Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 14, 2022
Location: Cultus Lake

I am Orion. You have a great need to develop discernment.  To truly know the truth as you encounter many upon your world. For there are many who carry fragments of truth, conditions of love and are of light. Yet indeed, it is for each of you to travel the world connecting with these many individuals and to help weave together this beautiful tapestry of light which is the fabric that will help lighten the world. As you go, it is important that you see clearly between that which is a distortion of truth and that which is a truth. For if you carry the truth with you, then you have a great power within you to help shape the new world that is coming. Yet, if you casually encounter many but cannot truly see between these two elements of their beliefs and what they present to the world, then the power of your capacity to help stitch together this beautiful fabric is lost. With discernment you can help direct the individual’s thoughts and ideas toward greater truth, a refinement of truth so that they will feel that they are contributing but also that they are learning. When you say nothing and avoid what you might consider a confrontation with the other, then an opportunity slips by that may have become very fruitful indeed. For when you speak truth clearly and sincerely, without correcting another, without blaming another for the inaccuracies of their perception but doing so in love and acknowledgement and appreciation for that individual, then you help to raise up that individual a little more as they continue upon their journey of light. 

Of course, by giving the key to all that is of truth by explaining how one may receive the great love, the Essence of God, then that seed is the most powerful seed you can plant, the most beautiful gift you can give to another individual. Yet, discernment is an important thing, especially for the three of you who are indeed engaged in the world in very many ways.

 So many take an individual at face value and along with this perception, they also project many things upon them and many desires that they may be of truth and of light and of all things good. Yet as you well know, each mortal upon the Earth is filled with many things that are both good and not good, both light and dark, both love and pain. This is the way of your world and you experience this over and over again. To truly see that individual for who they are is not to open the doors of judgement but to open the doors of compassion and true insight so that when you are engaged with that individual, you may discern various avenues by which you may uplift and uphold that individual in truth. This is part of your work and a crucial part of your work, each one of you. 

At times, silence is indeed golden but there are times when truth is to be spoken. Discerning between those two opportunities is also an important factor in your daily life and activities. When you follow your guidance, often insights come as to the true nature or reality of that individual, and indeed, that is a gift given to you, outpourings of truth, so to speak, regarding that individual. Listen carefully, beloved souls, listen to the song of your heart so the flowing of truth that comes to you within your soul, and always keep that door open so that within your conscious self you may be aware of these things and walk in the light of these great truths that are given and flow readily from God.

Each of you will be greatly challenged in the future, as many flock to you seeking relief from their pain, seeking truth and yet harboring suspicion and fear that indeed you are misleading them. It requires strength and discernment to step forward and to walk in truth and compassion, not judgment, not an inclination within you to withdraw but to step forward in light and love. For this is the way of truth. This is the way of being an instrument for God, a channel for His Love and truth in the world. Cultivate compassion within yourself, towards yourself and towards all of humanity. Replace fear and judgement and all things of the mind that are not of love and compassion, with compassion. It is a great challenge indeed, for you are still human. 

You carry so much that is human and yet, you are learning to be God’s instruments in the world, channels of love in the world, to carry the torch of truth into the world, and this is not a way to gain popularity and acknowledgement. For often, truth stings for those who carry that which is not of truth as it is a great challenge to them. And for those who carry the truth but do so with compassion, that sting is not so great and they too feel love and acknowledgement. 

When you see clearly with the eyes of your soul and know deeply with the wisdom of your soul and express yourself clearly and beautifully with the love within your soul, who can point a finger at you other than that which is a reflection of their own condition and say, “You have wronged me or hurt me.”?  Indeed you have not. You have given them a gift. You have shown them the way toward their own personal salvation and healing and joy. This is your work, beloveds, to show the way. Whatever circumstance that God puts before you, to open that door, to give love and truth in whatever way that is appropriate and harmonious. 

Indeed, as you grow in love, as your soul continues to awaken, as your perceptions are honed and refined, as you come to know what is within you, these wondrous gifts, so you must express them and work to express them. Yet, as these newfound abilities and capacities emerge within you, it is not possible for you to express them perfectly in the beginning. You must exercise them, test the waters, so to speak, be more fully in alignment as you utilise that which God has given you to truly be expressed and be that beautiful soul that you are, unique and glorious in all its capacities and expressions. Be love. Be truth. Be compassion and be humble. These are the ways in which a true teacher of truth express themselves, comporting themselves in light, being in the grace of God, the truth of God, the beauty of God expressed through them. 

My  beloved friends, you embark upon a great journey, a journey of service, a journey to serve God and to serve your brothers and sisters in this world, and you will be called upon over and over again to be God’s instruments. Be sure of yourselves, not hesitant but with confidence. May you step forward and be in the grace of God so that as you step, you step gently, and as you speak, you speak truly, and as you embrace, you embrace with love. In this way, you do God’s work and know the joy. For they are truly joyful things. To be purposeful in this way is the highest of gifts. To be a channel of love is the purest of healing and grace that may be bestowed upon another through your instrumentality. Walk in peace, beloveds. Walk in grace. Walk in joy and as you continue to align yourself with the truth of the Divine Essence, a great blessing of God. You will express and know these things of which I speak today and they will be magnificent and beautiful in all their dimensions and capacities of expression. 

God bless you, my friends. I am Orion and I come today to speak to you in support of all that you do and all that you are, beloved souls, initiators of truth and light in the world. So it shall be and shall continue to grow as you grow in God’s Love. Blessings to you, my friends. Blessings to your world, blessings to all who seek the truth. My love is with you. My commitment to be with you continues on the journey together seeking the healing of this world and all within it God bless you.