Spirit: Seretta Kem

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: August 24, 2015

God bless you, my beloveds. You have had a discussion about manifestations bringing the laws of spirit clearly into this world and utilizing the ability of spirit to show material objects and manifestations of spirit.

All of these things are possible, they have been proven, but it is not required that you make this a focus in your spiritual pursuit and your work that comes in the future. For the most important part of your work is spreading the Love of God and showing the Love of God. The most powerful manifestation of all is your love, your presence in the Light of God’s Love and to have, with others, deep prayers for Love as you do together to experience the Touch of Love.

And I say to you there are times coming when God will bring these manifestations forward.  There will not be many examples, this will not be a trademark of your efforts, but it will come about in harmony with the flow of God’s Love and His plan. For yes, we are able to do many things which remain a mystery in your world. But, how does this bring greater Love to humanity? It merely piques the curiosity, and at times this is required, but not always. It’s a deeper touch of soul to soul, of the words of Truth that resonate within the soul, of the feeling of Love that flows through you to others. This is the higher Truth imbued with wisdom and Grace and God’s Touch.

Yes, gifts will be given, manifestations will happen around you and you have seen in your lives already what is possible. And, for some of you, even the ability of spirit has saved your lives. Yes, there is great power there, but we must remain focused on Love, remain focused on Love, my beloveds, and all else shall follow and find their rightful place in this flow of the work, this loving expression. It will come through each one of you.

God bless you, my beloveds, in your efforts. Be with God, be with God a little closer every day and the Truth shall shine all about you and the Love shall flow in mighty rivers, and the Light shall encompass the Earth and influence many. God bless you, your servant, Seretta Kem, ever by your side utilizing the laws of spirit to bring you healing, to bring what you require, to assist you upon your Path and so much of this remains unknown to you and it is not required that you are aware, only that you exercise your faith always in the Love of God. God bless you.