Spirit: Confucius
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Gibsons, BC
Date: December 16, 2018

Welcome, brothers and sisters. I am Confucius. We have work to do, do we not, beloved souls? For the world is in deep need and God has great blessings to bestow upon this world. But he needs His channels of Love, His beautiful souls, children who are a part of His Grace and Love, so that this may flow into the world and bring healing, sooth the pain, and vanish the darkness in your world.

Each of you, beloved souls, each of you carry a strength and a light and many gifts that God may use to awaken mankind to the truth. Times are coming, my beloved, beloved friends, that will indeed open doors for each of you to express your gifts and this truth for the benefit of those who you will meet.

Beloved souls, consider the time that is coming and the preparations that are necessary to bring your own awakening forth. Continue to pray earnestly for the Father’s Love to open yourselves to the guidance, the wisdom, the awakening of your souls that will inform your work, the work that God has waiting for each one of you as you grow and expand in the Father’s Love. So this will become evident, beloved souls, clearly evident. You will feel the Grace of His Touch deeply upon you, each one. There will be revelations, visions, knowings of the soul that will guide you forth. Each step begins with a desire to serve God and to serve humanity in love. That step may be simple, innocent, humble, but as you continue to step forward, the momentum builds and the opportunities increase.

You will find yourself in situations and conditions that you have not dreamed of to this time but are coming. Opening doors that God may use you in powerful ways as your souls come into greater alignment. So these opportunities manifest, a reflection of the Light within your soul and the intensity and power of God’s Influence and Touch upon you. This is the power God’s Love, my beloveds. This is the power of God’s Love, to transform and to initiate great change, great change in the world and within yourselves.

Allow the transformation to take place, beloved souls. Accept those things that will bring change and shift within your consciousness, within your knowings, your motivations, your desires. For God has great plans for each one of you, beloveds, and many more He gathers. He gathers His children and brings them into His Light and Embrace to inspire and strengthen, to love and transform.

Beloved souls, you are now within that great family of God’s children and will come to know great joy within your souls, awakenings that will come in prayer, will come unbidden, will come powerfully within your consciousness. Your souls awaken to God, beloveds, and God, with great joy, welcomes you into His fold.

God bless you beloveds. I am Confucius and I bless you all. May you feel the touch of God’s blessings upon you and know how truly loved you are, beloveds, how you truly loved. God bless you. God bless you.