Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 5, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

This instrument need not worry about the accuracy of the messages that are received through him. For the rapport that we have created with this instrument is strong. He is protected as he has wished from all influence that is not of the Celestial. So speaking through any channel, a medium, has its restrictions. For the better part, its blessings are great and there is no need to be concerned for this channel that is serving in love.

Truth in your world is often distorted, beloved souls. It’s difficult to get beyond the conditions of the material mind which is so prevalent in this world. This condition is pervasive, for there are so many souls who inhabit this world whose mental condition is not in harmony with God’s creation, His laws. These energies and thoughts and ideas do create a form of barrier for we in the Celestial Kingdom to come close and speak clearly. But there are those rare souls who have developed a gift so acute and attuned, that this communication is possible and is clear. This we are grateful for. For to be able to speak to mortals is important and can help to guide you all along your path of love.

If a message from a medium is not of love and does not include the Divine Love as the source of Truth, then this is not of a Celestial spirit. This mark of Truth, this information that encourages the flow of God’s Love into the soul is an important indicator of who is speaking and from whence they come. A Celestial Angel cannot speak untruth, must always be of Truth. Though that Truth may be somewhat distorted, there is always a kernel of Truth within the message, something of value for the soul. This is your indication of the quality of the message.

Are any messages that come through a medium flawless? No, the intention though and the gist of the message speaks to the soul when it is given by a Celestial spirit and this is important. Though the mind may distort, or be confused by a particular message, one may always go to the soul, to that source of knowing and receive a signal from that place that affirms its truthfulness and its source. There are very few in your world who may be used in this way.

My beloved brothers and sisters, you are blessed to know those who may speak for us. Indeed to be able to contemplate the truth of any particular message from us is important. It is also important to take to heart what guidance is given and to put into practice what truth may be perceived from a message. For we do not speak to the mind in as much as we speak to the inclinations of the soul, that they may be expressed and enacted by the soul.

Within each soul is the capacity to know truth and the soul ignited with the Father’s Love knows and recognizes Truth when it comes. Though others may disagree with your perception and understanding in these regards, do not falter in your own true understanding of what may be conveyed by a channel such as this. Though those of you here do not doubt and are eager to hear these messages of Truth, there are those in the world who are not so attuned to their souls and are greatly influenced by their minds. If they disagree with what is said, do not judge them but be patient and kind. For in time they will understand. They will come to that place of soul knowledge.

It is a long journey, beloveds, to the Truth. It is incremental. It is something that builds in understanding. Though in essence God’s Truth is simple, truly understanding and implementing these truths may be a long journey. For you all struggle with the material world, the material mind, the conditions of this world that influence you daily and cause great consternation to your mind and your desires to grow in Love. With each day, each prayer, you clear some of these conditions to some degree and come to understand truth a little more clearly and deeply. Have patience with yourselves and have patience with your brothers and sisters. For to build such a foundation of truth within the soul takes time, takes patience, takes a willingness to step forward in light and truly absorb truth. You have all, to some degree, come to that place of understanding.

Some in your world have a keen understanding of principles and truths of different ways while others are focused in other directions. This is the way of the world. This causes some schisms within the body of individuals who are intent on living the Divine Love. But this does not mean that your brothers and sisters are wrong or misdirected. It merely means that their approach is different. They are to be respected in this. For every soul has their journey, does it not? Every way is blessed by God. And that which is clear and comfortable for you may not be so for another. Ideally, you would all share in your experiences and your perceptions with respect and an honoring of each other’s path to God. For the most part this is true. You make efforts to love one another and accept one another. Though there may be some minor disagreements, your souls acknowledge each other in light. You share in this experience of the transformation of the soul, the blessing of God’s Love.

It is the interplay of the human condition amongst you that causes some consternation. For those of you who are stronger in love, in soul and humility and grace, you must be the example and not let the differences make for barriers in your loving of another, accepting and encouraging. This is true wisdom, beloved souls, and humility. When another rejects you because they do not understand, do not let this hurt you and cause you to shrivel from them. This is the opportunity to bring greater love to them, to embrace them and accept them. For often these things are a cry for love, for greater understanding.

What does it matter, one soul’s opinion of you, when God loves you so? It is merely a difference of the mind, something that is intransigent and will not last. For in time you will all unite in love and understanding and truth, and see with the clear eyes of the soul how beautiful, how beautiful is your brother your sister, God’s creation all. In your world there is such a tendency to perceive the differences and give them power, where in fact there are far more things that are in common. It is the commonalities that must be stressed, for this is the way of love. Release the differences, all that you carry within yourselves, these judgments, release them. There is no need to be so attuned to that which you find uncomfortable or difficult.

Love your brothers and sisters. Love all who come upon your path. For this is your test, your gift, your blessing, to embrace all who are with you and all who pass by you and all that are in this world and share this gift of life. With a soul filled with the Father’s Love, this is not a difficult task. May you come to know this great experience of joy and love for all. This is the manifestation of this truth, to be experienced and expressed in all ways, through all conditions, pushing aside any barriers or misunderstandings. Be an example of this, beloveds, beautiful souls. Be a channel of love in the world.

Come to understand yourself above all, to accept yourself above all, to joyfully acknowledge who you are, the beautiful soul that you are. In this way, how can you judge another when you are being of love and acceptance, joy and light? You are given the gift of life as are all who share life with you. This is a joyful thing. This is a beautiful gift. May you all revel in this wonderment that is life and may your time on Earth reflect this joyful experience.

My beloved, beautiful students, know that you are loved and that what you do is a blessing to so many others. That how you are in the world, for the most part, is a light and a beautiful gift to your brothers and sisters. For God uses you in many ways. God carries you in light and you are gifted in many ways.

May you come to express these gifts in all their beauty and creativity, the wonderment of the unique soul that you are in the world. May you have the perceptions and the inclination to see the unique and beautiful souls that surround you, that are in the world sharing this life. In this way, you will know a deep joy and find great satisfaction in the experiences of your life.

May God bless you deeply, beloved souls. I am your teacher Augustine and I love you, love you all. I see your lights and they are beautiful. God bless you.