Spirit: Michael Collier
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 4, 2020
Location: Gibson, BC

Greetings from the other side of the veil. I am Michael Collier and I have not spoken to you for some time, but my dear sister’s prayers have brought me into your Circle. I am happy to speak to you today on spiritual matters.

As you all know, the world is changing and shifting. Attitudes are changing. Ways of going about business are changing. Many things that were taken for granted and common in your daily life are now an exception rather than the rule. This has given you a great opening for a quieter life, a life that accommodates more prayer and a desire to serve in prayer, to serve in love, to be a channel of light in the world.

You do not need to be present with many individuals to be a servant of God. Prayer is a powerful vehicle for service. When you think of another in love and ask God to bless them in prayer, so you are making a deep connection soul to soul with that individual or group of individuals. You come into a special frame of mind and presence in the world through this open doorway of prayer. As you walk through the threshold and look heavenward, asking God to bless those you love and those who are in need, to bless the world that is in great need, so you activate the Laws and bring a response from God.

This also brings an impetus to our work as the angels of God. It allows us easier passage to your world. It allows us through your instrumentality to reach out to many other souls whether you do so in this Circle of Light or whether you do so individually during your day. Remember that every prayer you put forth that is an honest and sincere prayer for the benefit of another, you are utilising this Law, the Law of Activation. You are being an instrument of God in this way, a channel for God to come closer to your world.

You see, so many souls in your world are very distant from God. The thoughts of God are not cultivated or accepted. It is a very precarious state of mind, is it not, when one’s soul whose nature is to be with God does not have the avenue to do so because the mind has resolved to not reach God because the belief of the mind rejects God.

Yet, when you pray and have thoughts of compassion and comfort towards your brothers and sisters, you help to clear that barrier between them and God. You help to ignite a certain power within the soul of the individual to reach forth into the consciousness of that individual and to try to influence the mind of that individual towards spiritual matters and towards God. You do a great service in the world, my friends, when you pray for another, when you understand the dynamics and the mechanisms by which God may work in the world.

There are those who believe that God is controlling everything in the world, that God is powerful, all powerful, and is manipulating all the events of the world towards His plans and ends in regards to each individual. This is not true, my friends. God has allowed free will to reign in your world when it comes to His most precious Creations, that of humanity. As such, He cannot intervene directly in a way that would contravene the Law of Free Will. But God still works in the world in subtle ways reaching out in Light and comfort and Love to many souls.

So many do not realise that God is working to bring an opening to the consciousness of each individual. God uses each one of you to assist in this process. This subtle influence that goes out to humanity is an invitation to walk with God, to be with God. Of course, each individual must choose to do so. If they but make an overt and conscious effort to be with God in prayer, to think of God, to ask for a blessing, they allow the alignment between their soul and God. They have made the effort to open that door. They have chosen to seek the blessings of God, the assistance of God in their lives.

This you must teach, my friends. You must teach and indicate to each individual that there is a choice, that if they but overcome their biases and prejudices and fears and try to reach out to God, then there will be a response, one often that is unanticipated or imagined, but nonetheless, a response will come. That individual will come to realise that there are many things in their world that are not well-known by them but are possible in the reflection of their lives, in the blessing towards their lives, and the lives of their loved ones.

It is so unfortunate that the lines of organised religion, the expectations, the guilt, the error has caused such damage to the psyche of humanity that they do not wish to engage in what is, in essence, a spiritual pursuit. So, you, beloved and beautiful friends, are very blessed indeed. You have put aside dogma to a great extent and you have come to God in simple prayer. In this, you are the example to behold by others. You are pure in your hearts and simple in your understanding of the ways of God.

If the whole world were to take up this mantle of simple, honest prayer to God without cluttering this prayer with ideas and dogmas, of fear and guilt, but pure prayer to elicit the response of God towards their soul, how different your world would be. How all these many dilemmas that you face, these overwhelming conditions and problems, pain and turmoil, the human condition, would indeed dissipate and in time disappear. Yet, so many do not see these possibilities, do not understand their own power to elicit the Divine response and to be a channel for God bringing Love, wisdom and healing to your world.

So, I beseech you my friends, to pray for your brothers and sisters. Pray for those you love. Pray for those you know are suffering. Pray for the world for there is so much that can be done through prayer. So many doors that will indeed open or at least the invitation for another to do so is given in love and a desire for the whole world to lay down their fears, to lay down their anxieties, the anger, the confusion, to put these at the feet of God and say “I am tired of carrying these burdens. May I be released from these dark conditions, blessed by your Love, healed by your Love, awakened by your Love”. This is possible for every soul but indeed because of the nature of your world and the conditions of your world, it requires that brave souls may go forth and speak of this Truth, this invitation from God to awaken to Light, awaken to Love, awaken to all the inner potentials of the soul.

May you bring forth this invitation as God’s emissaries of Truth and Light. Each time you do so, I assure you my friends that you will have an angel by your side and God’s Hand firmly upon you. For this work is the most needed work of all at this time in your world, to speak of God, to elicit God’s blessings, to be an instrument for God to reach out to the many, many millions of souls who are in turmoil, confusion, and are so very worried for their well-being.

I know it is and seems to be a very daunting task to walk in a world that often turns its face away from God, to try and turn their gaze towards God. It is challenging indeed. But as I say, you will be given the strength, the inspiration, the power, the flow and beautiful expression of Love that is truly within your souls reaching out to another soul. Pray to be used as God’s instruments of Truth and Love and you will find opportunities will come your way. Possibilities will be realised for you to speak, to heal, to give in love and compassion to your brothers and sisters.

Much awaits you, my friends. God awaits every moment that you sit with intention and prayer for your brothers and sisters and of course, for your own souls. May you indeed utilise this time to grow in God’s Love, to be a channel of God’s Love, to work with your angel friends to help influence the world towards Light and change and harmony.

God bless you, my friends. I am Michael Collier and I thank you for listening to me today, to speak of these matters that are so important, to help to inspire you to greater heights and depths and expressions and the wonderment that is this Path Divine that leads to the at-onement with God. God bless you, my friends, and thank you.