Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 8, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

It is your teacher Augustine who has come again to speak. I wish to speak about the gift of mediumship; to give a small lesson on this subject, a subject that all of you are very interested in and desire to know more about. In truth, this gift of communicating with spirit is very common amongst mortals. It is not well understood nor is it well recognized in your world that is so materially focused. Yet, many have this gift in some way or another and are able to communicate with us through the faculties that are both within the mind and the soul. Yet, this possibility and blessing of communication is rarely acknowledged nor used in your world because the faculties of the material mind are revered and focused upon in many of your cultures. Materialism has made its mark upon every mind and every soul in this world. In this way, these grosser aspects of life have their way within the world and the refined gifts that each soul has as a potential within them but cannot find a way of expression or acknowledgement from that individual.

So, the world continues to be weighted down by the material consciousness that is so finely tuned and honed in the minds of humanity. Thus, the possibility of understanding these gifts and possibilities are lost and when these gifts are displayed, most do not believe or recognize its authenticity. For those who do display these gifts, in very, very many cases, the material mind influences what communication is given to such a high degree that much of the true information is lost in these communications. As you know, communicating with spirits that are of a somewhat lower order is easier for these individuals. This has, in some circles, become a common practice. Yet, what is conveyed in these communications is somewhat mundane, though has its place and is helpful to some.

There is a tendency to be fixated upon these sorts of communications. This is unfortunate, for there are higher teachings, great flows of truth that are available to humanity when they are asked for and those who listen are receptive to. Yet, there are very few instruments in the world who are able to sustain and accomplish these sorts of communications. When it comes to the Celestial angels able to communicate through an instrument such as this, it is very rare indeed, very rare. Yet, many of you here in this circle have experienced this very often. It becomes commonplace and a norm for you. And I say to you, you are greatly blessed to have such opportunities, greatly blessed indeed. Do you know what it takes to be able to accomplish such things? It is not an easy task. It is not accomplished with casual commitment nor with mindful desire. It is accomplished through a soul awakened to some degree to the Divine Love. For the Laws must be obeyed. The Laws of Communication and Rapport are exacting. You cannot underestimate how fortunate you are to be able to experience this form of communication with us, and we do not underestimate the value and importance of this channel that is created in the world.

We embark upon various efforts to take full advantage of these opportunities and we are guided by God in this respect, as are you. Though often you comment that few listen to what is being spoken, that even when great Truths are offered many do not believe or seek to discredit. This is the human condition that continues to work towards maintaining the darkness in your world. Yet, through this instrument and others, we have been able to bring forth great teachings of Truth. In this we are very pleased and we are focused upon further expressions of Truth through these instruments.

Indeed, none are perfect, none may bring all that we wish to convey for each instrument has limitations and that which may be expressed in clarity, while some other Truths may be obscured by their lack of mindful knowledge. This is understandable by you all and is not to be a concern, for we continue to work with and desire to develop other mediums, conveyers of Truth in your world. It is the act of expressing these messages of Truth that sustains the possibility of greater Truth to come. For when you support this in the ways that you do, then you ensure that the chain of communication continues in your world. This is a great blessing for you personally and for this world. So, beloved souls, it is your efforts and prayers, your desires and your presence that helps to sustain what is and will be a powerful and beautiful effort by God to awaken humanity to Truth.

You are all equal in this effort and the quality and intensity of these efforts are determined by your wishes, your prayers, your presence together. At this time the greatest intensity of Light on your planet is at this very spot. It is a blessing from God. It is a great gift from God. Recognize your own responsibilities in maintaining and honoring this gift, and that if this time together is successful, I will tell you that other times are coming where you will gather in this way and bring these blessings forth.

The power and gift of mediumship is just one small part of this great effort. There are many, many blessings pouring into your world through this channel that has been created here together. I wish you had the eyes to see, the soul ability to acknowledge and to recognize all the many complex layers of work, of effort, that is being expressed at this moment as you sit together and flows forth into the world, touching many souls. Yes, the words that will be spoken are important, but I tell you the deeper work is all that is being expressed through this nexus of Light to the world, bringing an effect, a change, uplifting and ameliorating the darkness in your world. This is very much the key to God’s Plan for the salvation of mankind. For those to gather together, creating a channel, a Portal of Light that will influence not just the immediate conditions but will flow forth and affect the surroundings in an expansive and powerful way in your world.

Yes, there is much work to do and often that work seems simple, even mundane, but I tell you, with a soul ignited with God’s love, with the inclusion of the Celestial angels and the Touch of God upon it all, you will be able to effect great change in the world through these efforts. There is much to do. There is a great plan afoot and each of you within your souls is well aware of this and has committed to this plan, not just in your time that you have discovered the Truth of God’s Love but has done so from the very beginning. Your souls have committed to this great effort and will come to understand more fully your place within this plan and your purpose in this world.

I know that you acknowledge and appreciate the gift of mediumship that makes possible my communications and those of the angels. This is a beautiful gift, but I tell you my friends, the possibilities and expressions of God’s work in this world go far deeper than this overt manifestation. Consider this, beloveds, consider that each day, each moment of each day holds the great potentials of being a channel of Light and Love, of healing and peace, of comfort and Truth for the world.

Though there are times when you must focus upon the material, I urge each of you to spend a good portion of your day and ask God to use you as a channel of Love, an instrument of change and of Truth. This is what the world needs, beloved souls. This is what God desires of each of you and this is what your souls have come to recognize. In this way the vistas will open, the understanding will increase. In your own way and your own capacity to know, these things will come and they will deepen and intensify, awakening many possibilities, awakening great love and joy within you, awakening your true selves so that you may truly know your Creator and truly know what God has created within you and all about you. No greater journey can there be but this, beloved souls, no deeper blessing than His Love. Awaken my beloveds, awaken and know that you are loved. God bless you. I am your teacher Augustine and my love is with you always. God bless you. God bless you deeply. Thank you for listening.