plane.

There is so much I wish to share with you, my friends. Oh, I could write volumes of what I have experienced and now know to be true. But you have your work, each one of you, your gifts and your talents, your purpose here on Earth. In the cause of Truth, it is not so necessary to write every word and detail about these experiences on the other side as you say. It is more about the soul yearning for God, awakening to God, and knowing all these intricacies and beauties, facets of the soul. To explain that journey would be difficult indeed, for it is not in the intellectual realms of your Earth life that these things can be explained.

It is another way, another aspect of you that is opening and will be able to experience and understand what it experiences upon the soulful journey to God. My friends, it is a wonderful journey. You have no idea how wonderful it is. You have glimpses. You see a bit. You sense some. You feel some.  But I tell you, what you have experienced in your life to date is nothing compared to what is coming for each of your souls as you journey on.

Life in your world is so fragile and so brutal in many ways. Life here in the planes of Light are pure joy. Every moment is wonderful. Every aspect is beautiful. One begins to sense the great potentials of the soul, that there is indeed an eternal progression to God. When one truly sees the immensity of this journey, oh the joy, the excitement, the wonderment.

Please tell my beloved Paula that I am with her more than she knows. I have a deep and abiding love for her and her beautiful soul. Now that I am not on this Earth, in retrospect, I see how she supported me in her way of love and acknowledgement of my beautiful soul, that together we walked hand in hand. Tell her she is not alone, tell her that she is loved, that my love for her grows ever deeper as I become lighter and my soul awakens.

You, my friends, how fortunate you are to have one another to work together as you are doing, to continue to forge a path through that great tangle of untruth, skepticism, fear. You have the Truth in your hands, my friends. It is simple indeed. Do not try to impress others with deep intellectual knowledge for this is not the way of our Truth. Be a bright shining example. Be a loving, caring channel for God and speak your truth with simple words. Try not to contradict others, but weave in your truth with humility and grace. In this way, you plant the seeds that Keea has talked of. In this way, things will go easier for you if you continue to meet up with those who are firmly entrenched within their minds.

Yet, beneath that place is a yearning soul, a yearning soul that has a deep desire to find its way to God. Though you may not impress those of deep intellect and great intellectual knowledge, you will make a mark, something will be left within them, that when that time comes when all the words and intellect of the mind will not bring them the comfort that they seek, a chord will be struck and they will remember your words and seek you out.

I know in this world of yours, this plodding journey of speaking Truth, of reaching out to others can be tedious and often unrewarding. But I encourage you to continue. I encourage you because you truly do not see the many thousands of spirits who follow you, who are seeking Truth and listen to your words. Then there are those of us who are upon this apprenticeship of becoming a Celestial angel and you see it is easier to be tutored.

Through your instrumentality I know this is difficult to understand, but this Earth plane is a locum for much communication, many different ways and levels all through the spheres of spirit. Your instrumentality may seem very humble and unimpressive to your minds in your Earth plane, but in many other planes, you are being used to reach many souls, many souls.

The way that you conduct yourselves and the words that you speak and the light that you bring has a far-reaching effect on our side of life. This has been talked about by many of your guides and I just want to affirm this, that your efforts have many aspects and layers and far-reaching effects. Do not, by beloved friends, minimalize the work that you do. Do not be skeptical, do not pull away.

What you do is very important and needed, not only in your world but in ours. This is why you have such illustrious angels that come, from Jesus and all who follow this Truth. They work with you because it expands and multiplies through you in many ways. You have a great task ahead of you, a lot to do. Please continue with enthusiasm and desire. Do not squabble amongst yourselves, for these disagreements are of mind, and I tell you as one who knows.

When one sees how pitiable are the capacities of the mind compared to that of the soul, these ideas that you carry as an Earth-bound creature are next to worthless and mean nothing compared to the awakening of your soul that can truly understand the truth of life, the wonderment of life, the meaning of life. So be humble, my friends. Be true to yourself. Be true to God and all will flow in harmony, peace, and mutual understanding.

Oh, there is so much I wish to say, but there are other things that must be done as you sit in this circle. I have been given my time and I thank you for that. Know that your friend James is with you and loves you and prays for you and learns from you. God bless you, my friends. God bless you. I only wish that we could have worked together in more intense efforts, but it was not meant to be. So now we work in a different way. Thank you for being the beautiful souls that you are.

God bless you and keep you in His Love. I am James, and we are all in His Love.