Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 12, 2017
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Seretta Kem. You have had an interesting conversation regarding the conditions of your souls and how your souls may be improved by the healing of those conditions that are not in harmony with the Father’s Love and Light within. Yes, encrustations of the soul hold in the Love and, at times, does not allow the Love to enter the soul. There are always cracks and fishers upon the surface of the soul allowing in this Light so that it is not a complete sealing off of the soul from God. Because of these conditions or encrustations, the yearnings of the soul and the soul’s ability to connect with God is muffled and distorted and finds a difficult route, a circuitous route to God. With expiation, which is simply the release of these conditions through a number of means including the physical, there will be an opening up passages for the Father’s Love to more readily enter into the soul. As you continue to release these conditions, you are more receptive to the Light of God’s Love and the Light of God’s influence upon you.

There are two major factors regarding the inflowing of the Father’s Love that you must take into account. The reason why many do not feel the influence and the inflow of the Father’s Love within their souls is because of their mind’s resistance. Their minds are set in a certain way, certain conditions and attitudes and structures within that are set and not flexible. So that when the blessing of Divine Love flows into the soul, the mind finds it extremely difficult to be aware of this condition and experience. For there are many layers within the mind that do not find acceptance in this subtle yet powerful inflow of energy, which is the Divine Love.

Within those parts of the soul that cause blockage and resistance to the inflowing of the Love, and in some ways collude with the condition of the mind creating a sort of numbness, there is no feeling that harmonizes with the condition of Love. And in prayer, those who are not familiar with this blessing, find it difficult to feel anything at all, because of these many layers of resistance and conditions of darkness and feelings reflecting a lack of Love within themselves and for themselves. These many elements  create a condition that is not in harmony with Love and yet Love can indeed enter the soul. There is a longing within the soul and at times there is an opening where that Love may flow in, pouring in to the soul that thirsts and longs to be close to God and to receive His essence. At times the mind does not recognize this experience and yet this experience is real and  happens despite this lack of sensitivity and awareness. Ideally you must work towards the condition of the mind and the soul that is highly receptive and sensitive to this experience so that all parts of you longs for this gift and feels a great sense of satisfaction, of joy and recognition when the Love flows into your souls. And with the reinforcing condition of Love and joy comes more Love and joy. The momentum builds and all conditions around the soul, all error of the mind begins to disintegrate. It falls away with the power of this Love, the power of this experience, building a faith and understanding and awareness that is unshakeable. Your relationship with God then becomes your reality, rather than all of the false constructs of the mind and all of the conditions of the soul that have built up in a life and experience in the world that is not of God.

And so we talk of the cracks in the armor of the soul, for these encrustations are like an armor protecting the soul and sealing off the soul from God. Yet God may find a way through this seemingly impenetrable condition of encrustations. There is always a way, there is always some route to the soul, which God, through His Holy Spirit, will find a way. The error which teaches that every encrustation must be released in order to receive this gift, is not true. But those individuals that in some way have found a route where the longings of the soul are recognized and enacted in prayer have begun the process. The Light finds its way, impregnating the soul with Love. For some, this experience may not come until they have neutralized the conditions of their soul to a degree that they are more readily sensitive to this experience, and for many, as they begin their journey upon this world and into the world of spirit, there is a great deal of time before they are able to receive this gift of Love, to feel its effects, to be sensitized and recognize this gift. For their energies go elsewhere, their energies go towards the perfection of their minds and walk what you know of as the natural path. Yet, along that road each soul receives many opportunities to acknowledge the gift of Divine Love from God. Though they may choose not to recognize or to exploit this opportunity, God does not leave them to their own devices completely. God orchestrates many opportunities to recognize the longings of their souls for His Love, for the touch of His Grace within. And thus it will be my friends; God uses you to inspire other souls. God puts the desire for His Love within other souls and you must pray for this gift to come. This gift for the desire to receive the blessing of His Love. This is a powerful prayer beloved souls, though you cannot see the encrustations of another soul and you do not know their true soul condition. One must be in a very high state of soul awareness to see such things. You can pray for each individual soul however and pray that they may recognize that desire within them and turn that desire in prayer to receive this gift of Love. This is your mission my beloveds, to bring the Truth that God’s Love is available for all. And though a soul may be drowning in the darkness of the conditions of this world, they too are capable of receiving this gift, for there is always a way for God to place His Love within their souls, provided that longing exists.

