Spirit: St. Francis of Assisi
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 1, 2022
Location: Gibsons, B.C,

God bless you my friends, I am one of your friends from the Celestial Heavens. I am Francis, and I come to pray with you, as I do often but I do not speak often. For there are many others who fulfill this task. Yet we all come together in this Circle of Light to pray, to seek to do God’s Will and bidding in the material world. 

Each of us seek to be utilized by God, to bring comfort and healing, to uplift and inspire, to bring our love to this world of yours, a world  so in need of love. I am especially happy when you pray for this world and all the creatures within in it. I have a deep connection with God’s creatures and creations. I have always had this, and I pray often for the upliftment and harmony that is needed to bring this world back to balance and light.

It rests with the peoples of the world to do this task, to make those choices required to bring greater harmony to the world, and to have great respect and love for all of God’s creatures. In order to see the world from this perspective, it is important that you awaken in the way that God has made possible through the blessing of His gift of Love. It is the faculties of the soul and the empathy that comes, the love which comes with the soul infilled with the Father’s Love that will make possible the opportunities and expressions through each one of you to help change the consciousness of humanity.

God awakens you. God awakens you with Love, and He shows how much you are loved. He embraces you and nurtures you. His Loving Hand rests upon each one of you. So few in your world truly are receptive to God’s caring, nurturing Spirit, His Love to embrace each soul. You have come to realise this great gift and all the light and love that comes with it, my beloved friends .

May you beam forth in light and love in the world. Each of you is a powerhouse and an agent of change for the world. For God utilizes every part that is possible to be used as His channels and instruments to bring greater light into the world.  As you grow in love so those aspects and gifts within you that you carry, this love that grows, will open and widen and deepen, and as such, you become a formidable channel of love and light in the world.

So we gather about you, all the Celestial Angels, who deeply cherish each of you and deeply love all upon the world, all souls of God‘s creation. We come to pray with you, to be with you in this light. The blessings of God flowing forth through the portals, avenues of his Holy Spirit, and all that is of His Creation designed to convey His Blessings to His children. We are with you at this sacred time, and we will always be so. For you open the door and you make possible the way because you understand and know the truth, and you pray that the truth may be manifest in the world. 

What a gift you give to your brothers and sisters. What gift you give to all those who are connected to you and thosewho are  a part of these groups. Each one is bonded soul to soul.  Even though there may be a few of you together in these Circles of Light, there are many, many souls who benefit from your prayers and your efforts, and I urge you to carry on, my beloved friends, carry on with your prayers and gatherings, creating a powerful channel of light that God may touch many souls within these moments of prayer.

Beloved, beloved beautiful children of God, we are with you. Our love is with you. We add our desires and longings to your desires and longings to help awaken the world. So God will awaken all in time. My beloveds, you are the forerunners to the openings and awakenings to come.

May God bless you deeply, my friends. May God’s love be the primary force in your life, the activating agent in your soul, the light that you carrry, the instrumentality that is yours and yours alone, unique and beautiful. 

Beloved souls, my love is with you. God’s love is with you. Drink deep these living waters and know how much you are loved, how truly you are loved. The highest of all the loves, the greatest of all gifts, given to you freely and abundently. Drink deep, my friends, and be in the Grace of God for these moments together. God bless you. I am Francis, and I pray with you, beloved souls. God bless you.