Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 20, 2022
Location: Mediterranean Cruise

Greetings to you, my friends. I am Orion. You have questions as to the coming changes on the Earth. I have come to answer some of those questions and to give some details as to how the structures of the Earth that are created by man will fall. Your Earth is run by systems, systems that individual persons and collectives have created in order to sustain the economies and functioning of each country and collectively, your world. 

When such a system is based on economic benefit rather than the benefit of the collective of a country, then they are deeply flawed. The idea of having this system in place in order to create economic growth and fluidity is not based on the Laws of Creation, rather based on the ideas of men to create wealth. Indeed, all systems upon your Earth are based upon this philosophy, that economic growth above all things is imperative and important. 

What comes with economic growth is the utilization of resources of the Earth and to bring about human benefits from this utilization but there is no consideration for balance and harmony with the natural world. Rather, it is a continuation of what is considered unceasing  economic expansion. Even a child can see that such an idea is flawed. But those who are in power and those of great wealth continue to sustain this idea and implant this idea amongst their fellow human beings. Thus, most are engaged in supporting these concepts and philosophies. They too have within them the impulse to increase their own personal wealth and well-being in this way.

As such, the materialism of the world is sustained. The ideas of spirituality, of humanity and humanistic considerations are not the priority of the human systems. Rather, it is the economies, material gain, material power, materialism in general that makes, what you say, the world go round. This deep flaw of philosophy has set the stage for economic and material collapse for one cannot sustain such a thing ad infinitum. Rather, there comes a point, a tipping point, where the systems collapse upon one another and the world is left in chaos. This point comes quickly, my friends.

Thus, you are enjoying the fruits of your labours, the materialistic joys and pleasures that come from such a system. I do not criticize you for such, my friends, for your vision is limited and your desires to enjoy life, such as it is, continue to motivate you in your endeavours. You too have the understanding and sense that the time grows short and such indulgences will no longer be available to you. I would agree with your assessment for the world cannot long sustain what is a very complex and very demanding system. 

You ask when and how these changes will come. Do you not see the cracks in the veneer of human life at this time, that even on a micro scale, these systems are beginning to crumble already? Sustaining the way in which you live is becoming more difficult. There is not the support and flow of those mechanisms which make for a fluid functioning of these systems. Humanity is beginning to unsubscribe to those ideals that your leaders whish to sustain within the consciousness of humanity. This is the result of God’s pouring of many energies and blessings upon the world which will in time change consciousness and change priorities and desires among humanity.

You will find that what you crave and desire will change and shift, responding to the shifting times and energies of the Earth. Humanity in time will release their hold upon these unsustainable systems voluntarily. For with the new consciousness that comes, they will see the error, recognize the futility of such causes and ideals. As this comes more to the forefront, you will then have open doors and opportunities to bring forth the truth of the awakened soul, receiving the great gift from God to awaken you to that which is of harmony with God’s creation.

Wisdom in this regard will begin to emerge and come to the fore amongst humanity. As this comes, so there will be great unrest and rejections all around the world of the structures and politics of the various nations which are sustained upon these erroneous beliefs and ideas. You will find yourself in the middle of great unrest, but as you are prepared and clear within yourself of the goal of God’s great plan for the salvation of humanity, so you will be an island of calm amongst the storm. You will be an island of peace and wisdom and love in these chaotic conditions.

As humanity refuses to comply to the wishes of those above them in the power structures of the world, so they will turn to answers and greater understanding that is of a more spiritual nature that will bring them to the core of their own being, their souls. Yet, not all will be lost, my friends. Although many mechanical and electronic systems are based upon these flawed ideas, they can be recalibrated and remade into systems that are sustainable. This is where we will come into play, coming forth and offering our assistance in restructuring, recalibrating human systems and their relationship to the natural world. 

Humanity will come to understand that there are many hidden energies and possibilities of the natural world that can and will be used for their benefit. We will show the way. As this recalibration continues to have its effects on every aspect of human life, there are many who will not accept this change and shift in consciousness. These are the souls who will choose to step into the spirit life rather than be a part of your material world. Thus, a rather unfortunate benefit will come to the world for as there is less population, there is more possibility of harmony and sustainability. There will be a free flow of resources, of food, of collective cooperation amongst groups of humanity who are charged with rebuilding and repurposing human life upon this planet.

