Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 14, 2022
Location: Les Chapel Monnaie, Guernsey

My rapport with this instrument is strong. So, we might take some time to answer some questions you might have of me. I am willing to entertain your questions and hopefully the energies will allow me to speak clearly and effectively. So, you might ask a question, my friends, if you have one to ask. Do not be shy.

Question: Are there many crystals on your planet?

Crystals are on every planet and some are very useful for healing and the enhancement of the spirit and the psychic abilities. We have brought a special gift of a crystal to this planet that may be given to the individual who asks to have this crystal implanted within their spirit body. With this crystal is an enhanced ability of their gifts, whether they be psychic or even material, of the mind and brain. So, I would urge you to ask for this gift of the crystal that is of a beautiful green colour and within it, there is a pulsating light. It does not control the individual. It is not a mechanism that we use to ensure that we have control. I know this is a fear of some in your world regarding these gifts. It is merely something that enhances the experience and the spiritual journey and also helps us to make a finer rapport and communication with you if this is what you wish. This crystal may be removed by the mere asking and it shall be removed. But I would encourage you all to ask for this gift and see if it has an effect and a benefit for you for that is our desire and it is the nature of our effort to help you, to enhance that which you possess in terms of your abilities. Does this answer your question, dear soul?

Question: It is wonderful to be able to experience your meaningful words to us as we gather here today, that the efforts that are obviously put in place to bring about that communication. Is there the same level of effort from those in your sphere, your vibration who place similar levels of guidance with those who you are perhaps more familiar with, such as our guides and helpers and those spirit friends who are over this world who have moved and are through their transition to the next world? So, is there further assistance from yourselves in that realm?

We do not discern between the two, my friend. Of course, we do not restrict our efforts in the material plane. But we are making great efforts to reach many souls. Whether that soul has a material body or a spirit body, they are still souls. But indeed, when we come to the material plane, we are able to reach many souls who are not so advanced in the spirit world for as has been discussed in this circle, there are many, many hundreds of spirits who are surrounding you at this very moment, who are listening in, who are experiencing, many of them for the first time, this sort of communication and are learning greatly from it. Yes, the universe is designed to bring assistance, love, truth, help to others no matter what condition they are in, no matter what state they are in for it is merely a different state of being, a different dimension or vibration or whatever way that you may describe it that is the continuation of life from Earth to spirit that continues on infinitely. So, we all journey together. Some are further along this journey than others. But indeed, our responsibility, as is yours by the way, is to reach back and help those that are not so far along and to help them and direct them toward greater light and harmony. So yes, our efforts are multi-dimensional, multi-purpose, and are made with the intention of uplifting all, uplifting all into greater truth and light, harmony and love. I hope this answers your question, my friend.

I feel there are many who are having trouble organizing their thoughts and afraid that they may ask something that is irrelevant but I tell you, my friends, that truth is truth. Even a simple question may bring a profound answer. I thank you for making your efforts to communicate with me. I thank this instrument for his efforts to be open to this communication. Unless there is another question, I think I will….

Question: I would like to ask a question. Is there some way you can manifest a self-evident proof to us individually that we have received it, that we can know and confirm that the gift is established and working?

You are speaking of the crystal gift, as you call it? Every individual is unique and each individual has unique gifts and sensitivities. So yes, we certainly make effort to affirm to that individual that they have received the gift. But there are some, no matter what effort we may make, are not, shall we say in alignment with receiving the confirmation of it. This does not mean that they have not received it. It merely means that the way in which we may communicate, which is on the psychic and spirit level is not well-developed in them and therefore is difficult for this communication to take place. But yes, we certainly make an effort to affirm to that individual that we are present and that this gift has been given with love and acknowledgment. But indeed, you live in a very, what you call, an imperfect world. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that you will come to have this experience but I say to you that we will make every effort from our part for you to experience and affirm that you have received this gift.

Question: In the past, you have told us that there are many from your planet that are with you in this work to assist us on Earth. I believe you have also told us that each person that invites having the crystal gift implanted in them is assigned a stellar being from your planet to oversee the implementation, the integration of the gift. Can you elaborate more on that?

Well, dear soul, you have elaborated well upon it. But indeed, there are many of us. I speak for many. We are busy with many of you. Indeed, those numbers will grow as your interest grows and the individuals who are seeking to make an alignment, a connection with us grows. So, we will indeed be close to you. This does not preclude your guides and your spirit helpers. We are merely part of those who are assisting all of you and will continue to work with others on the spirit side of life, as you call it, in order to assist you. All things of God are in harmony so we seek harmony. When harmony does not exist, then we either make effort to bring greater harmony or we withdraw. So, the balance is achieved through all of the efforts and resources which come into play to assist you all, my friends. There is much that is coming to each of you, much that you do not even understand or are aware of. Indeed, it is not necessary that you know all the details but I say to you that you are deeply blessed and you are of light and you have drawn some wonderful blessings and energies to each one.

I am beginning to lose my voice with this instrument so I think I must go now but I thank you again for your efforts to come together. May you find your way to greater truth.

Whatever road you take, remember those roads all lead to the same place and that is the place of truth. In all its simplicity and glory, truth will come to you and you will truly understand it. The soul will awaken in its own time but can be awakened through your efforts and through your prayers and through your desires. Seek the soul. This is the key to the awakening of humanity, the awakening of the soul. We have all been through this process, my friends. We have all come to the same conclusion, the same truth. We have all taken our road toward that and I assure you that with sincerity, with deep desire, with openness and purpose, you will find your way. I say goodnight to you, my friends, and Godspeed. God Bless you.