Spirit: Professor Salyards
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 19, 2022
Location: Monroeville, PA.

You are certainly loved, dear brother (Bill), as are all of you here. The momentum builds and we continue to do our part in helping to build that momentum and to open up doors that will bear fruit, will create opportunities, will allow God to work through each of you and through many more who are a part of this great flow and effort to bring the Love of God into the minds and hearts of humanity.

As you can see, there is a flow and a rhythm to these efforts. When one program is introduced and one individual becomes affiliated with LightBringers and finds that there is a supportive and open atmosphere in which they may work with you and you may work with them, then that reputation will spread and there will be many more doors opening. You speak of the year to come and I say to you that there is much coming, that indeed the time for a somewhat casual approach to the efforts that you are making is requiring more focus and time. You will find yourselves interested and engaged and excited and joyful with the prospects of what may be coming and what others may propose as their contribution and effort in this beautiful Lattice of Light and effort that is LightBringers.

May you walk with an open mind and pray that God may utilize your gifts and efforts either individually or collectively to help awaken humanity for it awakening that is required and necessary at this time. How can one be awakened if one does not know the path to awakening? You must teach the power of the soul, the beauty of the soul, the potential of the soul and how these things are awakened by the gift of God’s Love. Indeed these things need to be repeated over and over again to individuals for it is hard for them to comprehend, to absorb and to act upon this simple truth without the reinforcement, without your dedications to uphold this truth and teach it wherever you may in whatever way is suitable for the circumstances. A good teacher is always able to be flexible and bend towards the needs of their students. A shining example of God’s Love is one who attends the needs of others in loving and respectful ways. There are many who are in need, many who are curious, many who may challenge but do so because they wish to know more and to feel comfortable with this newfound wisdom. May you find the words required, may you be inspired by God in your actions, your deeds, your efforts.

Any and all of these organizations and structures which are reliant on God’s guidance and blessings is merely an instrument of God, a way in which God may bring truth and blessings to humanity. It is not so much your great effort to build the momentum as it is your willingness to be guided by God daily and to allow your understanding and the inspiration that comes in your prayers, your desires to serve that will help open the doors that will bring this awakening, this experience to others, and for you to uphold and support your brothers and sisters who also wish to serve in this way. It is a simple structure, my beloved friends, it is a wonderful opportunity, a wonderful gift from God.

As you continue to flow with this great momentum that is building, so your hearts will expand with joy, your minds will be intrigued and inspired and expand in thought and imagination and desire to serve in creative ways, to express yourselves in ways that as you call it “stretch the envelope” that within your souls will be a knowing and a surety, that deep faith that as you step forward in these many ways you are doing God’s work. One step will lead to another which will lead to another. Before you know it, there will be many steps and you will look back and think, oh, how I have served God, how I have fulfilled this mandate that is given, how my soul has brought me to a place that I could not imagine to be. These things come as life unfolds in harmony with God’s Will, in the flow of His desire to bring all His children closer to Him, to bring their souls in alignment with Him, to bring greater harmony to the world through His children. It comes step by step and flows within that great river of love, of wisdom, of light.

I thank you for the efforts you have made thus far and I wish to encourage you further. I am here to support you, your Professor Salyards is here always to support and hopefully guide as you continue to uphold one another in this beautiful venture of love. God bless you, my friends, God bless you and I will be with you all shortly as you gather in your Circles of Light and I will speak if there is an opportunity to do so. I thank you all for your loving openness, your beautiful souls, your faith and dedication to God and His Love. God bless you and keep you in light, blessed, beautiful friends. God bless you.