This will not be readily accomplished in days or months, even years. It will take some time. As humanity awakens from their slumbers and realizes deeper potentials within themselves and realizing their own spiritual nature, seeing that God is very present in life, then the foundations will be set, foundations that are sustainable and in harmony with the Laws of Creation. From that, a new world will be built, that which will experience a great shift in consciousness, in technologies, in systems that will benefit humanity and not be a burden upon the natural cycles and ecology of the world, for God has created everything for a purpose. Humanity must wake up to the purposefulness of every aspect of God’s beautiful world and come to honour and acknowledge that they are but a part of a beautiful and wondrous system of life, that humanity cannot override the Laws of Creation, rather, to come to understand and to utilize this knowledge, not only for their benefit but for the benefit of this planet.

Harmony must come and harmony is not present at this time. So, the process of healing the world, of awakening humanity, all a part of God’s plan, is in motion at this very moment. You will come to see the overt effects of this plan put into play by many forces including forces of your world, this planet, the weak but still important efforts of humanity, the spiritual influences that come from the high spirits and angels that surround your planet, and your stellar friends who are ever eager to help each and every individual within this great adjustment. Many forces are in play and will continue to unfold and come to your consciousness as the timing of the awakening continues to play out in human existence. 

Many are awakening at this time. Many have been awake for some time. You all are doing so from that place of soul to soul, connecting and integrating as you become a formidable force in the world that will help fuel the direction that is intended. These are serious times, my friends. They are important times. The turning point of a planet is a time to celebrate and to acknowledge the readiness of a species, of our brothers and sisters who inhabit this planet of yours to come to greater harmony and higher levels of consciousness and understanding of the world, of the universe.

Each of you will play your part, beloved souls. All the souls who have within them a light and have within them a desire to reach for higher consciousness will find themselves in situations and positions of influence that they may inspire and sustain their brothers and sisters who are seeking and who are willing to step forward into greater light.

This great venture, this beautiful awakening, the wondrous power of God as He places His Hand upon your world, is at hand and will continue to reveal itself as you awaken, as you come to understand, not from your minds but your souls, so that understanding rises up into your conscious self and provides you with many insights, inspiration, and loving blessings that will flood your consciousness. So much is waiting for you, my friends. You eagerly reach out for your awakening. Can you not feel the restlessness, the power of the soul seeking greater consciousness, greater power of love within, beautiful perceptions and knowledge of the truth? It is yours for the asking. But indeed, because you inhabit this earthly plane, there are struggles, challenges, conditions, both within you and around you which need healing and to be harmonized in the Laws of Love.

You will continue to awaken. Ever so slowly, day by day, you will continue upon your path. Yet, for you as well, there is a tipping point and a place where you must capitulate to the higher consciousness, the soul awakening that must come. It is determined by you and your efforts, your desires, for God cannot circumvent your free will. So, you must continue to sustain your soul in prayer, continue to open yourself to the spiritual insights and blessings which come in this way so that your soul may awaken in love and  love may be the force that will bring a great shift to your consciousness and your being. As it slowly dawns, this awakened self opens to your conscious self, so you will see what is coming and what is at present and the purpose of all that will and must happen in your world.

May you find your way upon the path of realization of the soul, the awakening of the soul faculties, the opening of the great channel of love that must flow so freely, powerfully within and through and about you. To be free from all those edicts and ideas and mental constraints which hold humanity back from this great venture and higher level of understanding and being. Be true to yourselves, my friends. Come to acknowledge the great beauty of God’s creation that is you and your brothers and sisters, all a part of the wondrous creation and flow of life.

So, you will see yourself within the light and beauty and wonderment that is of God and God’s wondrous worlds within worlds that is His creation. May God bless you, my friends, sustain you, bless you, uplift you, and show you the way beyond that cloak of error and illusion to true consciousness and life. 

God bless you. I am your friend Orion. I am happy to speak to you today as your travel the Earth and come to appreciate its beauty. God bless you. God bless you.