Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 23, 2022
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

The winds of change continue to swirl around you, my friends. I am Orion. Though each of you feels secure in your own place, your own environment, and rightly so because you are surrounded by your angel friends and others who come to uphold and protect you. With these winds of change come the great blessings from the Source of All Love. God is placing His Hand on each one of you in hopes of further awakening and development as His lights, servants of truth, and channels of love. This support will continue and grow. As you continue to grow and awaken in God’s Love, so you draw the beings of light ever closer which will ensure the flow of blessings, wisdom, truth, and love. 

So much is needed in your world, beloved souls. So much is required from you and from many others in order to usher in this age of greater light and harmony in the world. Those who are newly blessed, redeemed, and enlightened will step forward. Those who cling to the old ways and are thoroughly entrenched in the dark conditions of the world will recede. There are those who are neither light nor dark, who have before them a great choice. The capacity will be given to each one of them to see this choice and understand the possibilities that lie before them. This is where your work is, beloved souls, in those dear souls who are neither lightened nor are they motivated by dark desires and conditions. There are many in this way of being. Yes, they are ignorant and often they are distracted by the earthly conditions and the earthly demands. So, they are within the flow of these winds of change which buffet them. When you put out your hand in love, helping them to be secured in light, then they will respond accordingly. They will seek out your wisdom and the strength that you carry as God’s instruments and lights. 

At this time, it is important that you grow in God’s Love. Grow as much as you can, take every opportunity to pray and be in alignment with God, and put aside the material distractions because there are many, I know. Each of you have your responsibilities and worries and cares like every human on Earth. But do not let these things dominate your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Rather, embrace those things that need embracing but do so with calmness, with peace, and with surety that all will unfold in harmony and you will not be caught up in the whirlwind of those conditions that are so predominant. 

Be at peace. Have great faith, faith that will bring you to God, faith that will bring you to your own true self, faith that will open the doors for your service, your gifts, for all that you are so that light may pour through, pour into, be around you for this is the condition which we desire for you and aspire to help you attain, to be in the light, beloved souls. Not allowing the mind, the material concerns to overtake you and dominate.

 I know this is difficult. I know there are many material considerations. I know as with this instrument scurrying about doing his chores, thinking that he can be within the material condition and switch over to the spiritual at the drop of a hat. This, my friends, is usually not the case though we make exceptions at times. Yet, we cannot indulge you in this way and you cannot indulge us in this way. You must prepare. You must be ready. You must come forth, not in the mindful considerations and conditions of the material world but to be in harmony, together in love and light and desire to be in those conditions.

I know this is not easy. It is not readily accomplished but it requires your desire first and foremost to say, “Dear and beloved God, my Creator, the Source of All Love, uplift me, carry me in the light. Guide me along the path. Awaken my soul with your very Essence. Bring me to that place of sure knowledge and true understanding. Open me to your Will and may I gladly come to you desiring all of these blessings and walking in the world in the way that you wish for me to walk and be”. May you pray like this, my friends, of course, in your own words and own way. But essentially, what I have said in this prayer is what is needed and required from you, beloved souls.

You are truly blessed in many ways. You are truly loved, deeply and profoundly. You are in the light. Please ensure that you stay in the light, that wherever you are and whatever you do that you are in the light. This is most important at this time for as you are in the light, so the flow of God’s blessings pour upon you, so the capacity for us to be close and to utilize and develop your gifts on the earthly plane is crucial, is necessary, is required. Beloved souls, you have made your commitment to God and as a reflection of this, a commitment to us. May you truly walk that path without creating your own obstructions, without allowing those old and tired patterns within you to dominate and to guide your path in directions that are not necessary or productive.

It is for you to choose, as always. It is for you to walk with true desire, with great commitment and love. Love your life, and put love into your life. Be free of the strictures of the human condition and adopt all that which is of God, all that is in alignment and harmony with God and be true to yourselves for deep within you is the knowledge, the foundation, the desire, and the Truth of God’s Love. You have this within you. May you truly acknowledge it and breathe and live within it.

My beloved friends, you are each capable of so much. Yet often, you restrict yourselves because of fear and biases and things that are not truly of you but have been imposed on you. Be true to yourself and do not let these things dominate and guide you. It is time to be free of them and to be within your soul in such a profound way that all things will reflect this in your life, all things will come to you that are in harmony with God’s Will. All unfolds in God’s plan. 

May God bless you, my friends, and keep you in the light. May His Love continue to flow into you in ever-increasing measure, a flow that is unceasing, a flow that is powerful. God bless you. I am Orion. My love is with you. God bless you, beloved souls, God bless you.