Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 24, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Friends, this is Seretta Kem. I wish to add to my message of the other night to clear up any confusion others may have regarding this conversation. I was stressing the possibility of the power of God’s Love combined with the power of prayer to bring about miraculous healings and to bring about great protection to each of you. This does not mean if you put yourselves in harm’s way that you would be protected from every possibility, every danger within the realms of the physical world. Merely, that it is an added protection from your continued vigilance to be safe in the world.

Common sense, as you call it, plays an important part of your lives. One must comply to the physical laws of your world. Though, in exceptional cases, even these laws may be contravened by we in spirit. But I’m suggesting that one may not test this possibility. Rather, it is, at times, what may come about in extreme cases requiring protection to bring about your safety, to bring peace of mind to you.

Though, the power of God’s Love, when sufficiently present within your soul, may accomplish many things that contravene the laws of the physical world. Many of you are not sufficiently advanced and progressed within the flow of this Love to qualify for this contradiction of laws. The Law of Divine Love is the greatest law. It is the most powerful law and all else is subordinate to it. Yet, one cannot view this as an absolute in your lives because you are engaged in a process that continues to strengthen the Presence of God’s Love within and slowly has its effects upon all aspects of yourself and your life.

All of you are upon a path of progression, but not equally so. Some have great light. Others are striving for light. Some have a clear understanding of truth. Others carry with them concepts and ideas of the mind that are not in alignment with the Truths of God’s Love. You are all different, beloved souls.

I urge you not to take my statements as a blanket statement in regards to your own personal life, merely to encourage you to strive ever further towards the redemption of the soul. In this case, many things are possible. Protection is great. Immunity from disease is also possible. But none whom I know in this world have accomplished the full redemption of the soul through receiving God’s Love.

Would it not be a remarkable world if all were indeed within this category of beings, angels who walk the Earth? How different the world would be. Yes, disease would not be present nor disharmony nor danger. All would be in harmony and the flow of God’s Will. This is the goal, is it not? This is the shining light which we all aspire towards to help bring humanity to that place. Yes, there is a great distance to go in this regard.

But, each of you are striving towards this light, this goal of complete harmony within the soul, complete understanding and unification with God. All these things are possible in your world but I am not suggesting that you may make this quantum leap from the condition of your own soul to that of a Divine Angel by the mere edict which I proclaimed. No, as you well know, my beloved souls, you must strive towards this. You must make great effort to come to this place. You will in time. Be assured, you will in time, beloved souls.

But at present, you are all subject to the laws of the material world. You are also beneficiaries of the blessings of God and the blessings of your angel friends. In this way, we wish to assure you and comfort you with this fact that you are benefitting and protected by the power of God’s Love within your soul , that these benefits will serve you well in times to come, will open many experiences and guide you away from those things that are not in alignment with God’s Will.

So, I say to you again, there is nothing to fear for those who have great faith, there is on joy and confidence that God’s Hand rest upon you all. You will be guided and protected. This is our promise. This is God’s promise to you all. This does not mean that you will avoid every circumstance and situation that may cause some pain or some struggle or situation that is unpleasant. The power of the conditions of your world are such that you cannot avoid every circumstance that may lead to a portion of suffering or consequence. But even in the midst of these consequences and difficulties, the joy of your soul may override the discomfort and the pain and the fear. The joy of your soul is your anchor to God.

It is important that you continue to establish this communication between mind and soul, this conscious knowing that continues to build within your soul that must flourish within your mind. In this way, the alignment between the two will inform many of your actions and will bring about the wisdom and protection needed in order to avoid circumstances that are not in harmony.

I know we ask much of you, beloved souls. I know that in your world such things, such understanding, such conditions of light and truth and love are difficult to come by, require a great deal of effort on your behalf in order to accomplish harmony. For all conditions in your world seem to conspire against such things. Yet, you can persist and you will continue to persist in your ways towards light. You are all feeling the benefits of your efforts.

Those of us in the Celestial Kingdom are making great effort to assist you at this time. God is pouring His blessings of Love upon you all. So I say to you, do not fear but be wise in your actions. Do not be reckless. Do not test God in ways that may bring about a consequence that is undesirable. Yet, faith and hope, compassion and love, wisdom and strength continue to build within your souls and within your consciousness. These things, provided you are open and willing to listen, will inform your daily life and bring to you great blessings and joy, comfort, truth, and love.

Continue on your way, beloved souls. Know that you are being protected and guided, that love will indeed inform your life that continues to grow and bring greater light to you. May you see this. In these times of quietness and contemplation, of simplicity, may you come to God often, may you think of God often, may you think of your own relationship with God as many times in the day as you can. For these thoughts and prayers and yearnings of your soul will bring the greatest blessings, the greatest protection, the greatest peace. God does not withhold anything from you, beloved souls. God continues to seek to bring you into at-onement, to bring you into light and harmony, to bring you well-being and joy. All gifts from God are available to you, beloved souls. As your souls grow in their potential and light and gifts, so you will see the manifestation and the power of God’s Love within you and about you.

God bless you, beloveds. I am your friend, Seretta Kem. I am with you all. Many of us continue to administer to you all. We are with you in your prayers. We are by your side during your day. You are never alone, beloveds. God sends His angels to be with you and so you are in light. May God bless you, beloveds. Seretta Kem loves you. God bless you.