Spirit: Mahatma Gandhi

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: April 5, 2016

God bless you and may God’s Love pour within you, dear and precious souls who inhabit this Earth. I am Mahatma Gandhi and you are surprised. I was drawn by your conversation about feeding the poor, for this is something dear to my heart, for how many poor and hungry souls live in my country and how I fought for those who hungered, who hungered in many ways. And I am now a resident of the Celestial Kingdom, another flower in God’s garden and it is my privilege to speak to you today, beloved souls.

Service, commitment, expressing your love in the world, focusing your efforts to bring Light and change in the world, this was my journey as well when I walked the Earth. And I started out as one man living a humble life, but with great ideals, and I became a person of great focus in the world. How did this happen? How did I become such a focus for so many? It is because I was clear upon my path, in my focus, in my determination to bring change, to right the wrongs, to bring justice and to bring harmony in the world. And I was a man like any other, not a saint, and I did have a firm belief in God, but not as clear an understanding of God’s Love as I do now.

Yet, when I found I was in a dilemma, a difficulty, to make a decision or to make an action in the world, I sat quietly and prayed and asked for inspiration, and I received inspiration many times in my life. And it is for you, precious souls, to understand these simple qualities that will bring you success in your venture to bring the Divine Love into this world, to have it more widely known. It requires dedication, it requires clarity and most of all it requires inspiration, for you must be open, open-minded, open with your soul, seeking a way to express these beautiful Truths where mankind can understand and relate and come close to this knowledge.

And you have a difficult task ahead of you, do you not? For many are disaffected. Many do not believe in God. Many are bitter and they hold on to their pain so tightly and they walk this Earth burdened, their spiritual starvation is far greater than any soul who has and knows God, but is hungry of the flesh. This spiritual starvation is rampant within the world. So you must prepare a feast for the starving soul, something appetizing, something they will feel drawn and hunger for. Everyone hungers for love, but many do not feel love – they do not feel love, they do not sense love in their lives, merely a shadow of love. And it is in your way of being a channel of Love, embracing many souls in acceptance and a firm connection that draws others to you, and each in your own way is gifted in this way of connecting and drawing and embracing your fellow man. Use your gifts, my friends, use your gifts. Be focused and dedicated upon your efforts, for it does require a great deal of focus, a passion, a desire to bring change, a spiritual awakening to humanity. And you are a part of this great effort to bring this awakening. You are part of it. And you must be clear and firm in this deep commitment and work for your Heavenly Father.

Be inspired. Be strong. Be joyful and be loving. It is in this true, clear and pure way of being in the world, that eyes will be drawn to you. Many souls will be drawn to you as they were to me, because I spoke Truth, a simple Truth, and I lived by example this Truth in every way that I felt I could do so. I lived by the Truth that we are all equal in the eyes of God, and as you know, we are all loved equally in the eyes of God. Do not judge another. Do not turn away from the beggar. Do not judge those and condemn those who do not share your values and beliefs, for underneath all of this is a soul yearning for love, just like you. And you must see the individual from these eyes, the eyes of compassion and love, this simple view of the world. And yes, there are many complexities to the human condition and pitfalls and negative conditions which you must traverse, but with great faith and trust in God’s Will and Guidance you will easily traverse these canyons and pitfalls in the world, and you will be inspired every step, you will be shown the way.

Beloved souls, I understand your struggles. I understand and it was never easy for me. It was always a struggle. Each day was a challenge, not only within my heart but within my life, for I had many others who wished to influence me and draw me into their schemes and their ideas as to what is right for the world, and I had to stay centered within myself, knowing my truth and living this with as much clarity as I could at the time. And this is what gave respect for me from others. This is how people accepted my council, because they saw within me a strength, a vision coupled with a deep love for those in this world and an empathy for the struggles of those in this world. Compassion is so important, compassion for those who struggle, compassion for those who are lost, compassion for those who hunger, both of the spirit and the flesh.

Yes, have great and deep compassion, and have compassion for yourselves, for you too struggle in your own way. And you must take good care and be in harmony with God, for it is in this way that all of your worries and cares will evaporate and the clear road will indeed be seen. And you will want, you will be compelled, to walk that road, that road that God has for each one of you.

A great work lies ahead for you, every bit as important and dynamic as what I was challenged with in my life. You must be prepared. You must put aside all those dilemmas and questions.  Resolve within yourself what you must do and be open to your guidance daily, for God will direct you. For a soul who is clear and strong and has a deep desire, as you do, to serve mankind, will be easily led upon the road. And you will walk with a special Light that others will be drawn to.

Do not falter my friends. The world is in deep crisis and has a great need for spiritual leaders who carry the lantern of Truth in the world. And you must see your future, your presence in this light. To these ends be dedicated, which requires sacrifice at times and to confront the difficulties which the world places before every soul who tries to make real change in the world. There are always those who will resist. There are always those who will put before you barriers, who will try and denigrate you. This is the way of the world. But each soul who steps forward to change these ways of darkness and negativity, this lack of love, will be given special dispensations from God, great power, spiritual power and ability and strength to move forward. For God wishes the world to change, for Light to come, for humanity to grow up and become the beautiful souls you are meant to be. And when you become that great Light that you are meant to become, and this is close, this is close, for you have grown much over the years, you will walk that path that will influence many in the world, inspire many and show many to God and to His Love.

Yes, the last skins are being shed, those things that hold you back. It is by no accident that you have come together in this time, this crucial time, to understand what lay before you, and what is required. You must be strong, strong in your heart, strong in your vision, strong in your bodies, for there is a great work awaiting. And how you get upon that path, what events will transpire to bring you into that place where others are focused upon you, is of no consequence at this moment, merely that you prepare, that you make all of those choices that are required within you to be that clear channel of Love in the world. This is your dedication at this time. And you must devote yourselves to prayer and contemplation and clarifying all those issues that may come forth as you are challenged in the world. And I promise I will be with you because I do indeed understand your struggles, I do indeed understand. And I will support any and all souls who try to bring a change for the better in this world. It is necessary, for the world is becoming so polluted with negativity and destructive qualities, those who wish only power and have no thoughts for the good of all or the good of this beautiful place, God’s Creation. There must be a fight to push back the darkness. It must be. And I will join you in your battles and bring my strength to you, as will many, as will many in the Celestial Kingdom and many in the spirit world as well who will support you. Humanity needs a greater vision and purer motivations. All this is needed. You must aspire to be God’s instruments of change in the world.

Your dear friend Mahatma Gandhi is with you. And bless you, beloved souls, for your efforts. God bless you, with Love, God bless you.