Spirit: John the Beloved
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 15, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C. Online Circle

God is upon you. God’s Love pours over you. A deep peace is a mantle upon you. God’s presence is with you. Drink deep these living waters beloved souls. Drink deep for your souls hunger and thirst for this gift that God willingly gives with His Love. Unrestricted it comes and pours and floods into this place, to uplift you, beloved souls, and take you on that journey to at-onement with God.

Allow the power of God’s Love to lift you beyond the human condition to a place that is both familiar and unfamiliar, familiar to the soul, unfamiliar to the mind. So, as you adjust to this new reality of the soul, so the mind must acquiesce and come to accept that there is another reality, another vision of life that comes with the awakened soul, that comes as you continue to know the truth of your existence and the truth of God’s universe and laws that govern the soul.

Come to know these things, beloveds. Ask for God to bless you and awaken you in these truths, that there be nothing between you and God. That in your pursuit of Love and the Divine, you will come to know your true selves, awakened in joy. Expand in love, acknowledging your soul, acknowledging God’s Great Soul. You will do a joyous dance of awakening and embracing God as God embraces you, beloveds.

So little stands between you and God. It is simple to open yourselves innocently to this gift that beckons you to put aside your armour and cloak, to be naked in front of God, asking with innocence and joy, “Beloved Father, I am your child, help me to be at-one with you. Bless me with the gift of your Love. May I come to know myself in your presence and allow all that is of good and light, healing and love, joy and wisdom to wash over me and make me whole”.

The gift of His Touch is always there for you, beloved souls. It is your willingness to step forward in the light, to allow that innocent yearning part of your soul to step forward and seek the touch of the Creator. Do not let your minds interfere with this simple yet elegant act of seeking God’s Love, God’s Grace in your lives. This bountiful gift will never cease, nor will you receive an allotted measure for it is limitless. This journey goes on and on in the eternity of the soul, expanding in this gift of Love.

Blessed are those who in the beginning of their journey acknowledge this and seek it. Blessed are you, beloved souls, who are indeed gifted with all that will uplift and enlighten and bring truth. You will come to know God, beloveds. It is meant for you, as you have journeyed through the trials and tribulations of this world and walked into light willingly, eagerly, so will come the benediction upon your soul that will transform and make you into that beautiful soul resplendent in light, reflecting all that is within, sparkling like a jewel, expressing the wonderment and blessings of God within your soul.

May God carry you forth, beloveds, as you continue to awaken and come to know the truth of your being and of God’s grace upon you. God bless you, beloved souls, I am John and my love is with you. God bless you.