Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 1, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am Andrew. In those days long past when we walked with our brother Jesus, he taught us how to pray. We had prayed as a Jewish individual prays using the words, the rote of words that are given in this religion. But as with so many who are involved with religious practice, we mouthed the words without really taking into account their intention or meaning. So our dear and beloved brother Jesus had to teach us what a prayer from the heart was and how important that prayer is when one intends to reach God and feel and know the presence of God.

Any prayer can be given and any set of words can be spoken, but without intention, without a desire within the heart, it is not an effective prayer. It is merely something that assuages the desires of the mind and that comes to appease the intentions and attitudes of those in the religious orders. This is a great mistake within the structures of religion that some ritual, some aspect of mental expression that lacks the true feelings of the soul will bring answers of response from God. Indeed there is always a response, there is always something that comes, but the power and effectiveness of that response from God comes on the heels of great longing and desire, a true expression coming from deep within you.

For those of you that live in this world that is so enshrouded in thoughts and dark energies and difficult experiences and distractions, it is difficult to penetrate through these conditions that hold one back from that true expression to God. It is not impossible, of course, because each of you have come to know God through your prayers. Each of you have had a response from your Heavenly Father that is of Love and nurturance and healing and peace. You have proven to yourself the existence of God through your efforts in prayer. You have proven to yourselves that there is a higher force, something beyond this Earth plane that may be called upon to help and heal and bring support, love, assistance to your daily lives and daily lot.

Dear and beloved souls, we speak of prayer. This is the key that will open the door to God. Prayer is merely talking to God and you may do so in whatever way suits your personality and your desire to communicate. It could be a conversation. It could be a prayer that you have learned. It could be silence. But all of these things must include the aspect of soul longing and soul feeling. Yes, many of you have trouble accepting and being attuned to your own soul. Yet, do you not come to God in prayer and feel as if something has shifted within you, within your consciousness, so that there is a connection, a communication, and a communion with God?

You know this from deep within you. You have a sense of it and that sense will grow and awaken more fully upon your journey of prayer and discovery of God. This is inevitable. This is the law in action. This is God reaching out to you, beloved souls. For God earnestly reaches for you as you earnestly reach for God. In this earnestness, this desire and intention, there is a connection made. There is a shift where is something that is being transferred between God and yourself, and yourself and God.

Have faith, beloved souls. This is the meaning of faith, to put forth your desire, having trust that God will respond, that God is indeed there listening, that God continues to reach out to you. Push aside the veil of your own mind and the dampening conditions of your world and come to God in true prayer, in true faith. There will always be an answer. You are not alone, beloved souls. You are never alone. Every moment of your existence comes an opportunity to reach out to God. The more that you take advantage of these opportunities, the more clear will be this connection and this relationship with your Creator.

All comes through your efforts, through your faith, through your prayers. Let this be your guiding light and may the answers that come uplift and awaken your soul. For when you pray for the gift of Divine Love, so this is what you pray for, beloved souls, to be uplifted, to be healed, to be transformed, and to be guided upon your spiritual journey, a journey that brings you to at-onement with God.

May you continue to be blessed, beloved souls. I am with you. I am Andrew, an apostle of the Master, who has been taught the great gift and art and science of prayer by our beloved Master Jesus. May God bless you and may you know that our beloved Master is with you all and seeks to help you in prayers and your efforts to reach God. For this is his mission. It has been and always will be, to point the way to God, to point the way to at-onement through Love. You are blessed, my beloved brothers and sisters. You are blessed. God bless you. I am Andrew and I love you.