Spirit: Mark
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Gibsons, BC
Date: January 4, 2019

Do you see how things are falling into place, that your purpose and efforts are not complicated and do not require a great deal of planning and discussing? The elements of serving God are simple: love, compassion, intention, humility. These are simple attributes that each and every human being may express in the world given their choice and desire to do so. When your souls are touched by the highest Love, the beautiful Essence of God, then you may add wisdom and soul faculties and perceptions into your efforts to serve humanity.

It is not complicated. It is not difficult. The complications and difficulties come when the mind is puffed up with ideas that reflect the needs and biases of the individual are expressed and there is an insistence of being correct and heard and acknowledged. That in this mindful ideal, there is a desire to have whatever it is they set their minds and eyes upon to reflect themselves and their perceptions, what they believe is real.

So, it is for you to understand and detect these conditions within another, to see that just because these individuals are insistent and feign the air of authority, that they are not necessarily correct. Instead, they may bring error, judgment, a desire for acknowledgment and often power. This is not God’s way. This is the way of humanity and this way unfortunately has brought much pain to this world, great disruption and imbalance to this world. So you, beloved souls, who know your soul and who know God’s Love for you, must exemplify who you are, the soul, the beautiful soul that you are. When you set this example, when you are true to the truths that you know, then you carry authority because you are aligned with truth.

This does not mean that you must insist that you carry truth, that you must insist on the acknowledgment, that those who you are speaking to must bow down to you. No. When truth is spoken in love and humility, those that may hear truth and have some capacity to acknowledge truth, will acknowledge you, that you carry something that is in the light and has meaning and purpose to that which you speak and do in the world. And yes, you are tested. Everyone is tested in your world, those who lack trust and have very little facility to understand truth, to perceive light, to perceive the integrity of an individual, and thus you are challenged.

But I tell you, beloved souls, that when you walk in the Light of God and you desire to be guided and you seek truth from your soul and express truth that is predicated upon the wisdom of your soul, many will hear your words, many will feel trust and openness towards you. Those whose reaction is not such, but rather are angered by your words and reactive, you know that they are interacting with their minds. That their desire is not of the soul but of the mind and that often they carry error and darkness. But rather than judge them, my beloveds, you must have compassion. Rather than react and respond with defensiveness, confusion, hurt, respond with love. Pray for that individual.

When you can comport yourself with a certain level of detachment and peace about you, who can hurt you, beloveds? Do these stings and barbs truly touch you? No. When you are centered within your souls and you walk with God and you have deep faith, the strength of a soul in light, you may only speak with love, truth, and compassion. Those things that surround you, so much that is made of the world, cannot reach your tender and gentle soul for you are enshrouded in Light and you see with the eyes of your soul your brothers and sisters who are in pain, confusion, and who wish to lash out in this condition. A condition that is mostly born of fear and ignorance and lack of understanding of their true self. When you respond in love, when you are composed and detached from the vitriol that may be expressed toward you, there is a great strength, even though the individual who is projecting such negativity towards you may not understand why you are composed in this way. Those who watch, those who witness will surely see who is strong and who is weak.

It is your responsibility, beloved souls, given you are in these situations where you are attacked, to remain composed and centered in God. This is the only way, beloveds, that you can truly be an example of light and love in the world in this circumstance. There will be tests of this nature always in your world as this world is made up of so many who are angry and lost and in darkness, who wish to control through anger. But if you cannot be touched by these flames and feel nothing but compassion, they have no power over you. They cannot sway the crowd. They become weak and impotent. This is a great lesson, beloveds, a lesson that each of you must learn and express in your life. Yes, there is always some part within you that is triggered and wishes to respond in like ways to that individual. A response that is learned so very early in life, that is so common over all cultures, but is of error and cannot be condoned.

Our beloved brother Jesus was pummeled and great anger forced upon him. He was dragged through the streets. He was humiliated and murdered. Did he shout back in anger? Did he respond with bitter accusations? Did he join his oppressors in the darkness that they proliferated? No, he forgave them. He gave them love even at the very end. He felt a deep connection with God through all of this and as such, he did not suffer as you might imagine. Instead, he released himself, his body, and gave his soul to God.

Could you go through something like this, beloved souls? Though it is unlikely you would ever experience something so harsh, it is a good example of the power of love within a soul, that Jesus walked in our world exemplifying this truth, the truth of the power of love.

So, you have dedicated yourselves to these ideals, to exemplify this truth as you see your elder brother do so in every situation that he encountered in his time. It is the power of love that will change this world, my beloved souls. It is the power of love that is changing you with each and every day. Acknowledge this. Acknowledge the beauty of your own soul. Acknowledge your relationship with your Creator. Acknowledge how in this beautiful and wondrous awakening of your soul, that only deep compassion and understanding can flow to even those who would revile you.

This is how you must be, beloveds. This will awaken a renewed light within this church, within the hearts of those who come because they will acknowledge the power of love within each and every one of you and will come to know the blessing of this love within themselves as you continue to teach and share this experience, to know the truth of how God loves them and loves all.

You are brave, my beloved souls. You continue to seek for the highest, to live your life that is often contrary to what others believe you should be and do. You do so because in your heart you know this is the way and the truth, that this is what is needed for you in your life and that you do have a deep desire to be an example of this truth, to share, to be a channel of love in the world.

Next time you are confronted by someone who is probably engulfed by anger which has its seeds in fear, who has deep pain within them and confusion and turmoil, stand tall and express love. That’s all you may do, my friends. That’s all anyone may do. In doing you present a powerful statement, an example, that truth is your friend and love is the impetus of your life and service is your desire to serve even them who push you away, to serve all without judgment, to be that beautiful, shining example of a soul redeemed in love.

You each have a bright light. Each of you has a soul that truly knows this and is connected to God forever more. You are blessed. You are loved. You are gifted with many things and many gifts. For those so blessed, what else can you feel but joy and the acknowledgment of the light that is your life?

Be those beacons of light, beloved souls. Always choose light. Always choose love. Never enter into a negative condition without an attempt to bring love, light, truth. God will always stand by you as will we. And the more that you can entertain the power of your soul rather than that of your mind, the closer we can come to help reinforce the condition of love and help to diffuse the darkness. Many resources are available to each one of you, not only within you but all around you. Use them, my beloveds, use them and understand that every experience in life is an opportunity to grow, to love, and to let go of your own condition that is not of love. It is a test and a gift. So, it will be always in your lives but above all God will bless you and carry you and protect you. May you know this always, with every breath, that you are loved and that that Love is endless.

Beloved souls, I thank you for your efforts to be in the light and to overcome the darkness, to serve God In these simple but profound ways, and to be a light always wherever you go, whoever you encounter.

God bless you, beloveds. I am Mark and I love you all, such beautiful souls, lights in God’s Heaven, flowers in His garden. God bless you. God bless you.