Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 18, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

My dear friends, I am Orion. Earth changes continue to be expressed in your world in many ways. You can expect this for the coming year and that indeed you will be challenged in some ways through these manifestations of the Earth in turmoil struggling to regain its composure.

For many of you will become more attuned to your beloved Gaia and since these struggles are a part of the blessed creation of God, which is your home. Gifts will open to you in the very near future that will surprise you, that will be an indication of your soul’s awakening from its deep slumbers. You will find yourself thinking more clearly and succinctly in your directions and ideas, those ways in which way you may proceed in order to fulfill God’s plan. 

You will also feel a greater unity amongst yourselves, for it is important that you continue to forge the links, to strengthen the network, the lattice that is around you and through you. This too will help you in your development and your awakening for these conduits of light will be useful in our efforts to develop your soul faculties and intuitive nature. As you are bonded together in this way, so you may share various aspects and gifts that you carry with your brothers and sisters. You are part of a powerful network and a network that has great purpose and utility as you continue to grow and be used as channels of light in the world. 

Many of you wonder about your future, your instrumentalities, the way in which God may use you as the world changes and shifts toward light. Rather than implant within you expectations which often veer in directions that are not part of your development, because your mind projects and continues to speculate, so these blessings, gifts, insights, experiences will continue to unfold in the manner and timing which is appropriate.

Rest assured that the coming year will bring many surprises to each of you as the unfolding of God’s plan continues to intensify. With this comes the blessings and energies and light that will continue to awaken you. You are all undergoing a deep shift in consciousness. At times, this may feel uncomfortable or confusing, that you have lost your bearings and your underpinnings. This to a human is very disconcerting. Yet, in order to grow, you must release those conditions that restrict you and are a blend of error and truth so that you may don a new mantle of truth within you which brings great clarity and strength and ability to be God’s channels in the world.

Growing pains, my friends, many growing pains, struggles, trials, tribulations, this is not only happening within you but it is happening in the world as conditions are affected and respond to God’s Touch and intention for this world. As you pray and ask for these many blessings to come to you, to be a true part of you, so you must stretch and grow and adjust. It is a law that all that which is added that is in harmony with your being, your intentions, God’s Will for you, must be integrated and truly a part of you. You cannot escape this law, my beloved friends, but must venture forth with anticipation and a touch of bravery as you travel these roads and experience various things that in your material world is often discounted and certainly not usual.

Yes, you will stand alone and stand together. At times, you will feel alone but you are not. Know that you have a whole retinue of assistance and beautiful spirits who are there to help birth this new and exciting you. You will find that there will be new aspects of you, your personality, your abilities, your thoughts, your expressions which you did not know existed within you. There is much within you that still remains unknown but is gradually flowering in this light, in these beautiful blessings of God. 

My beloved, beloved friends, we are honoured to serve you. It is a blessing to watch you grow. It brings joy to our hearts and joy to many. May you continue to open yourself  willingly and with deep excitement to what is coming for each of you, those things that will emerge, the surprise, beautiful surprises bringing deeper insights, wondrous gifts and expressions of your soul, greater joy, and a deep understanding of truth. You are becoming the souls that God means for you to be. All that God has implanted within you, this great garden of gifts, faculties, abilities is being well-nourished. Many of those seeds dormant within are now sprouting. They may seem small, somewhat insignificant to you at this time, fleeting glimpses of many things, but in time, as these seedlings emerge and grow and evolve, you will be astounded as to what God has placed within your garden, what is available to you to be utilized for your own growth and journey and for many others, for another law dictates that you must share your gifts, your abilities. 

As a channel of God’s Will and Love and Light, this sharing must flow. As it does, so the love quickens within you and strengthens as God continues to pour His blessings upon you. So the insights become firm and more established and accepted. So, the perspective of your soul is acknowledged and expressed, for expression is an outward motion. In the case of the soul, blessed by God and His Love, what is given through you is powerful and beautiful in its scope.

Indeed, exciting times are ahead for each of you. Do not put a damper on your light but continue to feed your soul in prayer, to feed one another in your upliftment of one another and support, and seek your guidance, my friends. Seek your guidance and guidance will flow. A powerful knowing will come to you and will guide each step, each step which God lays before you an invitation to walk toward greater light and truth.

You will come to truly know yourselves and one another as you have never known yourself or another. These insights will bring deep, penetrating understanding and knowledge of all things. Such a wonderful journey,  such a wonderful journey. You will find yourself walking with a quickening pace, with greater anticipation and desire as this year ahead progresses and is gifted to you.

Blessings to you. I am Orion and I walk with you upon this beautiful path, this wondrous journey. May the power of the Great Essence of the Creator of the Universe, His Love, continue to awaken you all. God bless you. God bless you deeply within your souls.