Spirit: Mary
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 21, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC, Canada

Beloved souls, I am Mary. The flame of God’s Love is warming the world, emanating in every nook and cranny of your world. Yet very few feel its warmth, are conscious of its presence. You, beloved brothers and sisters and all who continue to venture out into the world, are inviting your brothers and sisters to feel the warmth of God’s Love, to know its beauty and comfort so that they may choose to receive its blessing within them. This is your mission, that wherever you go, wherever you are in the world, speak of this warmth of God’s Love. Speak of this Gift that is given to the soul, but do not feel that you must convince or bring another soul to this warmth. This is not your duty, beloveds.

Your duty is to continue to pray, to be the example, to tell of God’s Love for others, for all. In this, when you speak these words of Truth and you emanate this warmth of God’s Love from your soul, you are being God instruments, His channels, His purveyors of Truth. It is simple. These expressions are pure and strong and beautiful. You are not to judge yourself when others turn away, it is not your doing. It is merely an expression of the Law of Free Will in your world.

Your Heavenly Father will continue to put you upon other missions, other journeys to continue to spread this Truth of God’s Love. Because you have accepted this invitation, you continue to be guided to walk the Earth as emissaries of Love and Truth. God will continue to open doors. On your journeys, you continue to assist in the awakening of mankind to the Truth. You cannot see the ramifications, the complex patterns, the many inter-weavings of Truth into the souls of humanity. But rest assured, beloved brother and sisters, you are acting as intercessors in this great plan for the salvation mankind.

Allow yourselves to be guided, to walk freely in the world knowing that you are doing God’s work. Do not allow others to judge or to indicate that you are interfering with the plans of others, for you are not. Beloved daughter (M), you have gently intervened in the conditions of this place. You have done so with love and consideration, respect and gentleness. This is the approach that is required. You have fulfilled your purpose in this place. Others will come to help uplift this Portal of Light. You may continue to pray for this Portal as we have encouraged you all to do so that light may be awakened in this part of the world ( WHC), that the power of God’s Touch may be felt and evident through this place.

You have added substance to the superficial, dear daughter. You have challenged some, but that is because of the Light within your soul. This will always be, beloved and beautiful instruments that you are. There will always be a challenge to the lost souls, the darkened souls, those who use their minds to control and often to pervert God’s Will. There is nothing that you can do to circumvent their will and their expressions in the world other than prayer.

Pray for these souls who continue to be lost and confused. Pray that they will awaken to truth and love. Pray that they will find healing of their deep pain and confusion. Pray that God will put the desire for His Love within their souls. There is nothing more you can do other than this, which is an important aspect of your work, beloveds, to pray for the lost souls in your world, to continue to act as God’s channels and instruments in your world.

There is much work to do. Those who wish to curtail your work will not succeed. You will continue forging ahead keeping your promise to God to serve and God’s promise to you to open doors so that this may be so. Yes, some of these efforts will not bear the fruit that you desire, but there will be fruit born upon the wings of love and efforts to help soothe and comfort your brothers and sisters with love and truth. For those souls who have been touched upon your journeys, dear daughter, know that it has left a lasting impression and effect upon them that will bear fruit in the future, that will bring greater light to them and to the world.

As this spark continues to touch other souls, so begins an unfolding of God’s Will within them, a continued expression of light that will have its effects and responses and touch in the world. It is difficult for mortals to understand these complexities and these subtleties that come with serving God as His instruments. The mind continues to doubt or harbour scepticism. Yet, it is evident to all of you that you continue to forge ahead and to be guided in the path laid forward. Have faith in your true soul’s awareness, your true soul’s understanding. Quiet your mind and do not allow your mind, your maternal mind, to have precedence and power over your actions and the flow of your life.

If you are to truly be an example of God’s awakened soul in the world, you must listen and nurture and give credit to your soul. This is a challenge that comes with each day. At times, when you innocently move forward in the world, those who have contrary intent and wish to thwart God’s Will, will lunge forward and often bring startling pain to yourself. This is why you must be strong, for the negative forces of this world continue to have great strength and continue to have powerful influence in the world. It requires instruments who are strong, faithful, and who are close to God, for how else can you accomplish the tasks that God has put before you?

Continue to pray for His Love to enter your soul, to strengthen you thus, to awaken you more fully, to show you the way and you will continue to serve God in many ways, in many places, and touch many souls. This is your destiny, beloveds, this is your destiny. Continue to have faith that God will guide you so upon this path of Love Divine.

May God bless you, beloveds. I am Mary.