Spirit: Faith

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: December 14, 2015

God bless you, my beloveds, this is Faith and I love you.

Such beautiful souls who come together faithfully and come to drink from these living waters of God’s Love, who come to share themselves in this loving communion of God’s Touch upon each beautiful soul. How your bonds have grown, my beloveds, and how you have progressed in this way. And how surprising it is to some to realize that in being together in prayer,  can bring such comfort and peace, joy and fellowship. Beloveds, this is God’s Touch upon each one of you, bringing this peace, bringing this sense of belonging, being together in the Light of God’s Love. And this will grow, it will grow and you will feel a greater peace, greater Love, a stronger connection with one another and with God. For as the Love flows into your souls, so the barriers will evaporate, be no more, and you will truly be brothers and sisters in this loving flow of your soul opening to God’s deep and beautiful Touch.

Beloved souls, you embark upon a journey together, a journey of discovery, of knowing, of knowing yourselves, of knowing one another, of loving yourselves and loving one another. And this is God’s beautiful healing Touch upon you, to remove those barriers in order to bring a deeper sense of Love, affection, acceptance, peace, deep and abiding peace, my beloveds.

Many changes are coming in your world and many changes are being wrought within your own personal world as this Love, the great agent of change of the soul, brings about many shifts of understanding and awareness, of knowing and being, of loving and growing. Allow these transformative shifts to take place within you, do not resist, do not hold back from God, but give that which holds you back to God. And walk in this Light, in this purer way as you are able, my beloveds. For as you lay down your fears and resistance, as you lay down that which is judgmental and strong of will, and you become strengthened by Love, your journey will intensify, your understanding will come from that deep place within you, beloveds, that very deep place where you and God are together. And as you become more familiar with this place, this togetherness, this communion, you will take the steps within yourself, within your lives which God guides you to take, which will bring deep fulfillment, wondrous works of service. You will find your place within the plan of God’s salvation for mankind. And this is what you are being prepared for, this is why you are feeling this power, this peace, this shift within you You are being prepared. You are being transformed. You are being led upon that path which is unique for each one expressing your true selves, your wonderful gifts, bringing forward much that is now hidden within you.

Yes, you are coming forward, my beloveds, into a new way of being, a new expression, a renewed vigor of the soul, of the true you, coming alive, coming to the forefront of your consciousness, of who you are. You will radiate, radiate, my beloveds, such beauty and Love, joy and wisdom. You do so already. There are signs that this is emerging and becoming a part of you, that is revealed to the world and all its beauty and grace. Continue in your prayers, beloveds, your desires from the soul to receive this great essence of Love, to grow within, to know all of God’s blessings. It is coming, it is emerging, it is truly a part of you. And you cannot turn back, beloveds, but only move forward, move forward in Love. God bless you, I am Faith and I love you dearly, and I am with you often, beloveds. God bless you.