Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 12, 2017
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Augustine. Each of you are aware of your limitations. You live in this world. You live in a fleshy body. You have been influenced in your thinking. You are limited by your needs and the material conditions in which you live. I need not state the obvious. But do you not see that God lifts you above these conditions, strengthens you, teaches you, helps you to release those conditions that are not in harmony with Love that you may be that beautiful channel of Love and Light in the world as you continue to pray for this great gift of Love, the power of which can change everything. There is no need to worry of the material, to feel the limitations of the flesh, to allow the conditions of your mind to determine the outcomes of your instrumentality.

Of course, to come to that place of freedom and release from these limitations requires a great deal of dedication and prayer as Divine Love incrementally builds within you and changes these conditions from the inside outward. In as much as you are able to accept and allow these changes to take place within you, you will find your freedom. You will find respite from the burdens and the cares and the physical conditions which limit you. This is the power of Love, my beloveds. This is the power of God’s Touch that can change everything. It is only your need to set limits because you are afraid that if you released these limitations you will lose something vital. But I tell you, my beloved souls, you will not lose anything. You will gain much in your willingness to let go and allow God to work His miracles within you.

Indeed you have your judgements and perceptions of the world. These include limitations and doubts and restrictions. These come from times past, much of which was put within your mind at a very young age. As you continue to grow in the Love and recognize how these thoughts are not useful any more, you begin to shed these thoughts and conditions, you begin to see the world differently, you begin to love yourselves with greater depth. You begin to understand yourselves with greater clarity. It does not stop there, this is only the beginning. As you open your eyes and you see more clearly, at times you feel shocked, in despair when you see how you do not love yourselves. But you have the potential, the possibility of loving yourselves in such a way that you will indeed release these conditions that harbour impurities of thought, lack of love, self-judgment, self-recrimination. In the world of God, in the awareness that comes with the soul enlivened by Love, these things are not necessary and must go by the wayside as you grow and allow this Love to be a part of each and every part of yourself. It impinges upon your psyche, your mind, your thinking. It gives a different perspective, one that is not so complex, but simple and pure. This does not mean that you will lose your mind, your material thoughts. No, my beloveds. But they will change. These conditions will become purified. Simplicity will reign within your consciousness. Yet, the power and wisdom of this will bring you great knowledge and perception that comes from the soul. So you will see the world from this different perspective. You will see yourselves with great love and compassion, knowing the beauty which is God’s Creation. There is so much to learn and yet there is so much to unlearn. As this process moves forward, you will see, you will see with clarity a vibrancy, a beauty, a knowing that cannot be had in any other way other than a soul awakened in Love.

So this is your journey. As you continue to journey on in this way, you will share your insights and your experiences. God will use you in many ways as your gifts open and flower. You will take a journey unlike any other, for it is unique for each one of you and every soul that is so connected with God and loves God from the depths of their soul.

You are never alone and you are never forsaken, my beloveds, no matter the conditions of this world and the challenges that you may face. You will never be alone. God is always by your side, will bring His Comforts, His Peace, His reassurance that you are loved. You must share this Truth with others that they too are loved, that they too are never alone, that God is always with us. It is for us to be with God, to see this to be of greater importance than to indulge ourselves in our human concerns that are not altogether productive or that bring harmony. You must be living examples of Love, my beloveds, to continue upon this journey of awakening and healing within. In this way you will find your purpose, the journey that is meant for you.

You are loved. You are cared for. You are given what you require. Be joyful in your day. Be loving in your countenance. Be faithful in your prayers. Be with God always. Everything will indeed fall into place as you journey as the Father’s channels of Love.

God bless you. Your teacher Augustine loves you dearly and will continue to speak, to teach, to love. God bless you.