Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 4, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am Matthew. Do you not see how God provides great opportunities to serve with each day. That even though the structures of your world are shifting, conditions are changing daily, this does not preclude the opportunities that God has placed before you? You are given great opportunities to serve God in many ways. There are many eager to hear your words, to be available for prayer and teaching, for comfort and healing. Your distances, the physical distance between you and those who are to be ministered to, are irrelevant. You may serve God despite these distances. You may come into the flow of God’s Will, enacting His Will, being a channel of love in the world no matter where you are or what circumstances you are dealing with in your lives, as long as you place first and foremost your desire to serve God, to serve humanity.  So, God will find a way for these intended blessings to flow, that your gifts may be enhanced and grow and be utilised for the benefit of many.

Even though the circumstances in which you are in have shifted, this is not a serious matter. For you are all quite comfortable, ensconced in your safe homes. You have food to eat, shelter over your heads. You are healthy. You have all the material benefits required for your well-being. So these challenges do not exist, rather, it is merely an adjustment of thinking and perspective that allows you to work together and to work as channels of love for the world. I urge you, beloved souls, to not consider these circumstances as being inhibitors of your work, rather, a minor inconvenience, a different way. God will always find a way, beloved souls, to work with you and work through you.

Times are coming where these challenges will intensify and difficulties will be providing an opportunity for you to be imaginative, creative, and faithful in your desire to serve God. So you are learning lessons now. You are seeing now what can be done, and you will see, as you progress through these changes of the Earth and structures of humanity, that new and creative ways will open. Opportunities will not diminish but intensify as you continue on this journey.

You are all blessed with a plethora of angels around you, beloved souls. You are all blessed mightily with God’s Hand firmly upon you. It is good that you collaborate together, for you strengthen the light when you are together in this way, as you come to see from a common perspective and desire to serve your brothers and sisters. Use the wisdom of your souls to inform your actions, your plans, your endeavors. For God will inform your souls as to His plan and this will trickle forth to your minds and bring substance to your ideas and the unfolding of your work.

Much is coming beloved souls. Do not allow fear or speculation to inhibit the efforts that you make. Rather, be mindful of the limitations, the physical limitations that are imposed upon you and realise that this, the physical, is a minor element of all that you do. It is the spiritual that is your soul and your light. It is who you are in relationship with God that will be the elements, the active agents, that will ignite this work and expand it forward in the world.

Allow yourselves to sink deep into your souls, to acknowledge that this is indeed the source of your truth, your work and  your understanding of this work. God is communicating with you continuously, informing your souls through a great flow of Light and Truth and Love. It is for you to open wider this gate, to be in greater attunement with these elements of the soul that will give to you the great gifts of insight, understanding, so that you may act in harmony with God’s Will, that you may act in harmony with Light and Truth, that you may be powerful progenitors of Light and Truth.

May God bless you as you continue to discover your own soul’s potentials, that which is ignited by your yearnings and longings of the soul to God, bringing the blessings, the openings, the empowerment of the soul that will manifest in greater capacities as your days progress upon this Earth. So will come many surprising elements, gifts, possibilities that you may work with humanity to uplift the world. This is your purpose, to be channels of Light and Truth in the world, that this, your gifts, may benefit all.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Matthew. I’m very happy that you continue to collaborate in harmony, continue to see your way through whatever obstacles may be upon your path and grow in strength and Love and wisdom. God bless you, beloved souls. Know that we are with you and we are close, will continue to be close as you continue to walk this path of service in love. May God bless you. My love is with you. I am Matthew. My love is surely with you love, beloved souls. God bless you.