Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 4, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC 

A question has been asked and I am happy to respond, with the intention of bringing clarity. The world is a very complicated and layered place, filled with many thoughts, feelings, ideas, intentions, desires, emotions of all sorts. When you come to soul awakening, there is a greater sensitivity and awareness of these conditions in the world and how they press upon you, when you are vulnerable and confused. When you feel many emotions swirling about within you, and you ask, “where do these feelings come from, where does this confusion come from?” in many regards it is the mind’s interpretation of the soul’s longings, that causes confusion. This misinterpretation of the longing soul that seeks to be with God, affects the mind in many ways. The mind interprets, transforms the feelings of the soul, the thoughts of the soul, and formulates it into ideas and feelings that conform with the condition of the material mind. Thus the material mind tries to make sense of the world and of your inner world, in ways that are not necessarily in harmony or truthful to the conditions of the soul, the understandings of the soul. Thus conflict arises, discomfort, confusion, because as you transition from the ways of the mind, the material mind, and the ways of the soul, this in-between place is a place where these two conditions collide and cause a measure of chaos.

You have not teased out the Truth that comes with the knowings of the soul from the error which is the result of the workings of the mind and its patterns long established in your life. This discomfort will continue as long as you entertain these conditions and allow the mindful perceptions to invade the Truth that comes within the soul. It is understandable that you will feel confusion and that you will feel the discomfort with this transition, this change within you of perception, of motivation, feelings and thoughts that continue to originate from the soul. Yet, as you try to integrate these things from the soul, you find it difficult to put it together in a way that is sensible and understandable. This is an object lesson in the differences between the soul and the mind.

The language of the soul is quite different than the language of the mind. Its way of knowing and being in the world does not conform in any significant way to what you have been taught and what you have absorbed in your lives by functioning from the awareness of your material minds. Indeed, there are two minds within you, one of the soul and one of the material mind. To integrate these two parts of yourself, these nodes of consciousness, one that is growing ever stronger and one that is weakening because it holds less sway upon your modes of thought and action in this transition time, there is conflict, there is the need for adjustment. To truly understand what is happening within you and then to apply these changes and differences to how you respond to the outside world is again another challenge.

So you go back and forth. You pray to be with God, you feel His Love pouring into you, the influence of Love and Light changing you, and then you must venture out into in the outside world. Almost immediately you sense the difference. You find it difficult to reconcile these two areas of consciousness with one another because for so long you have used the ideas and knowledge of the mind to motivate you in life. Yet God has asked you to walk a different path, to be in a different mode of awareness, to be motivated differently, motivated out of Love, and not just the natural love but the Divine Love.

When we ask you to be God’s Channels of Love, His Instruments, to be a shining example of the Truth, this cannot be fully realized without such transition and change within you. This change is taking place and you are feeling its effects. Yes, at times this is very uncomfortable, confusing, even aggravating as you try to match up these two realities in a way that brings a semblance of harmony within you. These are your tests my beloved children, to walk in the world but not be of the world, to be a channel of Love rather than joining humanity in this great venture that humanity has created, this reality. It is difficult and requires strength, clarity, faith, Love.

You must focus upon your souls, my beloveds. Indeed, there are times when you wish to withdraw in silence and prayer. Even the Master Jesus withdrew often to be with God, to seek guidance and strength in His Love. So your souls feel compelled to be with God, to take that time to be quiet, to be in prayer and communion with God. Yet life continues to beckon you forward, draw you away from that place of deep comfort and peace. It will ever be thus, for the world is in great need. The world feels the comfort that you give, and that you are a Light. Many are drawn to this. Can you refuse those who are drawn? Can you refuse those that God has placed before you? The soul never will refuse Love if the soul is infused with God’s Love. So when you feel ambivalent about the opportunities that God places before you, to be a channel of His Love, to bring peace and comfort to others, ask yourself, what part of me feels this way? What part of me is in a state of conflict? In most cases, it is your mind.

Indeed, it is difficult to dampen down the conditions of the mind and accentuate the Light of the soul, and yet this is your challenge at this time. This is the challenge and the opportunity for growth that God has given you, to walk in the world but not of the world. Think of this, beloved souls, for you have come to a place where God is asking you to be in the world, but not of the world. So you are continually challenged by this invitation, and yet God does not ask you to be so because He wishes for you to be in conflict. No my beloveds, He asks you because you are ready to be in that place of soul awareness, the dominance of the soul. The question is, are you willing to take that leap of faith, to follow this guidance given, this invitation proffered to you because you are ready to step forward in this way? It is not as difficult as you might think. Yes, there are things to be released, attitudes and ideas that are outmoded and not necessary. Instead you must take on this new way of being and thinking and doing. Each day offers you the opportunity to choose. Yes, it is wise to retreat to God, to be with God, to pray and ask for His Love and strength, to be tutored by God in the ways of Love and Light. This comes as your souls open, your sensitivities increase, your awareness of God’s Presence becomes strong, and a vital part of your reality.

You walk upon this path and sometimes you look backwards, wondering about the road you have walked, sometimes regressing to old ways and thoughts, but often you move forward. You continue to grow and to take on the challenge of change. God will uplift you and uphold you in His Love. The angels will be by your side, always. We continue to support you in your efforts to change, to be in greater harmony with God, to make Love the motivation of your life, to bring Truth into your life, enacted and proliferated in everything that you do. This is not easy, but it is rewarding indeed. God needs those strong souls who are willing to be a shining example of Truth and Love in the world, to teach this, to exemplify it, to be this in every way possible. This is your life, my beloveds, those of you who have chosen this life, so that you may teach and heal and be a comfort to many, but first you must bring all of these things to yourself.

To be in that place of great strength and Light, harmony and Love does not happen overnight. Many of you have been praying for many years and you do indeed recognize the changes that you have made, the growth that has come to your soul. This continues, it becomes more acute and your awareness deeper. You see the challenges that are ahead of you, the obstacles that still must be cleared so that you may be in that place of great strength and Truth. God will continue to bless you, my beloveds. You are not alone in this. You will never be alone in this. You are greatly upheld by the Hand of God. Be strong, my beloveds. Be clear in your intentions. Recognize the longings of your souls and enact this in prayer. Be of great faith and be at peace, my beloved souls. You are carried, you are growing, you are shedding the old ways of being.

You are in the midst of a great change within you, preparing you for the great change that is coming to the world. This you must keep forefront in your minds that all of these conditions and conflicts within you need to be recognized and released in preparation for your instrumentality in the world. Your soul leaps in joy with the understanding of this. Your mind is riddled with a lack of surety, yet you persist. The soul is stronger. The soul knows and needs to forge ahead, to realize its purpose in life, this life, and to serve God in Love. May you do so, my beloveds. May you do so with great courage and faith and strength. My Love and prayers are with you. I love you dearly. I am your teacher, Augustine. May God bless you, beloveds. May God bless you. Thank you.