Spirit: Martin Luther
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Gibsons, BC
Date: December 18, 2017

My beloveds, have faith in yourselves. I am Martin Luther. You have come to a most challenging time, my beloved souls. A time where you take your new sensibilities and sensitivities out into the world to bring them more fully into your consciousness and your expression in the world. It is these first tentative steps that are important, that you may consciously choose to express yourselves more fully within your soul rather than your mind.

You have come aware of those conditions of your mind which are not in harmony with your soul. You have witnessed yourselves enacting those conditions within you, to express yourselves in ways that were satisfying and you appreciate these changes within you and in some ways contradict these changes. Beloved souls, be aware of your thoughts. Be aware of those patterns of the mind. Be aware that now is the time to circumvent these old habits and conditions of the mind. For if you allow these old patterns to continue and to be reinforced, you will pollute your soul that has been cleansed in Light. So this is a most important time, my beloved souls, a time of awareness, sensitivity, of conscious choice, of strength and Love.

The world will demand of you many things. Because of the conditions of this world you are drawn into many conditions, conditions that are not easy to deal with from that sensitive and soulful place of understanding. My beloved souls, be strong. Recognize the choice that is at hand with each moment. Know that God pours His Love upon you, pours His Light, His protection. You are cared for most gently and lovingly. So you must bring this within yourself, your consciousness, to treat yourself with Love and to treat all those around you with Love. To be that example, this must be so.

The only thing that truly holds you in the human condition is yourself and thus being responsible for yourself is important. To recognize that you are not a victim of another but merely a victim of your own habits and ways of being in the world that are not in harmony with Love. This is a test, beloved souls, this is a test. For much has been given to you and much awaits the unfolding of your soul in this way. So you must recognize that God gives His blessings, especially these special dispensations of blessings for a purpose, to be in this world as a channel of His Love, as a Light, to be strong in your expression of Love and Light, to be clear, to be steadfast not within the harshness of your mind but the gentleness of your soul. As you continue to accept and to express these aspects of your soul, they will come as second nature. They will be strong and clear and expressed with such beauty and Love.

So you venture forth, beloved souls, into a world that is not like this world you have been cocooned within, a world that draws you here and there, that demands your attentions, that often denies Love and reinforces harsh conditions. But remember, my beloved souls, that God is with you and we are with you. You will receive all the assistance that you require if asked. You must consciously ask. When you see yourself going down that road that reinforces the human condition, say a prayer, ask for help, change your thoughts, be loving. You are babies no longer. It is time that you take those steps of maturity. This requires conscious efforts, the recognition of your own responsibilities and the desire for the highest, the greatest good, the most Love that is possible.

Yes, there are many challenges ahead, my beloved souls, but with these challenges you are well equipped to deal with and can indeed make great improvements within your lives and with influence of life and Love in the lives of those around you. As this flowers forth, so your gifts shall emerge bringing even deeper aspects of Light and Love within you and about you. To be a clear channel of the Father’s Love, to truly be in that pure Light is a lofty goal, but one that is feasible, possible. You have a deep desire for the world to change, to be more at peace and Love and Truth. Well, you must make your own world more of this with each breath, with each effort, each prayer to serve God, to serve God in Love.

Yes, you have much to contemplate, to integrate, to express. We will be with you, beloved souls, in all your efforts, in all your trials and tribulations, in all those situations that call upon the strength of your soul. God’s Hand is upon you. God loves you, loves you dearly. He wants you to walk in this world with your head high and your Light glowing, glowing in all its beauty and glory. May you be that beautiful child that God has created in every way.

So the growth of your soul continues with each day. Now comes that phase of application, what you have learned. You will not be successful with every moment but I believe you will be successful more than you are not. In this effort and in these successes a momentum will build and the transition will come. Changes, my beloveds, changes are coming within you and within this world. Be prepared. Be strong. Rely on the Love within your soul and the beauty of your soul and your connection with the Heavenly Father to guide you forth in Light. In this all will be well, all will be blessed.

God bless you, beloveds. I am Martin Luther and I love you. I am with you. I am here to help you as are many. God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls.