Spirit: Luke
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 17, 2019
Location: Ancient Gardens, Australia

God bless you, I am Luke. I have come to speak to you about the energetic conditions of the Earth plane and how these conditions affect you all. The world was created by God. God’s intentions created impulses and expressions, populated the Earth in a way that all was within a level of harmony and grace but not perfect. For within all of God’s Creations is the intention of change and evolution towards the greater goal of harmony. Then God placed upon the Earth humanity, giving humanity the great gift of free will and a soul. Something that no other creature upon your world has, an individualized soul.

Though there was consciousness within all that exists in this world, that great gift of soul was only given to His most beloved creations which are you and all of your brothers and sisters. God’s intentions were that this beautiful world with all its potentials and expressions of God’s Creation would become a sort of proving ground for His blessed soul-filled creatures. But because of the workings of free will, humanity made the decision to be independent from God, to walk alone.

Since that fateful day when that decision was made, humanity has continued to build and populate the atmosphere in which you live with energies and thoughts, feelings and expressions that are of the human condition which we now call it. Because there is no true understanding of God within the consciousness of humanity, but merely projections and interpretations of who and what God is, for those dear souls who desire to get back to God in relationship in that sense of cohabiting the world with God, there is a great deal of confusion and distortion and darkness. Because of this lack of understanding, true soulful wisdom, loving intentions, grace, expressions of Light are not the predominant expressions that come with the human race, so there is a great deal of distortion and difficulty and many expressions of unloving behaviour and conditions. This has built over many, many thousands of years, beloved souls. So with each generation, the conditions built become darker, more distorted, more a victim of the willfulness of humanity, and further away from the intended Grace that God had built and expressed in His Creation. 

Each of you emanates energy through your thoughts, your actions, your intentions and your emotions. You add to the atmosphere of your world. With that, a great many conditions that are built do not fit with the Laws of God’s Creation. Each of you travels in a world that is filled with a great many disparate energies, thoughts and conditions. If you are at all sensitive, beloved souls, you will feel those conditions. They will become quite evident. For many, they have become so numb and insensitive to these conditions that there is no sense of urgency or concern about the world in which they live. They live in accordance to the cause and effect of each moment feeling that they have no choice and that there is no choice within this world.

Apathy is the main ingredient of many people’s lives so that they accept and acquiesce to these conditions. In doing so, often they contribute to the dark conditions of the world. Yet each of you here, and there are many in the world who have made that choice to reach for Light and to be in the Light. In this choice God has sent His blessings to each of those souls who are yearning for Light. 

This is your challenge and your gift, that you have awakened from the ignorance and darkness of the world and have decided to choose Light and in that choice you are blessed. In that choice, God has drawn you together in these few days to bring wisdom and blessings and Light and reinforcement to your efforts. God wishes for all of you to be in the Light, to be strongly in the Light and will do whatever is required for you to be in the Light, provided you choose this and make efforts on your own behalf to be in the Light.

You have been taught that prayer is a powerful energy that will elicit blessings and Light upon you. Reaching to God in faith, trusting in God in faith, being aligned with God not only within your soul but within your mind, and praying for this great gift of Divine Love which expands and transforms the soul into greater and greater Light and wisdom and Truth.

God needs all of you who are willing to step into the Light to continue to utilize the Truth and knowledge that you have to transform your thinking, your doing, your own souls into generators of Light and Love. You cannot do it alone, beloved souls, but must do it together and with God. You are beginning to recognize the power of souls drawn together with the same intentions, the same desire. Utilizing the power of this collective thought and desire to bring God into your Circle, this Light so that the doors are open for God to bless you deeply.

In this deep blessing, comes greater desire, a willingness to go more into the Light, more with God, more with Love. So you empower this great momentum that will keep uplifting, transforming and enlightening with Love each of you. You may discuss many things, think many things, try to analyze and dissect the Truth. But I tell you that when you are in alignment with God and you go with this great force of Light that you have together generated with patience, you will receive all the answers to your questions. Your mind will be acquiesced in peace and knowing and joy.

You have discovered how to release that sense of apathy that is so predominant in your world and to be proactive in your lives, bringing Light and Truth and Love. We urge you forward, in the knowing that you are never alone, that God is always with you. Because of your desires, God has sent His angels to be with you as well, that you can rely upon these blessings, you can utilize this Light and this support and upliftment and you can walk in the world with the sure knowledge that you are protected and blessed.

Only if you within your minds and actions and emotions draw to you the negative, the darkness, and all the negative forces that are so rife upon your world, then we cannot protect you, because you have chosen that which is not of Light. Do not empower the darkness, beloveds, do not. Never enter into a negative condition without an attempt to purify that condition. This is the only stance that you must take. If you can make change and bring Light, then do so, but if that condition is so powerful and so powerfully reinforced by others it is unlikely that you can make that change. We encourage you to pray for whatever condition that you observe in the world. 

For prayer, as you have already acknowledged, is a powerful mechanism for change. It brings forth the blessings and power of God. This is your saving Grace, that God indeed responds to every prayer, that God will bring solutions. When you bring your problems to God there will be solutions. It may not be immediate, but you will see within a course of time that solutions will come, blessings will come, healing will come, peace will come.

Use this Truth, beloved souls. Pray that God puts within your soul the great inflowing and blessing of the Divine Love. As this Love expands and grows within you, you will become more adept at using the Truth and the tools that are offered to you to bring greater Light into your lives and into this world. When you are strong enough, God will use you in many wonderful ways to help uplift your brothers and sisters, to bring this Truth forward, to teach them through your knowledge and example and love.

This is a part of God’s plan for the salvation of humanity. For humanity sits upon the brink of great pain and destruction in your world. You see it all around you. You perceive how humanity has built such a powerful condition of darkness in your world that the world is suffering. The world is vulnerable. The world needs your strength, your Light, your Truth and you must respond. You must make whatever efforts you are able to bring Love and Truth and understanding to all those you meet. 

This is not an easy task as you well know. There are many who will turn away. But in your life, with this commitment and desire to serve God, to serve Light and to serve your brothers and sisters, you will have a life that is fulfilling and gratifying. A life that will bring greater Light to yourself, greater wisdom, greater understanding, and greater Love. 

There is much work to do, beloved souls, in this world. I am sure for many of you, you feel overwhelmed and possibly hopeless when you see how inharmonious and difficult is this world. But I tell you, with faith, the strength of Love and the power of God’s Touch upon you, you may do amazing things, wonderful things that will change this world for the better, that will bring forth your gifts, your purpose, these great potentials within your soul to be utilized in surprising ways, in wonderful ways, and often in humble ways and simple ways. With the power of Love imbued within your actions, imbued within your thoughts, imbued within everything that you are and everything that you express in your lives, you become a change agent in the world, one who is aligned with God and a channel for love in the world.

God will guide you thus, my friends. God will show you the way and God will always be with you. You can rely upon the strength and Love of God, the blessings of God, the guidance of God. All of this is forthcoming given your choice to walk the path of Love and Light.

May God bless you upon that journey, beloved souls, and keep you within His Light and protection and Love creating for you a wonderful flow of experience, of awakening, of joy, and Love. May God bless you. I am Luke. Thank you for drawing the Light into your midst and bringing your angels friends to speak, bringing God’s blessings upon you. God bless you, my friends. God bless you.