Because, my beloved souls, you have recognized the experience of receiving God’s Love and know this well, it is your testimony, your acknowledgement of the power of this Love that you must bring froth to your brothers and sisters in this world. To relate to them clearly what is happening with this gift, the process of this gift coming into the soul. How this gift may heal a soul, awaken a soul and bring to them a purification of the encrustations of the soul. It is not so complicated my beloveds. You have each experienced this process. You have come to recognize the changes that have happened within you, the shifts, the knowing’s that have come and the release, the upliftment, the peace and the joy that comes with the Father’s Love, as this Love will impregnate any soul that is receptive and desires this gift. It is only the conditions around the soul and within the mind that block this gift, it is a willful act compared to a soul that is receptive and open to receiving this gift.

And yes, it is a powerful gift to be aware of those things that resist the touch of God, His Love. But God may find other ways to bring His Love to a soul. The recognition of your patterns, of those conditions that block you from God are powerful and very helpful indeed and bring about swift results in your soul’s awakening and growing within the Love. But they are not mandatory, for these conditions may fall away very slowly and subtly with the inflowing of the Divine Love. Those who do not wish to go this route of recognizing those encrustations of the soul, will, in time, given their efforts in prayer to receive the gift of Love, find their way to freedom.

You see, there are many ways to God; there are many ways to heal the soul. You have found a way my brothers and sisters. A way that is powerful and effective and you must teach this, show this to others. When you come to someone who resists, who is fearful and does not wish to acknowledge this way, do not think that they will never find their at-onement with God through receiving the Dive Love, for they will. But it will take some time, as these conditions fall away very slowly and painlessly. It is the choice of the individual. It is not your responsibility to ensure that they follow one route or another, merely that you give them the Truth of the Father’s Love and demonstrate to them your own Light and understanding. They must choose as this is God’s gift for every soul with the blessing of free will. They will move along their path as they so choose, and you will move along yours. If you are able to assist another in Love, in Truth with your experience, your journey, then this may be a gift to that individual soul, and they may gift you with their wisdom and their journey. It is not for you to decide for another or to insist upon anything other than that simple Truth of receiving God’s Love through prayer, through the desire to receive. All else is determined by that individual. For God gently carries them along and shows them the way. And when He uses His instruments to help another soul, then it is in Love, in Love and respect for that individual. A caring, an openness, a simple Truth given.So this is how you will move in the world my beloved brothers and sisters, in this simple way. Not with harsh expectations of how another’s journey must be, but rather a soul recognition of the possibilities that lay before all souls who journey towards God. May you be at peace my beloved souls and acknowledge the beauty of your own journey and much insight and wisdom that you may share with one another. All this is a gift from God and all this is part of the harmonizing of your souls together as you share this journey with one another, finding your way, blessing each soul with your insights and experience with God, with your own true selves awakening.

You have much to share and you will do so, you will have the opportunity to share your insights, your experiences with others and to bring this Truth forward. And you build a beautiful Truth within you, a true sense of the power of God’s Love. It comes step by step and you awaken my beloveds, you awaken. May this gift of His Love continue and bring you to that place of true knowing. Releasing all those conditions within your souls and minds that are not of Love. May you know the ecstasy of this freedom and awakening as His Love continues to forge the path between you and God bringing you ever closer, closer to His Touch, closer to your own soul.

God bless you my friends. I am Seretta Kem and I Love you. God bless you.