Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 07, 2022
Location: Gibsons, BC

Oh beloved brothers and sisters, I am Orion. I come to assure you that you continue to draw light into your midst, into this Earth plane of yours. Your efforts are not lost but continue to help awaken humanity. Each and every soul who desires to be a channel of light, a being of light, shall indeed be utilized by God in order to awaken, not only themselves, but humanity.  

No matter what your circumstances, no matter what life you have lived, there is always the opportunity to shift from the mediocrity of a life lived, as so many do on this Earth plane, to that within the light and truth of God’s Love. You are needed, each one, you are needed because God needs all those who are willing to ascribe to the great shifts of consciousness, the great truth of love in the world. To be free of those thoughts, conditions, fears, and judgments. To live in a world where God is the focus, where your souls become enlivened in love.

Beloved souls, each of you has an angel with you. Each of you are praying to be used as an instrument and to grow in light. So your prayers are being answered at this very moment. God’s love is pouring upon you at this very moment. Truth is growing inside of you and a true understanding of the soul continues to awaken you and bring you into great harmony with all that God is and all that is of God.

My friends, we are with you. We continue in our work to help awaken humanity, and we are with your angel friends, the bright spirits, the many who have great desire to be a channel of love in the world, to be an agent of light, to truly be in harmony with God’s Will and Plan. So much may come of those who are in harmony with God, and you may indeed be those channels of light, and love, peace, healing in the world. God will use you. God uses you in every breath if you are willing, if you are in alignment, if you seek the light and seek to be a channel of light and love.

God bless you, I am Orion, and I am with you, this great journey of love, this great awakening of humanity, this bringing of truth and awareness of all that is of God to the world. We work together. We are His instruments. We are together and shall always be upon this path of love for all eternity. We are one upon this journey, truly one. God bless you. I am Orion.  I am with you, beloved souls.