Spirit: Simon
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 24, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC, Canada

God does not intend for His instruments to suffer, so God will ensure that your needs are met. As you continue to do His Will, so the ways and means to do so will be manifest in your lives. There is always a tendency to be doubtful and fearful that such things will not be in place in your life, that in some way God will forget His promise to His instruments. This is not true. His promise is always fulfilled. Ways and means are always provided for His children. Though those ways and means by not be as you anticipate or expect, it still comes in harmony, often in humble but beautiful ways.

Living a life in faith is a challenge. Seeking to do God’s Will can be challenging at times. Yes, the resistance that you may encounter while doing so may be great. But provided you live in faith, walk in faith, and express yourselves as pure channels of God’s Love, nothing will harm you. There is nothing in this world that is more powerful than God’s Love and its expression through you. You are protected and you are provided for. Even in this material world, even given dire circumstances, you will be provided for.

Do not underestimate God’s Will nor the power of His angels to bring about circumstances that will open doors for each one of you. There is a colloquialism that you at times say, ‘thinking outside of the box’. Indeed the wisdom and creativity of your own soul will allow you to do so, to find ways that are not altogether usual, or common. Still, God will provide a way around any problem. As you have been told, God’s Will is like a river that flows and will find its way to its destination in time. Yes, you within the mortal frame often have doubts. Your mind continues to speculate and at times is fearful and skeptical. Your soul knows that the road that you walk is the road that God has laid before you, provided you are willing to listen to His guidance, it will be forthcoming. You will see the doors opening for you, the possibilities manifesting, the power of His Will continuing to orchestrate the light, bringing greater light, bringing greater truth, greater love.

Yes, you all have physical needs. Many of you decry the fact that you are not wealthy and carefree when it comes to the material concerns. Yet, the wealth you carry within your soul, the wealth that is your life, the light that is around you, is far greater than any man in this world who has great material wealth. Which do you choose, beloveds? What is your desire? What are your priorities? What is the extent of your commitment to God?

Another phrase in your vernacular is “to have your cake and eat it too”. Indeed, there is a part in every soul that wishes this to be true, that everything might be easy forthcoming, gratifying without struggle, without pain, without challenge but this is not the way of the conditions of your world. To be an instrument of God requires great strength, tenacity, fortitude, wisdom, and faith. To say, “I wish to be an instrument, a channel of love in the world and to follow your Will dear Father” is to say, I put over my will to your Will, dear God. I follow your Will over mine for your Will has wisdom, brings harmony, is far, far greater than my own.

This is humbling, I know, to walk in the world with humble footsteps, with trust in God above all else, to be His instruments. Calamities may fall upon you, and difficulties, and complex dilemmas may be your lot, but God will always find a way to guide you through these difficulties of life to a place of harmony.

If you are to truly be an example of a child redeemed in the Father’s Love, it does require some sacrifice, some letting go of this human condition, these human fears, these human obstacles that are created by the human condition. I know this is not easily done, that what is asked is not a simple request. But as you progress upon this path, awaken within your souls, receiving all the great blessings and touch from God, and the ministrations of the angels, it comes at a price. The price is to give up your will to God, to allow God to guide you with each day, to walk forward in faith. Even when the road that you walk and what to see ahead is challenging, to do so because this is truly the Will of God.

It is not easy, but the rewards are great. Even though the short time you may walk this Earth might be difficult and challenging, when your time comes to transition to our side of life, you will see that your efforts were not wasted, that your time given to God was precious, effective and of light that has benefited your soul greatly and benefitted many souls in many different ways. The mind continues to wish dominance, to rule your consciousness, to be the authority in your life. Yet, within your soul you know differently. You know that what the mind can conceive is a paltry shadow of what God knows and can convey to you in His guidance.

It is always your choice what you might listen to any given moment. Our desire and our recommendation is that you listen to God for that is the high road. That is the road to harmony. Though you may give up things that you feel are precious and important, in the end, what is most important is the salvation of your soul, to give way to that true desire within you to find your at-onement with God.

In this process, all else will fall into place harmoniously. There will be no doubts, no fearful cry that you will be abandoned, or that you will suffer. No, beloved souls, you will find your way to light and joy and that though your needs provided will be simple and humble, you will feel joy in this reception of the gifts that God has to give to you. You will find great harmony in this simplicity. You will know the bounty of the great Grace of God upon you and all within your life.

May God bless you, beloved souls. I am Simon. I hope that I have assuaged your fears, re-assured that all is well, and you will continue to progress forward upon this journey of service and love. Let go of your fears. Replace them with faith. Allow God’s Love to penetrate all parts of you and awaken the truth, harmony, and joy. God bless you. God bless you, beloveds.