Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 16, 2020
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

I wish to comment on the power of prayer since this conversation has been shared amongst you and many different perspectives have been voiced in this regard. God works with His children in many different ways in His great plan for the continued progress of every soul. Yet, part of this plan is the inclusion of free will, choices to be made with each moment in a mortal and spirit’s life. In this, the world of thought and action is very fluid for each can choose in each moment what is to be manifest in their lives. Responding to the conditions in which they live, the thoughts which they have, the conclusions which comes, and desires and choices made manifest in their lives.

Amongst these great streams of the actions of humanity, God may pour His influence helping to guide, correct at times and bless and uplift His children. Those who put forth prayer for their benefit or for the benefit of others in the world are invoking God’s influence within these streams of thoughts and actions proliferated by humanity and by spirits.

So prayer has its affects in the lives of humanity. Prayer invokes energies, influences, even manifestations and blessings in regards to the human life. Prayer is powerful as one sends sincere intentions to God asking for blessings and His influence in one’s life. This provokes and incites healings, protection, the assistance of the angels and high spirits to help guide and to, in some cases, change the conditions that surround the individual.

Prayer can bring outcomes. It does not necessarily bring the outcomes which have been prayed for, but there will be some effect, some blessing, some manifestation of God’s Hand upon that individual in their lives. Because of free will, it requires the individual to ask. That in asking, there is an opened door to receive some change, some effect, some upliftment, some blessing and healing. In some cases, affecting outcomes that were, or can be, the result of human action. It may also invoke actions from mortals for the benefit of other mortals. The influence of God is powerful but the influence of God will not countermand free will.

So it is important that each individual who invokes the Law of Prayer to realize with faith and trust that God in His wisdom and in harmony with His Laws will bring about certain effects and blessings and actions that will foster Light and harmony. There are those who believe that such invocation of prayer is hardly effective in your world, for the world is rife in terrible darkness and conditions of inhumanity. That individual is correct in as much as the power of the free will of men and the invocation of men’s desires and actions in the world is a powerful force.

Those who are truly in alignment with the Law of Prayer are few in your world. Those who do not subscribe to prayer, nor do they invoke God’s blessings and intercessions, are a great and powerful force in the world. It would be easy to assume that prayer is feeble if not useless in its confrontation of such power of humanity’s free will choices.

Yet the power of prayer can be immense. As our brother Jesus has said, “Faith can move mountains.” Without faith as part of prayer, its power is greatly diminished. Prayer is, or shall I say prayer that is invoked from the mind, the material mind, without inclusion of the soul’s desires and the faith of the individual, is feeble. But prayer, when combined with soul desire and with faith, is powerful indeed and can, at times, dissolve the darkness, the dark conditions of the world and bring about positive change and results, certainly for the individual.

Prayer can bring great change within the individual. Prayer for the gift of God’s Love is the greatest proactive force to bring about a soul’s transformation. There are many avenues for prayer, many ways in which prayer may be effective in the world. I would encourage every soul who has a sincere desire to bring healing and light, protection and peace to their lives, that they would invoke prayer.

Certainly when one seeks God, desires God’s influence and Presence in their lives,  prayer is required. Prayer is necessary to open those doors, to awaken to these possibilities of God’s Presence with each individual. Prayer is important, it is the antidote to darkness and the bringer of Light. Prayer invokes the Laws that God has created to bring life and harmony and peace to the world. Prayer can be used in many ways. Prayer can be the instrument of change in your world. Prayer is powerful, transformative, and a great instrument for any soul who truly desires to be awakened and to be an agent of God to bring change and light to the world.

Without prayer, the bridge between God and the soul does not exist. It is prayer that invokes its opening. It is prayer that brings the effects of the Holy Spirit awakening the soul with God’s Essence. It is prayer that allows God to have entry into one’s life. In this prayer that brings so many blessings, God may use that individual as a channel of Love and an instrument to answer prayer. Do not underestimate the power of your own desires directed towards God.

As you grow in God’s Love, as your faith grows stronger, so the effectiveness of your prayers will be great and grow accordingly. Each individual soul is an instrument expressing the condition of their soul, their light or lack of it. When a soul is of light and invokes the Laws of Prayer, that soul proliferates Light as a channel for God. As the soul grows, so the channel increases, so the possibilities multiply, so the power of prayer becomes more evident and is expressed more clearly.

Be prayerful, beloved souls. Be strong in prayer. Have faith in prayer. Be joyful in prayer, for it is your bridge to God. It is your heartfelt and soulful communication with your Creator. Know the power that you possess, beautiful souls, having a soul, knowing the Laws in which you were created, and how this knowledge and the expression of these Truths may bring many, many benefits, not only to you, but to all in your world.

I hope I have made myself clear and that you do not come to that place and thought formation that is expressed by a great discouragement in your perceptions of the conditions of this world, thinking that prayer cannot possibly change these conditions. I say to you, my friends, have faith and choose the power of prayer.

God bless you, beloveds. I am Matthew. May love is with you. God bless you.