Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 5, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

Brothers and Sisters, I am Josephus. I wish to speak about the importance of these Portals of Light that have been established in your world and how our desire is to proliferate such Portals, bring about their existence in many places in your world. For they perform a very deep and powerful function in God’s plan to bring your world back into harmony.

These Portals of Light are very powerful instruments of God. They make possible many manifestations and blessings from God in your world. Because the condition, the light, the aspects of God, are so very different in many respects from the conditions of your world. In your world, you are at what you call vibration that is low. It resonates at a very low frequency. God resonates at a very high frequency. His very being is beyond your imaginings, your perceptions in terms of recognizing His Being in all its complexity and beauty and Light. Here, you are in a place that is like the consistency of a rock. It is dense. It is often unmovable. It is difficult to penetrate. God is like the sun in the skies, so distant, yet so bright. Yet the warmth of God, the Love of God shines down upon you all warming the surface of these conditions, bringing some change, some blessings to you all.

Yet, it is our desire and challenge that you transform from the consistency of a rock to that of a bird, a bird that is able to fly and ascend to higher and less dense conditions. So these Portals that I speak of act as a generator of light, of energy, of many blessings that are assisting in the transformation of your being down to the very particles of your body and the very make-up of your soul and all that is in between. These aspects of yourself are being transformed as you continue to pray for the Divine Love to enter your souls. So you open the door for this transformation and you bring to you the various aspects of God, His great Soul into your soul through the blessing of Divine Love. Part of God is becoming a part of you.

But even in this transformation there is a requirement of certain elements and aspects of the spiritual realities that can enhance and stimulate the growing and transformation of your soul. These elements are brought to you through the power of the Portals that have been given to you, beloved souls, adding an extra dimension to your spiritual awakening, bringing more powerfully and more clearly those elements that will indeed awaken the faculties and aspects of your soul that continues to be enlivened by God’s Essence.

So these Portals are a very important part of this continued transformation and awakening within you. With all of you it plays a role that is indeed a special blessing from God. When a Portal is gifted to a specific place in your world, it is indicative of those who are receiving this Portal that they are ready and responsible and blessed so that they may be able to utilize this gift and protect it. For this rarified condition that is a Portal needs your prayers and protection. It needs your efforts to bring light to the environment in which it sits.

These gifts are not to be taken for granted, beloved souls. They are indeed special and granted only under certain conditions; and must be earned by those who wish to benefit, to be of use so that these Portals may be activated and give to the world many blessings of Light, waves of transformational healings, Light that will indeed affect the world, even to the very foundation of the world. Thus these Portals are very powerful indeed and have many roles to play in God’s plan for the salvation of mankind.

God is preparing many individuals to receive these gifts of a Portal. When this gift is given, it is a life-long responsibility. It is part of their purpose to help sustain this gift in the world. It is a partnership, beloved souls, between us and yourselves that is blessed by God. It is indeed a deep blessing but a serious matter in regards to what you may perceive as a beautiful gift. It is indeed more than this, a great deal more than this. It is a channel between God and the world, between the Great Presence and Light and Resonance of God that can connect directly with the dense environment of your world, bringing change where it touches, beloveds, bringing change that emanates through these Portals, uplifting and transforming the very nature of all the elements of your world.

What you have perceived of this Portal thus far is just a glimmer of its potential. As you grow in Love, as you grow in your perceptions, and as you grow in your capacities, blessed by God, blessed by the atmosphere created by these Portals, then you will see more clearly and understand more deeply what it is that you have been gifted. This indeed is humbling, is it not? To know that God has entrusted to you a great gift, a powerful instrument that will bring blessings and change to your world and help bring this world to a different condition of harmony and Light. It may indeed be transformed from the dense conditions that now continues to exist within it to a place that is lighter and that resonates closer to God and what is meant for this worl, will come to be.

This is God’s Will. It is God’s Will that this world will be transformed and that all that is within it will be affected and changed by the Touch and Hand of God. So, my beloved brothers and sisters, know that you are part of a great plan, a beautiful flow and waves upon waves of transformational energies, conditions, and blessings from God that will change this world.

Already, you see some effects, some changes. Certainly within yourselves do you not feel the shifting and reorganization of your thoughts and your perceptions, your desires and your expressions? These things are coming not only because of the blessing of God’s Love within your souls, but also with the touch of these Portals, these instruments of God that help to accelerate these changes within you.

This shall only continue, beloved souls and this will only become more intense. You must allow yourselves to absorb the blessing, to be open to the changes of your perception of the world and yourselves and of the universe. You are being transformed as you are closest to these conditions that are transforming your world. It is touching you deeply and you will continue to see and know many changes within yourselves. Many gifts will open and much understanding of Truth will be given. Your capacity to love will deepen and become a powerful force in your life.

So you see, beloved souls, it is important that God may establish Portals throughout your world to help hasten the healing and transformation of it. Each of you who has already been gifted with this blessing, know that you are gifted deeply and powerfully by the Hand of God so that you may assist God in the transformation of your world. That God has chosen you to be part of this great plan and to fulfill your place and function and purpose within it.

May you continue to grow in His Love, awaken to the reality of God, to know truly within yourself that which I speak of and that which the angels have spoken to you of over these many years. For you must come to that place of true understanding, of soulful awakening, of seeing and knowing and living the power of Love in your lives. For the great waves that pulsate from these Portals is Love. In essence, it is Love. But with Love comes much more. Love is the activating energies of the transformational effects upon your world and love you must carry. Love you must climb towards in your own condition, in your own souls so that you may resonate more fully with the power of Love that is being washed upon your planet and be a true part of this transformational process.

It is God’s Love that you pray for each day, that you must pray for earnestly and sincerely with great longing, with great longing so that the power of God’s transformational Love may reside in you in great abundance, awakening, awakening all that is within you, transforming you down to the very atom of your being so that all resonates within the harmony of Love.

May God bless you upon that great journey of awakening. May we continue to travel together, awaken together on this great journey of soul, of soul with God and God’s Soul with you. May God bless you, beloveds. I am Josephus and I will continue to come and teach of these things. As this instrument grows in Love, so many more teachings and blessing will come and be delivered to you and a blessing to this world to have a channel who is indeed in alignment with Love and Truth. May God bless you all, beloveds, for without your support and your loving lights together in this circle, this cannot be accomplished. It requires your support and love, your eagerness, your presence, your part to play in this great effort to educate the soul, to bring the Truth of God’s Love to this world, to help all to see the power and glory and wonderment that is God’s Love. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you.