Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 13, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

I am Josephus. I continue to serve you with the possibility of elucidating upon your questions and wonderments of life regarding the awakening of your soul, the blessing of your awakened perceptions of life, the gift of life, the gift of God’s Creation and I know that there are many things that you may contemplate and wonder about. I am hopeful that I may help you in these wonderments. So I am here and so you are with us in your questions. Please proceed, beloved souls.

Q. If a mortal soul is awakened to the extent of being fully transformed by God’s Love, what impact does that have on mortals functioning in the physical and material realm?

J. The transformation of the soul through God’s Love and what has been called the redemption of the soul and transformation that comes with adequate inflowing of God’s Love within, changing the perceptions of the individual, their capacity to express their gifts, their beings does not change your mindful abilities to move in the material world. What it does do is bring all into balance so that the focus is not necessarily upon the material, but that focus comes to a higher level of thought and action and doing. It does not incapacitate the individual in their abilities to function in the material world, but merely adds more dimensions and intensity to the experience of life. There is greater wisdom and there is a greater ability to perceive not only the material and static world that is not static at all but moving and flowing in the grace and wonderment of God’s Creation, also in your interactions with your brothers and sisters, your children, all who are in your life.

You are more able to love, to respond in love, to respond to the challenges of life with wisdom and with acceptance and grace that allows you to bring love into all that you do, to make your life, every moment, a dedication of love to God so that all things bring joy, all things are a gift, all things allow you to learn and grow and come more into at-onement with God. So there is nothing taken away in this awakening of the soul, of being close to God in this way, of letting go the impediments and the burdens that are inevitable in life. With this comes the capacity to ward off the dark conditions of the human condition and to move in life in greater harmony with greater joy, with deeper perception. When a problem comes, a challenge is presented, it is far easier to deal with this problem, to accept a challenge and to feel the joy and love that comes with each moment of life.

Yes, it is true that when you are in greater Light, the negative forces of this world will challenge you. But you are strong in Light when one is at that point of the full release of all conditions that are not in harmony with God’s Laws of Love. It does not seem difficult anymore. Your emotions are in harmony; there is no anger or resentment or confusion or even grief. These things of the mind do not exist in this state of a fully redeemed soul. This is God’s promise to each of you as you continue to work towards the redemption of your soul, as you pray and ask God to bless you in this way. As this Love continues to work within you, so these elements that are not in harmony with Love are healed and removed and released and blessed and transformed.

But, to be a fully redeemed soul in your world, ahh,..what a beautiful thing to see. It is not easily accomplished, as you well can imagine, but it is possible, it has been done. Of course, your beloved brother and leader and master, Jesus, has been an example of this in your world. All he did was of Love. All he said was of Truth. All he was, was an expression of Love and Truth and God’s Will working through him. No matter what situation he came across, he approached it in Love. He allowed God’s Will to manifest through him. He spoke and taught, he healed and embraced all. His Light was felt; it was palpable. Yes, there were those who were resistant and angry in his presence for it challenged their dark souls and yet he persisted. He did not turn away from those who were in darkness; rather, he invited them to the Light, and some followed.

Some turned that corner and started to live a life that was in greater harmony with Love and Truth. Each of you are challenged in life at this time of your development, your journey of the soul, but I say to you it is possible to walk in the world as your brother Jesus did, provided you exercise your faith, your efforts in prayer, applying the Truth as it has been given, creating for yourselves a life that is in harmony with Love. But it is a difficult journey, for each moment is a choice to express yourselves in Light, to walk in the Truth, to be close to God in your soul and in your thoughts, in your demeanor and in your actions. As you come closer to this Truth, this way of being, so you will understand what it is to be in that place of harmony and Truth and Love. You inch towards this place with each day, making conscious choices, seeking out God in prayer, wanting to be a channel of Love and Light in your world.

It is a matter of degree, beloved souls, a matter of degree. You are more light than dark. You continue to slough off those things that are dark, not black and horrific. No beloveds, these are merely the vestiges of the human condition that continues to live within you, reflected by your patterns of thought, reflected by the hurts and pains that you carry within. These things you must take to God and ask God to heal these things within you,  ask God to strengthen you as you are challenged with the choice each day of light or dark, love or otherwise.

It is a dedication to life with God that will bring this redemption, this place of true and pure harmony with the Laws of God’s Love. It requires deep dedication, requires being awake to your own patterns of thought and action, of speech. It requires a willingness to change, to change in a deep and profound way. The motivation and impetus for this comes with the inflowing of God’s Love within your souls. As you tap into this resource of your soul in the flow of God’s Love and presence that is with you in your efforts and your struggles and your triumphs, then you slowly inch towards that time and condition where you are fully redeemed as a child of God in His Love, purified and healed, awakened and pure, imbued with great and deep insight and wisdom. The flow and embodiment of Love is truly who you are. These things, beloveds, challenge you each day, I know. You wish to be that being of Love. You wish to express that purity of Love.

You wish to be a child of God in every way and to show God how His Love has changed you with every thought, and every expression, every moment of your lives. Indeed, you continue to be a Light. You continue to be transformed. The power of His Love continues to work and infuse every part of your being, helping you to awaken, bringing to you the insights that you require to change and be that harmonious and beautiful soul that comes with Love. It is a noble aspiration, it is a powerful journey. It is a great gift, not only to yourselves but to the world, to seek to be that beautiful soul redeemed in God’s Love and it comes, ever so slowly. It infiltrates all these parts of you. It continues to awaken and elicit change within you. And there are adjustments as this change is manifest and there are efforts required so that this change may indeed be a reflexive part of who you are. It requires your efforts and conscious choice to be this way, the way of Love.

There is much that is needed for each one of you to be that child redeemed in God’s Love, but you continue to aspire towards this goal and you continue to express a difference, a shift, a light that is brighter. This brings great joy to God and to us as we observe you from afar, as we observe you close, and as we pray for your redemption and transformation of the soul.

May God bless you as you journey in this great and wondrous awakening and healing and expression that is truly of the soul. God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you. I am Josephus and I will leave you with this small talk about redemption. Thank you for asking, beloved daughter. I hope that you have received an answer that will inspire you forward in your great journey to God. God bless you all. God bless you.