Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 6, 2019
Location: Waianea, HI

“Gracious God, You are our keeper. You are the One who holds our souls within Your Hands and upholds us in the Light of Truth. You are the One who nurtures our very essence and carries us into Light. May Your Great Soul, the Essence flowing forth, touching us with Your Holy Spirit. Infill us and awaken us in the Truth of Your Love. You are our Keeper. We entrust our souls to You that You may indeed awaken us to all Love and Truth, all ways of being that are true to You and manifest of Love for all in this world. “

“Truly blessed are these children who carry the mantle of Truth with them, who seek to know, to grow in Your Love, to be in that Holy Grace, that blessed place of true peace and true Light. They are my brothers and sisters and I am with them and they are with me in this great journey to at-onement with You. May You bless them deeply, Beloved Soul, Beloved Soul of all Creation. May Your Touch rest firmly upon each one and bring the Grace of Your Love into their hearts, awakening all the deep and wondrous treasures of their soul. Beloved Father, we beseech You to touch each of us deeply. Bless us now, Beloved Father. We are Your Children. We are Your children.”