Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 28, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Matthew and I wish to speak of the differences between your minds, the material mind and the soul. Since this subject has been brought up in your discussions and it is a difficult challenge for each of you to delineate between mind and soul, to know the difference between the knowings of your soul and the thoughts of your mind. And yet to truly be connected to the Creator, who is entirely of soul, one must come to know the capacities, the depth and the breadth of your own soul.

The child intuitively knows its own soul. It is part of its consciousness. It is a natural flow of understanding, of being, emotions and thoughts, come and go and flow into one another in an organic way. It is uninhibited by the mind and the mind’s predilection for control or rules, for specific ways of viewing the world. These restrictions come as a child is influenced and grows in its culture, influenced by its parents, by those in authority, by the many thoughts and conditions that surround each of you in your earthly world. The innocent child learns to be afraid, to be worried, concerned and grows in a desire to be like others rather than to know its own uniqueness, its own being. So, the innocence of the child transforms and takes on those conditions of the world and becomes restricted and enveloped by the powerful conditions of the mind, the mental processes, the thoughts, the energetic imprints and the conditioning that comes from those in authority.

The soul then is buried by layers upon layers of thoughts absorbed by the child and created by the child and they become lost in the conditions of the world. The soul then may cry out, may seek comfort, may seek truth, may seek God, but this is a tiny voice that is not heard by the mind which grows and predominates the consciousness of the child as it matures into adulthood. For many, the world then is defined by the parameters of the mind and the soul is not heard or known or believed and thus to be able to truly know God the soul must find liberation, must find a way of expression, it must be known in a conscious way by the individual. This is your dilemma. This is all people’s dilemma of this world, to truly know in a definitive way your own soul. In prayer do you not address the Creator, the great Over Soul of the universe and seek an intimate relationship with God? You struggle my beloveds, as do all peoples, to come to this understanding, this clarity to be able to delineate between the thoughts of the mind and the thoughts of the soul which are different. They are different, my beloveds.

The way of understanding, of knowing that comes with a soul awakened by Divine Love is very different indeed from the ways that you have been taught and the ways in which you use your minds to deduce truth, to know a thing in the world. This will never bring you to God, my beloveds, for the faculties that are required to come to know God are inherent within the soul. To come to know the soul one must use prayer to speak to God with heartfelt longings, to come to desire the power of Divine Love, the Love of God, the Essence of God to flow into your soul that it may be awakened, that these faculties, these instruments of understanding, of awareness may be awakened within you so that you may be enlightened from that deep place, that deep knowing that is your soul.

There are many practises and religions in your world that negate the use of the soul to come to their understandings. Instead, great effort is put into understanding the mind, the material mind and the spiritual mind. But the mind of the soul cannot be understood in this way. It may only be understood by the opening of your soul and as this occurs there is a sense of vulnerability as all of your emotions flood forth and this, at times, can be overwhelming. Yet, the intensity of these emotions, this longing is often tinged with a sense of isolation and loneliness, for the soul is often isolated within each being in this world. When these feelings are finally released, it brings forth waves of grief, of longing, of desire and connection with God and the power of these feelings will indeed reach God and God will bring peace. God will heal the soul and allow for this awakening to occur despite the power of the mind and the power of the mindful conditions of your world. God will open that channel between His Soul and your soul and uplift you, my beloveds, uplift you and bring you to that place of profound peace and great joy of knowing, truly knowing you are loved.

This is what your souls seek, my beloveds and if you acknowledge this deep need and longing within you and focus this towards God in prayer, you will receive a response that is both powerful and healing, profound and awakening. But you must acknowledge your souls, that place within you that was once lost and you now seek to find and know and nourish. So, I would encourage you, my beloved souls, to acknowledge the pain of your soul, the aching desire of your soul to be with God, to be open and allow His Love to flood in. This is the beginning of a tremendous journey of true awakening and each time, each moment you feel this inrushing of love, this sense of peace, this healing of the deep wounds within your soul, you then acknowledge the truth that you are loved and that God is love. God’s Love is a special sort of love, a Love that goes beyond any emotions which are inherent within you, my beloveds. It goes beyond all your capacities to love, for God is the Source, His Love is the highest of all Loves and He wishes to give this to you, my beloveds, this gift upon your request, upon your willingness to open and to long and to feel within you this profound knowing and desire to be with God in Love.

Feel it now, my beloveds. Feel the Love of God reaching deep within you, pulling you close, bringing you to that place of tears and joy, awakening and release. It is God’s Healing Hand upon you and your release of all those burdens, those places of pain where you are changed and healed, uplifted and awakened. This my beloveds, will go on and on, for His Love for you is infinite and shall never cease provided you are open to the great onrush of His Divine Essence and Light flooding into you, waves and waves coming over and over, continuous flows of Love, ecstatic awakenings of your true self, your soul coming to at-onement with God.

May this gift be yours, beloved souls. Indeed, there are those here who know this well and some of you are curious and wonder and feel that sense of peace and love. You taste a few drops of these Living Waters but God urges you to drink deep for you thirst, my beloveds, you thirst for this and it is here for you, the great rush of His Love, soothing your souls and bringing you what you seek and long for.

God bless you, my beloveds. I am Matthew and I love you dearly, precious souls who are seeking Truth, healing and Love. May you find all that you seek in the bosom of God’s Embrace. God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you.