Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 16, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, it is your teacher Augustine coming to speak to you once again. It is the power of love that will change your world. There is a great need in your world to recognise the power of love. As you well know, there are many forms of love in the world that humanity has been blessed with, the capacity to love in their own way and means as they reach out to their children, as they reach out to one another, as they express themselves in the world. This love is an important element of bringing light to your world. Each of you need to acknowledge in this way the human love, this aspect of your soul, as it is important and must be acknowledged and purified in your intentions and expressions in life.

Yet, you continue to desire the highest Love of all, that of the Heavenly Father, that Divine Love that you feel and acknowledge as a powerful change agent within you. Overshadowing all other love within you and transforming all those human capacities to love into something higher and purer and more beautiful. So that all within you becomes a part of an expression of your hearts, of your minds, of your bodies, of your intentions through this gift of Divine Love that has within its powers to manifest the highest and purest expression of your being.

With this transformative and powerful aspect of God’s blessings towards you, His Essence infusing you, so you become the torch bearer of this Light, this expression, this new way of loving and being in the world and examples for others. You must consider with each day how you may encourage through your desires and thoughts and expressions this Love to infiltrate every part of your being and every part of your lives, awakening new ways of being and thinking and doing.

God lays before you a challenge: can you truly love with every moment of your lives? Can the power of this Love transform your life, your world, and make it into something new and pure and beautiful? This is what is needed in the world, beloved souls. Yes, the natural love of each soul is important and its expression has its power to bring change in the world and cannot be neglected. But the overriding power of Divine Love, that which transforms all, is the true force that will bring  great change to your world.

If only a fraction of humanity were to practice this Truth, to engage in receiving this Love and allowing this transformation to take place in their being, then oh, what a different world it would be! What great transformers you will all be, turning darkness into Light, turning error into Truth, expressing these things in powerful ways, teaching these Truths in clear and understandable ways so that humanity may see and know the difference between these two loves. That which they innately possess and that which they may possess through receiving this gift of Love from God.

It is that choice that is required at this time in your world: the knowledge of this choice, the decision for each soul to make this choice, and to respect those who are indeed engaged in this transformative process of awakening the soul. There is too much fear in your world, beloveds. There is too much error. There is too much personal desire to bring material gratification. These conditions that humanity has created are overwhelming the material world and bringing great disharmony.

How will this tide change? How will this needed change of direction be accomplished? It must start with each individual. It must start with your decision to follow the path of Love, to do so consciously, with integrity, with sensitivity, with awareness so that each moment presents its opportunities for you to grow so that Light builds within you and for Love to transform all of you. You are given a great gift here, beautiful souls that you are. You are strong. Though some of you may feel you are weak, that you have flaws and things that are not altogether of God within your thoughts and actions. Yes, you are human indeed. You are human. But the strength of your soul has led you to this place of Light, of Truth. You have come to God despite these aspects of yourself that are not in alignment with God.

So you begin the journey of healing, of forgiveness, of joy, of acknowledging the beautiful soul that you are. As you continue upon this process of awakening, of transformation, so you learn many things. So many blessings come to you. So much confronts you, yet the challenge is met with Love. The challenge will bring you to many opportunities to grow and strengthen yourselves and express this strength in clarity and light and love within your lives.

This, beloved souls, is what God beseeches you to do, this invitation given in Love so that you may make those choices each day, that you may come into the great Light of God’s Presence, His Love, His gifts, His bounteous gifts to your soul and to your being, that you may come with openness and gratitude and joy. In this way, you become the example of which I speak. You become that necessary teacher, healer, individual who has chosen the way that is in alignment with God rather than be within that quagmire of the human condition that unfortunately does not guide a soul towards Light.

Yes, there are aspects of your world, cultures, ideas, situations that do indeed bring light. I do not mean to denigrate all of humanity for this is not the case, that darkness is complete. Rather, because humanity has the gift of free will, their choices are mixed, some of darkness and some of light. Often because they lack the spiritual maturity and perception and understanding of these things of God so this grayness, this mixing of dark and light continues in your world with so many.

Here you understand and realise the way to expunge the darkness from your being and your decisions and your actions so to bring purity and light to all that you are. The way is not difficult. It is not complicated. It is direct and simple. It is for you to choose each moment what you might do to bring greater light to yourselves, how you may act, the thoughts that you have, those words that you express, those actions that you take.

It is simple, beloved souls. But, I know, because of the conditions of your world and the energetic influences, the thought conditions that exist in your world, this decision becomes blurred and complicated in your mind. Within your soul, however, the decision is clear, the actions are clear. So you must come to your souls, beloveds, with all earnestness, with all effort to come to understand your souls, to yearn for this understanding, this clarity, that this might be the primary thought that you carry with you at all times.

Father, show me the power of my own soul and show me the power of your Love within it. Help me to understand this true part of myself. Help me to see beyond my mindful biases to that place of pure truth, that place of acknowledgment of who and what I am”. With this sincere prayer coupled with a desire to receive God’s great blessing of His Love, clarity will come. I assure you, beloved souls, clarity will come and come in a bounteous wave of understanding, of knowing, of truly seeing. This will bring a deep wave of joy within you, an acknowledgment of your soul that God has responded to your soul’s desire to be with Him.

All will come together in a powerful, transformative flow of Truth and Love and peace. These times of anxiousness, these times of frustration, these times of yearning and yet feeling that you have not been heard by God will dissipate in the great Touch, the deep blessing of God’s Hand upon you. Then, when you have clearly found your way to God, when you have an understanding that is both clear and unambiguous of this Truth, you will be empowered to teach others the way to God. You will have great compassion and understanding of the struggles that each soul has in this attempt to reach higher in the Light of God’s Truth.

Each of you has a great potential to help motivate the world to bring change and to work with God to bring this change. It is within you, each of you. As I speak these words, your souls are stirring with an excitement, a desire to fulfill a task that God has put within you and awaits your discovery. May you continue to ride the wave of Love that God has placed before you, to be in that great and wondrous flow of His gift to each of you and to all of humanity. Given so you may overcome those conditions that are not of love, given so that you may be transformed from this human capacity of love to something greater and more beautiful. Given because God has great Love for each one of you, that God created your souls so that they may be fulfilled in His purpose, in His desire to see His most beautiful creations come alive and be transformed and be realised in the great Truth and power of His Love.

May you consider each day an opportunity to move forward, to progress in your souls, to come to understand the wonderment of Love and come to express your great capacities for love.

God bless you, beloved children, and thank you for listening to my talk today for you have prayed for guidance and instruction and so I give to you what I have to share in my wisdom and truth. God bless you, beloved souls. I am Augustine, once the Bishop of Hippo while on Earth and now I reside within the Celestial Kingdom, a soul transformed in Love, a soul awakened by God. God bless you. My love is with you, beloved souls. My love is with you. God bless you.